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I think I need some new clothes...

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Old 09-15-2011, 05:12 PM   #1
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Default I think I need some new clothes...

We have gone from summer weather to cold weather literally overnight. It was 70 degrees yesterday and right now it is 56 and windy. I have to run out tonight, and guess what? I have NO PANTS. Literally no pants that fit. I have my professional dresses and suits that I wear for work and I have shorts. And that's it. I am going to look like a dork, either way.

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oh man, i know what you mean. it was 93 here yesterday, 60 and FREEZING today because of the wind chill. luckily, i had some old jackets that i was surprised to find that i finally fit back into!

haha, but at least you get to go shopping!

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I have the opposite problem here! Spring is quickly approaching and I don't have any summer clothes at all (well, I basically have no clothes besides 3 pairs of pants and 2 dresses in my size, no tops whatsoever!).

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That is why I have been shopping like crazy the last few weeks. Trying to find a deal in a maybe temporary size. 90% of my winter clothes are size 18/20. Now I wear a 12. My fall jacket was a 24!!! Now I have clothes that fit and we'll see if I got down another size or not.
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Old 09-15-2011, 05:29 PM   #5
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I am just back from buying a new outfit to wear to work tomorrow!! Last winter I was 30lbs heavier and now nothing fits!!

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Well congrats on needing new clothes!

I literally have nothing to wear for work. I went shopping today and bought pants in a size 5/6! I must have looked ridiculous wearing a size 12!
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YEA! Go get some pants!

Doesn't it feel GOOD? I almost hated shopping at first, but now I can't stop! ENJOY!

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Old 09-15-2011, 08:50 PM   #8
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congrats and have fun shopping!! (but not buy too much of course! lol!)

I'm at the point where every time I see my mother, she says "you can't wear that any more, it's too big." I've got stuff in smaller sizes but a lot of it still doesn't fit quite right yet. I'm losing weight in different places on my body this time around so even things that are the right general size don't fit well.
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Old 09-15-2011, 08:52 PM   #9
I think I can...
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What a glorious problem!!! Have fun shopping.

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I cant waitttttt to start shopping for some smaller sizes!!! I'm hoping that happens with pants soon. The current size 14's im wearing are getting pretty lose but not falling off yet ... In time!!

Enjoy your shopping and new body!!
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Old 09-16-2011, 07:37 AM   #11
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I have been having a hard time finding something to wear for the last days of warm weather. I've gone down a couple of sizes since June. But boy do I love having this problem!

I can't wait to get my fall clothes from the attic. I have lots of clothes that I stopped fitting into a while ago, but that I kept in the hopes that they would fit me one day. Well, now it's "one day"!

Enjoy shopping!
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I put on my favorite fall outfit yesterday.

It was so baggy and saggy I had to put it into my clown clothes bag.

It is going to be donated this morning to the Salvation Army. I am sure I will have to put more outfits in the bag also.
The 20+ pounds I lost this past year has put me into a smaller size.
Isn't it great to have baggy clothes?

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I just started wearing a size 12 and I'll probably be at this size always or at least for awhile. I can fit in a few brand's size 10. I got everything for fall a bit snug and with a bit of stretch in the pants so that they will last a bit longer with weight changes.

When I was in 18s, 16s, and 14s I knew all those sizes were for sure temporary. Now I know I'll spend at least a few months in this size, so I bought a few more things than in previous sizes - got them all still on big sales/clearance racks, but nicer stuff to make me feel good too.
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I'm experiencing this too. I've put my "fat clothes" (size 14's & XL's mostly) into a "gonna have a garage sale" box. I don't want them in storage! Don't want to even CONSIDER that I might gain weight back again. Nope, not this time!!

I've been digging in my storage room going thru old clothes to have a "new/more fitting" wardrobe. Some stuff is fitting me quite well...size 12's, a couple of 10's! - and some large AND medium tops!!! - others stuff, nah, not so much fitting at all, making me think "WTF did I ever even BUY that????"

But if I lose another size (another 10 lb maybe??-fingers crossed!!!!) then I will have a BUNCH of good fitting clothes. Including pants. Gotta love pants that fit. Makes me feel.... all normal & stuff.

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but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
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I had this rant this morning!!!! I got dressed and looked like a deflated clown! Nothing fits. I'm an 18W (almost 16) now. All of my heavier clothes are 24W and 3x sized.

While this is a great problem to have, it is very expensive. I don't know if I should buy for now or later. Any suggestions from those much further in?

Did you buy an interim size? Should I buy a size down so that I don't have to do this all over again in the winter? Should I get everything tailored now to fit me (especially business suits). Again, I hate the expense but I truly have very little that fits well.

This is even more depressing to me because clean lines/fits look best on me at my size. The clown look is just not sexy!

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