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Default Real morning routine vs. ideal morning routine

I always think about what my morning routine should be but its very rare that its ever that way. So I was just wondering if I am the only person out there that doesnt have the best morning routine.

I am a mom of a 6 month old little boy and we co-sleep and he is up about every 2 hours to eat.

On a bad morning: Roll out of bed and come downstairs to start the day.
On a normal morning: Roll out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, and come down stairs to start the day.
In my ideal world: Roll out of bed, put on my shoes and exercise, jump in the shower, get dressed, brush my hair, brush my teeth, put on deodorant and maybe even a little makeup, come downstairs to start the day.

So, I am the only one?

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will it ever stick??? lol
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Oh def not! I always set my alarm for 5:30 so i can go to the gym in the a.m. too and i sleep through it wake up late run around trying to make my breakfast and get myself read

ideal: 5:30 wake up, gym, shower, cook breakfast, relax, get dressed, brush teeth and leave for work

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No. My sister who has a 5 month old has a similar routine. I don't think I remember the last time she exercised. She also cosleeps and feeds every two hours, if she's lucky!
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Nope! I'm the same.

And coincidentally my son woke every 2 hours to eat at your boy's age too. I just focused on good food choices and survival, LOL! He's started to sleep through most nights now (15 months) so the ideal mornings happen more & more.

I feel your pain...

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My ideal morning never includes exercise before eating and drinking coffee. Exercise on an empty stomach just doesn't work for me. I get up at 6, and if I do decide to exercise in the morning, I go for a walk around 8.

I prefer to exercise in the afternoon.

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I think I can...
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Ahh The joys of co-sleeping. My 2 yr old is still sleeping glued to my side every night and refuses to even look at her bed except to play on.
But you arent the only one.
Typical Morning: Alarm goes off 6:30 press snooze 3 times get up at 6:45, rush to bathroom, wake up son and daughter & get them dressed and fed. Drive son to school, run errands with daughter.

Ideal Morning: Wake up at 5:30 exercise for 1 hour, take a shower, get dressed. Then dress and feed kids and leave early instead of late!

One Day!

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one choice at a time
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I don't have a child. And even so, I don't have any illusions about hopping out of bed to exercise in the morning. I am simply not a morning person. If I tried to get up early to exercise, the result would be that I would never exercise. Instead, I schedule my exercise for a time when I am more amenable to doing it (in my case, after work in the evenings).

There is nothing wrong with striving to make improvements to your routine - but there comes a point when you have to be realistic about what you can achieve and not let "perfect" become the enemy of "good enough". If you are not finding a place for exercise in your morning routine, and that is getting in the way of you exercising at all, then there is no shame in acknowledging that morning exercise just isn't for you, and doing it some other time of the day!
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Heck I don't even have any kids to care for, and my mornings don't usually go as planned!

Normal: Crawl out of bed. Brush teeth. Weigh. Eat breakfast.

In my dreams: Wake refreshed and sparkling with the birds singing. Dance my way to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and weigh myself. Twirl to the kitchen to make an elaborately healthy and tasty meal. Get out to the local produce store where everyone bursts into song as I buy the fruits and veggies I need for the rest of the day....

Maybe I'm aiming too high?
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I am a stay at home mom so I just get up and hang with the kids for a bit and then we eat and get dressed and on with our day... I think having kids you never know what the plan is and nothing ever goes as planned
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I don't know Lovely- maybe the twirl to the kitchen is slightly high, but not quite out of reach!

I don't have kids, so I can't speak to that, and I'm sure that I cannot fathom just how challenging that is. I do work out in the morning, which I would have found laughable even just last year, and it has kept me consistent. Still not perfect, however. But I think the important thing is starting out small and going for consistency. Even if you get up and exercise once or twice a week, and if you do it on the mornings where your child hasn't had quite as rough a night, it's one or two ideal, or close to ideal, mornings to add to your list!

Ideal morning: Get up at 6:30, get dressed for the gym, make breakfast, drink coffee (set on auto the night before), leave the house by 7:15, work out for 45-50 minutes, shower, dry hair and make self look presentable, get to work between 8:30 and 8:45.

The usual morning: Press snooze twice, get up at 6:50, read email on my phone, throw on clothes for gym, stalk the cats for a few minutes, clean out coffee pot and make coffee, make breakfast, scowl at clock and swear I'm going to leave within 10 minutes, do something stupid on the computer or sit staring at the walls for another 10 minutes, brush teeth, grab bag, make lunch, go. Get to the gym around 7:40, do 40 minutes, shower and half-dry mangy hair, and drive to work, where I'm late by 15 minutes and thus struggle with parking.

The bad morning: Snooze. Then reset alarm for 8 AM. Shower, then waste time until 8:40, then get dressed. Late for work without even having a good reason or workout to blame. Ah!
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I'm a SAHM to a 3 year old and a 9 month old. The baby still wakes periodically (2-3 times) throughout the night, the older one still comes to our bed in the middle of the night, plus Hubby likes to stay up late (past midnight usually).

Ideal day: Wake at 5:30. Exercise for 45-60 minutes, shower/brush teeth, eat breakfast and do a little meditation/prayer before Hubby leaves for work.

Typical day: Wake up just as Hubby is leaving in the morning. Suck down 2 cups of coffee or hot tea to get my eyes open. Eventually get around to brushing my teeth sometime before lunch. Never manage to exercise.
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We co-sleep with our 8 month old too. Thankfully she sleeps well. My typical morning is wake up, feed the baby, eat breakfast and feed my toddler, then we head to the Y where I drop them in the Stay & Play and get some exercise...then the park (some days), home for lunch, then naps! I'm a SAHM... I give so much credit to moms who are working to lose weight while care for babies and work outside of the home!
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You are totally not alone! I am just NOT a morning person. I know I should get up and exercise early, I should eat a good breakfast at home, etc. Instead, I get up at the last second, take breakfast with me to work, and everything is rush-rush-rush in the mornings for me. I end up exercising at night, and always wish I'd got it out of the way that morning.
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LOL I am sooo not a morning person and I have a horrible routine. I'm a sahm to a 4 year old and five month old- luckily they both sleep about 12 hours straight through, in their own bed/crib.

Ideal- I wake up at 7am, which is a few minutes before my husband leaves for work, so I can get a shower, dressed and get breakfast ready for the kids. The kids wake up at around 8:30 and I have them fed and dressed by 9 or so, ready to go out or take a walk or something. This has NEVER happened.

Real- I wake at around 8 when my 4 year old comes to watch tv in my bed. My 5 moth old wakes up around 8:30 and we all stumble downstairs and I feed them. At around 10:30 my baby takes a nap and this when I shower. Our day doesn't really even start until like noon.
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My kids are older and can take care of themselves but oh do I remember the getting up every two hours and kids sleeping in my bed. I have to admit that I do NOT miss those days.
Five days a week (m-f) I get up at 5:30, take care of my dogs, make coffee and exercise for 45 min - hour. Is it easy, no way! Early in my weight loss journey, I would promise myself tonight I am working out but then I would get home and thinks kept getting in the way and the more that got in the way, the guiltier I felt. It became a vicious cycle of guilt. I thought, there is no way I can get up an hour early to exercise, I needed my sleep but I knew that the only way to free myself from the guilt was to just do it. So I do, not happily most mornings but I do it.
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