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Question Every day weigh ins?

Ok, I've been noticing I feel a lot of anxiety during the week over my Sunday weigh in. I feel like the anxiety is making me more apt to binge ... And I focus so much on that number, its crazy. It's just a darn number! So ... Thoughts, please I'm putting $10 in a jar for every pound lost, so obviously I'm not doing that everyday but only Sunday. I'm thinking of still tracking my weight everyday just so I mentally know where I am and to protect myself from bingeing or overeating. Thoughts? I'd still only count Sundays weigh in towards my goal money though. And, I'm going to take measurements this Sunday to use that monthly too

One day at a time!
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If you're going to weigh daily then you need to make sure you don't get stressed over every little fluctuation. Your weight might be up one day and down the next! If you find yourself getting stressed about that then you might not want to weigh daily.

I weigh every day, but it's more a curiosity thing (and a data thing. I record each weigh in and track it on a chart). I know my body's patterns and most of the time I can successfully predict what I'll see on the scale.
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I've noticed that people discuss daily vs weekly weighing as if it's a lifetime commitment. It isn't. You can try daily weighing for a fortnight, and if it doesn't suit you, change to something else. Don't fret about it!
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The only downside of weighing daily or even before your "weigh in day" is the fluctuations. You might be down 2 lbs mid week, then come weigh in day, there is no loss.

I say that to say there are pros and cons of each. I agree with Above post. Try it out.....there are no rules dictating that you have to stick with one way or the other.

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Since I am "maintaining" a weight loss I weigh myself daily, and have for years. This helps keep me on track.

But weighing daily messes with the minds of some individuals. Find a pattern that you are comfortable with, and do that. You certainly don't want the scale to rule your life.

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I'm not to weigh myself every day anymore...it just stresses me out too much. I think that from now on I'm going to focus on my calorie counting and how I feel during most of the week, and not think about how much I'm losing or not losing, and just weigh in once weekly.

Of course, I obsess about every fluctuation too, so its ideal for me not to weigh daily.

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i try to weigh as little as possible, my goal is once a week, but i find twice a week is what's actually been happening.

i have noticed that going down- makes me want to binge, it's like im "cheating" my body out of something it SHOULD have had and i get HUUUNGRRRAAAY.

when i gain (read as:fluctuate) i starve myself all day. terrible cycle.

i like your 10 dollars in the jar idea though!
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Thanks guys For some reason, the comment about being able to weigh in daily if I want and that its not a lifetime commitment really hit me ... DUH! LOL!! I mean, you're so right ... Here I'm acting like I have to do it forever, god forbids I just go with the flow haha. So, thank you!!! I'll try it as a way to keep my on track, but if I notice I become obsessed or it messes with my mind and attitude too much, ill stop! Lightbulb moment haha

One day at a time!
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I weight myself twice a day. Once first thing in e morning while naked and after peeing and once naked just before going to bed. Basically, I can pick what the scale will say in the morning pretty much by what the scale says at night. Typically I lose 1.6-2.0 pounds while sleeping. So, I will k ow of a loss coming the night before....same with gains. This helps me be less anxious about the morning weigh in so I can sleep better.

And I don't get stressed by the daily fluctuations. I'm used to seeing them and count it as normal. There is rarely two days in a row that read the same weight - up or down and that makes sense.

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Thanks!! Seeing your success ... Amazing! And ill take your advice Naked weigh in tomorrow a.m. coming up!

One day at a time!
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Different strokes for different folks, yes?

I weigh every day. It started out as an experiment of sorts. I simply wanted to get to know MY BODY better. I wanted to see the fluctuations, up-down, everything. I wanted to know how MY BODY reacted to a dinner with too much sodium, how MY BODY reacted to 1350 calories on one day & then 1475 on another, etc.

Weighing every day helped me understand that the body DOES go thru constant daily changes. Sometimes I couldn't understand why the scale wouldn't move (or worse yet, went up a little bit!) when I knew I'd "eaten properly" and so forth. But it helped me understand that the human body is so intricate and magnificant! -and weight loss is NOT an "exact science" - but that overall, creating a calorie deficit DOES equal weight loss.

Now I don't freak out if the scale registers a pound or two up, or only .5 down, or no move at all. My weight loss isn't super speedy, but it has been regular.

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I think if you can train yourself to understand that weight fluctuates, and sometimes even seems drastic, on a day-to-day basic, you'll be okay with daily WI. I weigh in most days (once in awhile, I forget). For a few weeks I recorded my weigh in every day and it was really interesting to see the patterns and I think I learned a lot. I don't log it all the time anymore, but I do weigh in most days. More often than not, it keeps me on track. Sometimes I get discouraged and find it triggering, but for the most part, I'm happy with daily weighing. Hasn't always been the case, though!
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I weigh every day to. It keeps me accountable for the day to come and gives me a good idea if I am doing something wrong or better right. It did take time to get used to the fluctuations though, I am not going to lie there were many days of frustration and scale abuse before I got used to the normal ups and downs.

Like said above, you can try it out and if it starts to get you upset or cause a loss of motivation then maybe cut back to weighing 3 times a week simply to relieve your anxiety. Its all about trial and error
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I think daily weighins are benificial only to understand your bodys patterns...I have a hard time weighing everyday because I see a small gain and I freak out...Like three days ago, my weight was at 194, yesterday at 194.8, and this morning at 196.2. I've been adding more running into my excerise, and my muscles are keeping hold of water to repair themselves. Then last night I had a ****ton of chips(mini binge) which were very salty and its helping me retain that water. Even though I know this, I still freak out. So I don't weigh myself regulary.

If you can handle the emotions that come with daily weighing, then go for it It really will help you understand your body better. Good luck

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i'm a daily weigher. it keeps me sane! i don't see anything wrong with it. it's helped me to realize how much sodium + carbs affects the amount of water retained. it's funny how much weight can fluctuate, and really fascinating to witness!

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