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Height: 5'6

Default Where does your extra weight go on you?

just wondering where your extra weight goes... my extra all goes on my stomach... its like I have an upper and lower one (not very pretty). I really hate it! That being said does anyone have any exercise tips to help with my huge tummy!
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Location: Minnesota
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Height: 5'3


Mine is my stomach, no doubt. Second is my arms, and lastly my face.
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Height: 5'9"


Yep. The gut. What has helped me is running and Jillian Michael's six week six pack. The area has improved, but definitely not great. I will never love it unless a plastic surgeon gets involved!!!

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Mine used to go to my hips and thighs. Since having kids and maybe turning 30 has something to do with it as well, it goes to my butt, saddle bags , and tummy. It used to have a flat butt which I hated anyway and a flat tummy, albeit soft. So I was wide from a front view and not so bad from the side. Now I feel not so bad front the front and lumpy from the side! Lol

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Height: 4'11"


As well as the usual all-over layer, mine goes straight to THE BELLY!

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Height: 5'8


Everywhere, but especially my gut. The funny thing is I have disproportionately thin legs, and they're losing inches the fastest... all the while I still have a beer belly poking out. Strangeness to be seen...

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Mine goes directly to the stomach area too. Lately I've been doing more exercises that focus on the core area and it seems to be helping. I can't wait to get rid of my muffin top

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I thought it was my gut, but since losing weight, the few people who have noticed my weight loss say, "Yeah, I can tell in your face." So, maybe I gain in my face first. Or maybe people are being polite: After all, they won't very well tell me, "Yeah, I can tell---your gut isn't quite so big!"
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Height: 5'4


Tummy girl as well. It seems like the last 25lbs or so have come from my face, hips and thighs and the belly is being stubborn. If I could get lipo-suction on my gut and a tummy tuck I'd be so stinkin' happy and probably a heck of a lot closer to goal!
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My gut and my arms are my weak spots, but I gained everywhere and am losing everywhere. Just that my trouble spots remain my trouble spots.

Now, about targeting one area - sorry, doesn't work that way. Fat comes off wherever the body decides to pull it from. I take measurements once a month and while some months I notice equal amounts everywhere, other months it's all from my gut or all from my waist or thighs or upper arms.

What you can do to help with trouble spots is to do strength training. I thought I would HATE strength training, but I actually really like it. I take BodyPump at the gym which is a Les Mills class. I take it 3 times a week and I'm noticing improvement with the shape of my body that I'm happy about, but yes... my trouble spots are still my trouble spots.

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Height: 5'8"


Upper body - stomach, stomach, stomach! lol, I am also broad in the shoulders and have a fat face.

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Height: 5'1.5"


Mine goes to saddlebags/thighs.

Regarding your stomach, I have noticed that when I do lower carb it flattens very fast (probably water being lost ?). Also, have noticed that when I do diet-based weight loss (as opposed to relying on exercise as well) the stomach flattens first as well.

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Height: 5'7"


another tummy girl, but basically everything from there on up. Flat butt, small hips and (relatively) slim legs - all my weight is in my upper body including my face and neck.

But interestingly, I am losing weight differently this time. I have lost a lot in my shoulders and arms (bat wings notwithstanding), a noticeable amount in the face and neck, some through the middle but not a lot (only went down one band size for bras with 40 lbs gone). And of course, the smaller bits get smaller - my hips look bizarrely (to me, at least!) narrow now.

At some point, the tummy will be all that's left so presumably, that will eventually get smaller as well.
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Mostly thighs- and it stays on there forever. When I'm at a higher weight, the tummy (lower part mostly) but I also carry a lot in my upper arms/lower legs.

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Height: 5'3"


My hips! It all went there and it just about all left from there first. I lamented it at first (My curves! gone!) but now that my waist is cinching in, I'm getting the curves back
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