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Default Fluctuating a lot

So I've been eating good lately, but I have crazy scale fluctuations. Like yesterday I weighed in at 155.4 and today I'm 157.4. This happened a week ago too. The only thing I can come up with is salt. I know for a fact I ate almost the exact same in calories, same sleep schedule, same balance of fat/protein/carbs. I did eat some salt-heavy foods yesterday. The only other difference is I was more physically active yesterday (not a ton more, but some). Not near my TOM.

I don't really know what I am posting this for, I'm just really frustrated.

Doctors give me panic attacks, I really don't want to go until I really must.
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one pound at a time
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for me, something that helped was logging my weight daily for a month. i was able to see that even though there were ups and downs between days, that there was a downward progression when i looked at the long term.
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one choice at a time
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Originally Posted by popspry View Post
I did eat some salt-heavy foods yesterday. The only other difference is I was more physically active yesterday (not a ton more, but some).
Both of these things can cause daily fluctuations. Just the fact that your body is not a clockwork weight-loss robot also causes fluctuations. Everything from the volume of the food you eat and fluid you drink (some of which is still inside you), to the weather, to sodium intake, to recovery from exercise, to a host of other factors outside your control, can cause a fluctuation of a couple of pounds over the course of the day.

Please don't be frustrated by this. It is just how bodies are - you most likely cannot control it. You can either weigh every day and accept that fluctuations are part of the process, or weigh less frequently so you don't see them as much - those are your choices.

Keep in mind that what matters is not whether you weigh less today than you did yesterday (because chances are you don't, not in a measurable or meaningful way). It's not even whether you weigh less today than you did a week ago, because these natural fluctuations easily mask a week or two's worth of fat loss. What matters is whether you weigh less than you did a month or two ago - that is the only meaningful way to measure the success of your plan.

Stick with your plan; over time, the losses will follow.
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You might want to start off by reading this sticky post. It highlights many reasons why the scale doesn't show the same thing every day.

Day to day fluctuations are normal. Gains, plateaus, losses... they're all a part of the process. It's the long-term that matters.

Weighing daily for a long time might help you see these things as natural and desensitize you do them. Or... if you find yourself unable to control yourself seeing these fluctuations you might want to only step on the scale once a week.
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Overweight again...dang
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It sounds like a little water retention, which seems to get me every time too. I tend to gain weight on weekends due to relaxed standards, or events where I don't have control over food choices or ingredients. Fluctuations are typical from day to day. Since I weigh myself daily, I see these fluctuations. I'm sure it will come off quick in just a couple of days if you stick with your routine.
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I have this same issue. And I agree with what everyone else has said...for the last 2 weeks I have been dealing with fluctiations between 214 and 217 and today it finally dropped to 213. It just changed so much, and I see it everyday, that I've gotten to where it just doesn't bother me as much

For every 5 lbs lost!

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