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Question Does anyone else hate dieting on the weekend?

I'm coming to the realization that I've been doing great during the week at work and it's been easy to stay busy and keep from eating but the weekends are a whole different animal. Hungrier more often and tempted to make worse choices. Anyone else out there feel like this? Is sticking to the plan a lot easier during the work week than during the weekend/holidays? I actually look forward to the work week now because of this!
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I'll fully admit that I don't eat the best on the weekends, but I still stay on track. I make sure to keep a count of everything I eat and stay within my calorie count. The rest of the week I eat healthy.

So you know, if I was off at Wendy's with my friends I could eat there and still lose weight (and no, I didn't get the salad).
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Weekends are tougher - in my case because my boyfriend always wants to go out to fancy tapas restaurants and drink cocktails with long names. I know, I should be SO happy and feel lucky to have a great, outgoing partner..... but that is EXACTLY the behavior that made me gain about 20lbs (if not more) in the first 2-2.5 years of our dating!

We haven't went out like this since I started CCing in September.

I think, in the end, I saw that these activities were great for immediate gratification, but the next day, when I felt tired and bloated and my jeans didn't fit, it wasn't so fun anymore.

I know a lot of people eat low during the week to eat higher calories on the weekends. It doesn't work for me so well. I find it works the best if I just eat my normal amount on the weekends as well.

I am like you - I do often look forward to working to get me away from the kitchen!
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I tend to save extra calories so that I can eat higher on the weekends. It doesn't have to be anything drastic: Cutting just 100 calories a day from your weekday leaves you with 250-300 calories extra per weekend day. Also, I think that having those higher calorie days can sometimes prevent your body from getting into a calorie "rut" so to speak.

Unna, during the summer, my husband and I eat out at a fine dining restaurant at least once a week, sometimes twice. We also eat out for breakfast 2-3 times a week. It is tougher to count calories when dining out, but it was actually good practice for me: I learned where to cut corners calorie-wise, how to balance my calories on the other days (usually by eating just two meals a day--late breakfast, no lunch). Now, when I go out to eat, I don't stress too much about it because I've learned that I can make it work within my calorie range.
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I count my calories and keep track of everything I eat every day.
I set my plan to lose 1 pound a week.

So I don't differentiate between weekdays and weekends.
Every day is the same to me.

I am losing 1 pound a week, so it works for me.
I don't up my calories on certain days, otherwise I will not lose the weight.

I don't want to play around with extra calories on certain days and fewer on others. That would just set me up for failure.

Excess calories was my problem, so I want to get rid of the excess calorie mindset for good. No playing games for me.

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I definitely eat great on workdays...because I plan all my meals and take them to work with me.

I still manage to stay in my calorie range on my days off work and that's really my only goal during my off days. I try to make healthy choices on these days, but I'm not going kill myself with guilt if I make a couple of "bad" food choices.

Like the other posters, I save some calories for my days off so I can have a day or two around 1800-2000 calories. This way I don't have to plan the entire day out before I start eating, I just estimate high and it usually falls within range.

Definitely keeps the binges at bay when I give myself some slack.

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Ok so I'm the oddball on this one. I prefer weekends because I sleep 3 or 4 hours later vs. getting up at 5:30am during the week. When I sleep later I eat more of a brunch but it's always lower in cals vs. breakfast and lunch that I eat during the week. Because of this I find it easier calorie counting-wise on the weekends and I don't cook on Fri. nights ... they can all fend for themselves. Sat. we often just have cheeseburgers and homemade fries and I can omit the bun and portion the fries.

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I know I am tempted to eat worse on weekends, due to the "its the weekend!" mentality. I have manged to teach myself to keep on track until about Saturday but I am still having a problem with Sunday's. Sunday's I go to my moms and she makes my boyfriend and I dinner and although she tries her best she is not fully aware of how bad things actually are. She also keeps an assortment of pie, cakes and cookies in her house at all times. I try to practice portion control but man oh man, with all those tasty treats sitting there calling my name.... More often then not I end up eating some. I am still trying to learn how to just say no and get my mind off the food.
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Totally agree that weekends are more of a challenge. Either I fight to not overeat or I'm eating too little. Its having all that time on my hands. So, I think--continue cleaning up the house; work on that knitted bit that's on the needles; go out to sing karaoke with my daughter; take a nap, etc. Anything to fill the time.

So much easier during the work day with having to get breakfast in before work (or grab a shake at work), planned lunch, then the only thing I'm on my own for is dinner and I try to make that as healthy for me as I can and as "non-diet" enough for the rest of the family.

I feel your pain, I do.

Is that your final answer?
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