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Default Would you do this?

I was contacted today by the local newspaper. They want to do a story on me and my weight loss. I'm not sure if I want to do it. Most of friends think it's great and say that I can be inspirational to a lot of people heading into the new year.

I am nervous for 2 reasons - one, I don't want to be seen as an attention whore. And two - I tend to put myself down for having been so fat in the first place, rather then thinking how "impressive" my weight loss have been.

What do you guys think?

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My goal reached thread http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...ncers-say.html
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I say do it! I would do it. I know I have inspired alot of my friends on Facebook to lose weight. It's a struggle and a challenge and alot of people don't know where to begin. I started a year ago with asking for a Treadmill for Christmas.

Also, think of it as a great way to point people Somewhere that they can get support. Maybe ask the board owner if you can plug 3fc! We are all here because we needed support, why not show more people where they can begin!
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I think it's WONDERFUL!!!!! You have done an AMAZING job and you deserve recognition for it. Just put yourself back in your shoes when you weighed your highest and how would you feel if you opened up the newspaper and saw a lady's story of how she lost 189lbs??? Would you see hope and inspiration for yourself that you could do it. That is an amazing opportunity to give that gift to someone else. You are not an attention whore, not at all. You deserve to be a role model for all those that are struggling, accept your amazing accomplishments, you can do this humbly with gratitude. To do it with ego is a different story but your not like that since your questioning it. Do it from your heart and what your heart tells you to do. Kudos girl you totally inspire so many people here, the more your story gets out the more people you will touch xoxo

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I love reading these stories. I don't see it being an attention whore at all - you worked so freaking hard for something (189lbs lost!?!?) and there is no shame in being proud of that. It's an amazing achievement.

When you were first starting your journey, how would you have felt about reading this article? (if it was someone else at your starting height/weight)? Inspired? Or would you have thought they were an attention whore of some kind? Nobody whose opinion is worth any value would see you as having any kind of shame for your starting weight. I can only see inspiration. Not just for those who were overweight but those who have "impossible" hurdles.

Maybe you will change just one person's life... that's still one life. If they are someone at almost 400lbs, maybe you do more than just change it, maybe even save it?

Almost 200lbs, that is really an amazing feat. Maybe you see your stats so often you forget how impressive they truly are.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.

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I think it's a great idea! You'd show people that it's not easy or instant as many of the diet products claim, but that it's worth it. It irks me when I heard ads say that people don't have to change their current lifestyle and the pounds will just melt away. Their current lifestyle is what got them where they are now and if they don't change then it will just be a vicious cycle.

Look at it from the other side, what would you have thought if you read a story on a woman who had lost 189lb when you were starting your journey. Would you have been inspired to know someone had been where you were, or would you have thought of them as someone who was just seeking attention?
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I don't see it as attention whoring at all. It's a newspaper, not a blog-- it's not as if you sent out a PR blurb that they're just republishing as "news."

Are you comfortable with the whole thing? (To be clear, (a) I would not be; but (b) that doesn't mean I think that everyone would or reasonably should agree with me; it's personal.)
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I think you should do it! If you're comfortable with people seeing your old pictures and just being in the spotlight in general, it could help other people who are trying to lose weight. My local paper does this and I LOVE reading every week about someone who's lost weight. It gives me hope, and sometimes it gives me helpful advice. :P
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i say do it!

you will probably be inspiring someone!
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definitely! Hope you post the link so we can read it. Congratulations on an amazing weight loss!
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You should totally do it! If you're comfortable, that is.

I think I would feel uncomfortable too, but like MariaMaria, its personal. I'm very shy...

I think it would be really brave and great if you went through with it. You really would be/ARE an inspiration.

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Stories inspire people. My best friend's weight loss inspired me to get my butt moving.

I would go for it. If you inspire even one person then I think it's worth it
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Maybe you can see this as an opportunity to declare to the "world" your success and comittment to keep the weight off...as an accountability thing.

Attention ? Absolutely not!

Inspiring? Oh yes!

Out of your comfort zone? Possibly...but in my book that's just another reason to go for it. You may be surprised at the things it brings about.

Let us know what you decide!

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I would do it in a heartbeat. When I started, I would have LOVED to see someone in the paper who was able to achieve what I didn't think was possible (and still don't sometimes). You've conquered the big hurdle not let it mean something even greater....

Welcome to my crazy life.....http://theythatweight.blogspot.com/

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You should so do it, you will not be an attention whore at all but an inspiration to others who don't think they can do it.
Congratulations awesome job!
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I think you should do it! In fact it was one of my friends recent weight loss that gave me the motivation to start doing it for me. Her story gave me hope and if she could do it then so could I!

I think what you have done it something to be proud of! You took your health by the horns and ran with it and look how far you have come, simply amazing! Go for it
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