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Thumbs down Just having an off day...

I know it's normal to have off days, and I know they pass, but I just wondered if anyone has ways of combatting feeling overwhelmed by how far you have to go to reach your goal.

I know my goal is shorter than a lot. I have 7.5 lbs to lose to get to my first goal. And after that, I think it'll be mostly toning.

Still, though, the last two days, strangely after a satisfactory weigh in at WW on Tuesday, I feel like I'm ploughing on and on and getting no where. Maybe I just need to relax and take a bath or something. I just feel a little blue today.

I know that I'm working hard, and it's only been 4 weeks. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm kinda convinced that I won't last, because whenever I tried to lose weight before, I failed.

I've never felt pretty or comfortable in my own skin. I'm that awkward in between size, where some would get irritated by my trying to lose weight, maintaining that I'm "fine as I am" and others would look at me and see the pudge and understand my desire for a flat tummy.

I won't lie, this, my most profound effort of all, to lose weight, has been spurned by a guy. I'm only human. I want to feel attractive. I want to be sought after. I want him to want me.

I'm only 18, and I know I have a lot to experience in life yet, but I don't want to spend university the same way I spent secondary school - feeling like the ugly duckling and not wanting to go out.

I just feel sometimes like I'll never get there.
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I'm sorry you're feeling "off".... the nice thing to know is that you'll start feeling better soon and if you don't, you can start changing things up so you can be motivated again.

Yes, you can be different and it's just a question of working on it. The worst thing you can do is quit. It may take a little while to be comfortable with your own skin, but as someone who is older than you by a lot, I can tell you that as you get older, you won't feel the same way and you'll hopefully learn to love yourself.

It's not a whole lot of weight you have to lose, either, which is great.
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At least you recognize now how you're feeling and what that leads to. It doesn't matter if your goal is close or far away...when you get to feeling this way, it's time to take a chance to refocus. Think about why you started. What goal did you want to achieve? It doesn't matter if it's a personal goal, a health-related goal or anything else. Remember why you started your journey, and make a pledge to yourself that you WILL get there. It's easy to lose sight of why we start the journey when it's at its hardest, and a few weeks in is a difficult time.

Just refocus, clear your head and start it again.
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Location: Ireland
Posts: 35

S/C/G: 154 lbs/151.5 lbs/144 lbs

Height: 5'4"


thank you, both of you.
I'm gonna take it easy this evening and light the fire, watch a movie or do something fun.
Getting a good night's sleep and starting tomorrow with a more positive attitude.
I'm about to write down every single reason why I started this. thank you for that tip.
I know I want it. So I'll have to persevere.
I don't know what got me down today. think I'm just tired.

It's frustrating. But it's just food. I can control this. And I will.

I'm dreaming of a sized 10 christmas. This forum will see me there
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Pain Is Fuel
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We all have those off days, where we feel like the world is against us. Those are the days you need to relax and talk to friends, watch your favorite tv series or read a good book.

I know how you feel about wanting to be attractive, one of the reasons I am doing this is because I want to feel like I am good enough for my boyfriend. I want him to be proud that I'm his girlfriend. I don't want to feel like a fat blob laying next to him in bed. The feeling sucks, but keeps me going day in and day out.

Writing down all the reasons your started is a great idea, I also took it one step further and wrote down all the things I look forward to when I have lost the weight. Every time I feel like quitting or giving up, I look at that list and it reminds me of all the good things to come

I hope I helped a little bit, I hope your day improves
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I have a lot more to lose than you do. I'll admit, my initial reaction was "but you're already nearly my ideal weight...!"

But you know what, I can completely relate to how you feel. Even losing a small amount of weight is very overwhelming. There's so much information and advice and "do this, don't do that" to process... there's so many decisions to make that it's exhausting.

What helps me is to think of it as a healthy lifestyle - one that will help me achieve some goals, but something that I can't just turn off when I don't feel like it anymore. Regardless of weight, eating well and exercising is something that everyone needs to do to feel their best - even if they already look like a model. I know many thin (as well as overweight) people with serious health problems - some lifestyle-related, some not - but either way they're managed with healthy diet and moderate exercise. I figure I might as well get a head-start on the management before I get any of the problems!
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