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Default 6 Day vacation & being forced to eat

I'm 23 and maintaining my weight right now. I'm going away for 6 days on vacation with a guy friend. We've been friends for a while and I'm comfortable with him.
I always used to eat really unhealthy, lots of processed foods, lots of eating-out, loooots of chocolate. Also, I NEVER exercised. This was when he knew me and saw me everyday at school.
Things have changed drastically for my lifestyle now - for the better. The thing is, I haven't seen this friend in about a year (we live so far apart now), so he's seen pics of what I look like now and sees me talking about exercising and things(never about change in food though).

Now, here's the thing, I have ZERO problem controlling myself when out with friends, restaurants etc. I can quite easily stay on plan, won't over-eat when I'm on vacation. My worry comes from being away with someone for that length of time, and I'm so paranoid that he'll make a comment and say I'm not eating enough, or ask why I'm being "boring" and not eating all the stuff I used to. I guess I'm worried about being pushed to eat?
Or another question is, do guys care/notice what you do and don't eat at all?
I guess I'd like to just do things my way. If I'm hungry - eat, If I'm not, I want to be able to pass up things and not have anything else said about it.

I think I'm worried because when I am with some of my girlfriends(kinda ex friends now, but it has nothing to do with this), since they've noticed the weight loss, they'll make comments about what I do and don't eat,and assume I starved myself to lose weight or something ridiculous like that. I guess that's why I'm worried about this vacation.
I just want food to be a NON-issue on this trip I guess.

Goodness, I REALLY rambled on here. Sorry guys Hopefully someone caught the general idea of my question?? haha
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guys do not notice what you eat or dont eat...i often tell DH i will "eat it later" and then just never do so, if i dont really want to eat something...DH and other guys i've known will only notice if they give you something special to eat and then you dont eat it...other than that, they never notice stuff like that
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girl, mine is terrible. I will tell him I am not hungry or he can go ahead and eat it, but he will feed me. Some guys are feeders. I think I would just tell him it would be more enjoyable on your own terms.
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This is all going to depend on what kind of a friend he is. It's not just "how guys act" vs "how girls act"... because we're all human and act differently!

If your friendship is based on more than just eating junk, then you will still remain friends.

He might ask you about what you're eating or how you're working out, etc etc... but that's not a big deal. People who ask are curious.

He might say "You're hardly eating!" to which I'd laugh and say "Compared to what I USED to eat, sure, but I promise I'm eating plenty of food. You'll see it this trip." Then I'd watch what I eat as usual.

He could also say... absolutely nothing!

If you want it to be a non-issue, then it's your job to make it a non-issue. Do what you normally do. If he asks a question like a friend, answer it like a friend.

Spend time together. Enjoy the trip. Don't let a little worry ruin the anticipation of a fun time!
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I guess I don't understand the pressure, because when people tell me I don't eat enough, I'm OK with that. I actually like it, and take it as a compliment. I guess that comes from my childhood. People would either tell me I was going to get fat if I ate so much, or they'd tell me I eat like a bird and I'm going to get too thin. Because I was a heavier child, I preferred to be told that I eat like a bird, and I was going to be too thin. I shed major weight on that trip.

Anyways, allow yourself to relax, please. But do keep your head on and don't let anyone persuade you to do something you don't want to do.

I LOVE what lovely said!
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!"

"Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard."

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I think he'll notice and connect 2 and 2, but men seem to be less likely to comment.

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Thank you guys for the comments!
The whole "you're barely eating!" comment has always bothered me.

I should maybe explain that I "only"(is that the right word?) needed to lose 25ish pounds to get to my perfect weight. On a 5 foot frame, it is very noticeable.

My friendship with him has nothing to do with food either. I'm just super paranoid after being with girlfriends. After my gfs seen me and my "new" body, it was constant comments and constantly being analyzed at what I was and wasn't eating. Also, some of the girls were definitely food pushers. That's where all the paranoia comes from. I hope it's not the case with this guy friend!

Oh, and I realize those gfs aren't exactly great "friends" and our relationship has since changed a lot.
Thanks again everyone!
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