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Default How did everyone do on Thanksgiving?

So I went off plan after spending a week off it...But you know what? I really don't regret anything. Had a good thanksgiving and even though I downed about 3500 calories, and didn't have time to work out, its still ok. Back to the gym tomorrow, and thankfully theres no leftovers for me to pig out on. How did everyone else do? Any comments about weightloss from family/friends you haven't seen for awhile?

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I. Feel. Gross.

The past few days have been ugly. I'm actually looking foward to feeling hungry again. I am running a 5 mile day after Thanksgiving race tomorrow. I can't wait to get a good workout and get back on track. My weight is probably ridiculously above my ticker now. Time to nip this slip in the bud!!!
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I was not expecting to do super, but I ate very lightly the last few days expecting to have a heavier dinner. My undoing was the green bean casserole (fresh green beans, not canned, so good.) My husband and I went for our nightly run as usual so I can't feel too bad. Tomorrow will be hard. Left overs.
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I biked 17 miles in the morning, stayed on plan (my family eats super healthy and I forgot to make the pies. Dessert was a tiny dish of ice cream with whipped cream.) and woke up this morning a 1/2 pound lighter. The only leftovers I took were salmon, some dark meat (no skin) and a bunch of roasted butternut squash.

Heading out on my bike again today!
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Wastin' Away Again!
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Ugh. Arrrgggghhhhh. Uhhhhh.....

those are the sounds of post thanksgiving dinner.

I ate too much. I pre-planned for it, but still... & It was delicious! -but the "afterward" did NOT feel good AT ALL. (thank the goddess for stretchy pants!!! )

Just reminds me again why I got so fat in the first place. No secret, no long story... just simply EATING TOO MUCH FOOD.

I'm much happier being 37 pounds lighter this year, and I feel SO.MUCH.BETTER!!!!

and yes we have left-overs, but I don't feel any need to gorge, binge, or even slightly overeat. In fact, I don't plan to eat at all today until I feel that familiar gnawing in my stomach alerting me that I AM ACTUALLY HUNGRY. I look forward to that feeling, and I know it's NATURAL and GOOD.

And ohdeargod, I'm glad T'giving only comes once a year!

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
~my mama!

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I'm listening...
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I was the hostess so I was pretty busy. I did get my workout in early am as planned. I did eat and drink too much but I had only eaten an early light breakfast. I did alot of dishes and cleanup and sent most of the leftovers home with guests--success!

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I did get in a short run the morning of. I ate very light before hand, and when I got there I was so hungry I started to get the "I'm just going to eat whatever I want today" feeling. Then dear old dad (see another post) made a weight comment and it really ticked me off, enough where I pretty much lost my appetite. I also felt like I was being monitored, so the last thing I felt like doing was eating. I guess that's the up side, that I did not over eat at all. And if my dad didnt make a remark, I probably would have.
He sent me home with left overs that I told him not to send (like stuffing) because no one but me eats stuffing on my house. Oh yeah and I love stuffing. When I got home, they went into the garbage which I feel so guilty about. I hate throwing away food!
Spending Xmas with the in-laws who are super healthy so the pressure is off for Xmas. Thank goodness!

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I did OK I think. I did not need to eat about 2,300 calories at one go, but most of the food that we made was healthy. Like white meat turkey and vegetables without added fat. Stuffing is my weakness and I also drank way too much champagne. That was my downfall. Like without the champagne I may have skipped the stuffing. But it's all counted and logged. I do feel full/gross today, trying to remember this feeling.

A family friend had some nice things to say about my loss, which was nice to hear.

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I felt I did very well, I had more sweets than a normal day but a lot less than I did last year. I didn't overeatat dinner and feel good about my choices. i didn't get a formal workout but since we were visiting my parents in the country, I got to take April {<--} on several longer than normal walks while she sniffed all the new smells, add to that being on my feet most of the day helping Mom with dinner and all the preperations I feel very good about yesterday.

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I think I did pretty well. My family ate out. I ate a small, healthy breakfast before I went to visit them and had water, a relatively low-cal seafood dish with two veggie sides, a couple rolls, and a very high-cal dessert at the restaurant. Even with the dessert, I still managed to stay under 2000 calories, and I felt good - not stuffed or bloated. Today my morning weight was the lowest it's been on this journey; that was nice to see.

To the chicks who feel like they did well - good job. To the chicks who feel like they didn't do so well - .

To GlamourGirl827 - I read your other post about your father too. It sounds like the man has some control issues or something. It sounds like you handled him pretty well, and I think throwing the stuffing away was the right decision. Throwing food away isn't bad when eating it would only be problematic for you.

1 banana/5 lbs. lost:

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I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I was the hostess, but it went really well, even better than usual. I did almost all the prep during the week, so yesterday I didn't have anything to do but eat, and I did eat a good deal. We had a kind-of pot luck dinner, so I just ate the stuff I really like. I did have some of my MIL's dressing even though I don't really like it, because she would complain if I didn't. I think she knows I don't like it, though, because at the end she said something about saving some for my husband, not me. Whatever. She gets offended about me not eating her stuff, but then complains loudly every year about how much she hates sweet potatoes, and that is one of the dishes I make. I can't stand the double standard.
Anyway, yes, I did good.
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Well, I ate A LOT. I had some turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, dinner rolls, and cornbread casserole. Oh, and two pieces of homemade cheesecake. It's OK though, I planned for it and don't feel bad about it. And it's better than last Thanksgiving! Last year I went back for seconds and thirds -- this year, I only ate 1 plateful of food. And I didn't bring any leftovers home!

Now my biggest concern is to get back to eating healthy and working out today. In the past, everytime I've had one planned high-calorie day, it's turned into months of bad food decisions and weight gain. I refuse to let that happen this time
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Meh... So I skipped breakfast (not intentionally, just running late, had a skinny latte, an unplanned but tiny homemade muffin from a friend. I was at church feeding the homeless at lunchtime and completely skipped the gorgefest. I knew if I had a bite it would all be over. I only wanted to eat one Thanksgiving meal. I still had a big pot of homemade veg soup in the fridge which I planned on eating but instead I took a nap. Of course, I overate at dinner. I was full by the time I ate my bread, soup, and stuffing, but kept going. Sigh.... I'm still counting it as OP cuz I'm sure I didn't go over my weekly calorie limit and will just strategize better next time. If we go out to eat again, skip bread and dessert and cut portions in half (except that corn chowder. yummm....). And, of course, don't go so hungry. Not perfect, but certainly a heckuva lot better than normal.

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Mine went about as planned, calorie-wise. I'm on-target in terms of my weekly calories (I calorie cycle, so my average for the week is what counts). I did eat a lot, but I don't think I "pigged out" per se. I just ate more than usual and fattier foods than usual.

I did get to work out even though I didn't plan for it, so that helped.

I waited until about 10:30 today to eat anything because I was just too full from last night to eat breakfast (I get up at 5:30 - 6:00 a.m).

The only thing I slipped on a bit was picking at leftovers last night (we ate dinner at 2:00). It's not so much that I ate a lot by doing that, but picking is a habit I have been trying to stop, so I relapsed a bit last night.

All in all, though, I'm satisfied with how I did.
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I did so-so. It was the only meal I ate that day. T'giving was unusal this year as I went to a buffet style (but high class) resturant with my boyfriend and his parents. I had quite a few crab legs with drawn butter and shrimp coctail. A little mac and cheese, a few bites of spare ribs, one roll w/butter, broccoli and rice pudding. Oh, and a couple marshmellows dripped in chocolate. But knowing I was probably going to go over plan yesterday I ate around 1000 calories on Wednesday and plan to do the same today. So at the end of the week I should be fine.

Glad to hear many of us here made good choices -- OR -- will make good choices in the coming days because of bad choices we made yesterday.

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