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Default Is it possible...

I started my weight loss about a month ago and have been shedding weight pretty quick.....is it really possible to loose about 4lbs every week?? thats what has been happening, thanks
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I doubt it. Even "Biggest Loser" contestants have weeks they lose only 1 or 2 or even gain a pound.

I lost around 190 pounds and at first it came off fairly quickly, ( I ate 1200 calories a day most days), but by around 75 pounds lost, it slowed down considerably. I also did not cheat and didn't take days off.
Highest weight - 333 pounds. Lost 193 pounds by calorie counting in 2008/09. Regained 73 pounds in the last 7 years and am working on getting back to a normal BMI.
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so what am i loosing....water weight, my portions have been drastically cut and snacks are salad
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It's possible, especially for larger starting weights, but will likely slow down within a few weeks. When you cut portions you cut carbs as a total amount, and when carbs are reduced your body uses more of its stored glycogen, and every gram that's stored in your body is also stored with 3 grams of water. When it's used up, it releases the water and you lost water weight along with the fat loss. (None of this is particularly bad or good, just something that won't go on indefinitely.)
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When I had a lot to lose I would have weeks where I lost 3-4 pounds, but it's not consistent. I normally lose 1-1.5 pounds per week, following WW and working out 5x/week.

This week; however, I lost 3.7 lbs - I had 2 superlative weeks in a row, followed WW to the letter and worked out a ton. It's really unusual for me to lose that much in a week (I don't have that much weight left to lose) - but it still happens!

I wouldn't count on 4 lbs per week for a sustained amount of time and I'd even say that you're not eating enough if you're losing that much week after week. Eventually, your body will revolt and hold onto that weight with an iron fist!

But congrats on getting started and having early success! It's so much more motiviating when you drop weight so quickly at the beginning, makes it easier to keep going!
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.
~ Vincent T. Lombardi ~
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Be happy with it but don't even subconciously set 4 lbs as the benchmark everything is measured by. At some point, it will probably slow down (how much? who knows!).
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It is definitely possible! I had a 4 pound weight loss week and it wasn't "water" weight. I changed my lifestyle to intense vigorous exercise and clean eating... of course I have had plateau points but 4 pounds is definitely not abnormal... just don't expect it every week.
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Leveling Up
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When I started losing weight it came off very quickly. My first 20 pounds literally almost fell off me. It tapered off from there and I usually lose 1 or 2 pounds a week now.

Sometimes when you first start out the weight will come off very quickly and then slow down to a more reasonable pace. Don't get discouraged when this happens!

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I started at a similar weight and lost 15 lbs my first month. I'm still losing at a decent pace but it's more around 2 to 2.5 lbs a week on average rather than almost 4. But of course, that is an average, and there have still been a few 3.5 to 4 lb weeks in there, along with the weeks where it's only be a pd or even a gain.

Bottom line is that you can't really control how quickly the weight comes off -when it's faster, it's great because that is definitely good motivation. But you have to hang in there and stay on plan regardless of what the scale is doing because that is ultimately how you will make it to your final goal.
Restart 1/6/13 - GOAL (for now) back to prior low

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It is possible to lose 4 lbs or more a week and have this continue for some time however unless your activity increases or your calories decrease this will not continue forever. Sooner or later (probably sooner) your weight loss will slow down.

This is because fat loss is an equation of energy. Energy is measured in calories.

As you lose weight several things happen

1) Every step you take you're moving less weight and therefore it takes less energy.

2) Every pound you lose means your body needs less energy to sustain itself. A lb of fat burns about 2 calories every 24 hours to keep itself alive. A lb of muscle about 6. Lose 50 lbs of fat and 10lbs of muscle and you're buring 160 calories less every day.

3) Metabolic adaptations. Your body slows down the rate at which it burns energy. This is not as much as most people think - most people maximum is 10-15%.

As you approach goal weight and start working on vanity pounds than you will be dealing with stubborn fat issues as well but that is a good problem to have to worry about.

My primary advice is to make sure your protein intake is high enough to prevent too much muscle loss. At 4lbs a week you're definately losing muscle which is fine but you don't want to lose too much for a variety of reasons so make sure your protein intake is not too low.

My secondary advice is to make sure the diet you're following is sustainable over the long term. Thinking of this as a "diet" is a way to ensure your weight will rebound later. Thinking of this as a new way of eating forever is a way to ensure a lifetime of being at a healthy weight.

Last advice - if you're not exercising start. Doesn't have to be much but it should be something you enjoy or at least don't hate. The health benefits of exercise are staggering. Exercise doesn't do much for weight loss but burn a few calories but even a minimal amount of exercise (20 minutes 3x a week minimum) are going to give you the majority of the health benefits exercise brings.

Goodluck and congrats on your loss!
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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thanks everyone, i understand it will slow down but for now i'm going with how i feel when the scale has lowered, which is pretty awesome....thanks so much everyone
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Everyone is different. In the beginning, I definitely saw a 3-4 pound weightloss each week. So yes, it is possible. Not only that, but I think the momentum I experienced in the beginning made me work even harder once things slowed. I was inspired by the initial success.

"Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter, don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter." --Dr. Seuss

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