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Default Hard time with breakfast.

Just reading another post reminding someone of the importance of breakfast. I have actually experienced how it can help in weight loss. BUT I have such a hard time eating breakfast. Most days I don't even remember to eat until around 11am. When I do eat breakfast I can't eat fruit, cereal, oatmeal...basically any carb or I will have a major crash 2 hours later (dizzy, queasy stomach, sometimes headache) Does anyone else feel this way? How do you convince yourself or remember to eat? What do you eat?

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I don't have this problem, although I feel much better if I eat a protein-y breakfast, rather than a straight carb-y one.

I can also go without eating until later in the day with no problems. However, as long as the set-up is convenient and easy to get into a routine, I can also eat breakfast with no problem. Same thing every work day - greek yogurt, orange juice and coffee - all at work (can't stand getting up a minute earlier than I have to).

All that said, it sounds like you might be a perfect candidate for Intermittent Fasting. As mentioned above, I don't do it, but there are plenty of folks who consume all their daily calories during an "eating window" - for some the window is very small (basically one large meal), and for others it just means nothing until after noon or 1pm (lunch/dinner only).

As strange as it sounds, it seems to be just as effective at keeping the folks who do it and like it as full and satisfied and blood sugar regulated as those who do the 5x200 calorie feedings/day. Even though my window is long, I do find that for me, eating 3 times/day of 500 calories is the way to go. If I'm eating a little bit constantly, I am far more food obsessed than if I eat real quantities of healthy food in true meals at regular meal times.

I guess what I'm taking a long time to say is that everyone is different, and for you to reach your long-term weight goals, you need to find a way of eating that works for you and is going to continue to work once you reach maintenance. So if eating in the morning is going to be a constant struggle, then don't force yourself to do it. I do recommend you research (including asking questions on here) to ensure that whatever plan for eating you decide on does seem to cover the nutritional bases, and then listen to your body - it will tell you for sure if you are! You can do this without being miserable.

Good luck!

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I don't eat breakfast; if I force myself -even though I'm not hungry in the morning- it has no affect on my eating better/less later in the day, so it's just extra unnecessary calories for me. But I hear you on the carb issue- if I eat a carb-filled meal without protein, I'm famished very shortly after, sometimes dizzy and shaky and I eat whatever is closest!

One breakfast-y food I eat (although not in the morning) that is a good balance of carbs/protein, is a sandwich of one egg (I just spray a little PAM in a tiny egg pan to cook it) and one to two pieces of bacon on a bagel thin. I douse it with hot sauce and it's a filling meal for only about 250 calories.
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I'm not sure about what your schedule is but can you push back your breakfast a bit? Have you also tried experimenting with eating protein instead of carbs for breakfast?

For me I started struggling eating breakfast recently and that was combined with that same dizziness/nausea in the late afternoon. What I did was pushed back my breakfast a couple of hours and then ate a lot more close together in the middle of the day. It worked really well for me because then I was hungrier at that time and it helped with the dizziness. I also eat eggs+bacon+onion+mushrooms for breakfast every morning. I really need that protein there otherwise I'm starving. Even eating one piece of bread at that time of days makes me off the entire day (but you might something else works better for you, that's just what I figured out about my body ).

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First, I'm not convinced that you "have to" eat breakfast. I seem to remember reading some newer studies that say it's not as important as we've been told. I think the whole YOU MUST EAT BREAKFAST thing is more for people who skip it and are then STARVING by lunch and over eat, or who feel like they skipped breakfast so they can eat more later.

If you skip breakfast and feel just fine...I don't know that I would rock the boat. There is a LOT of misinformation out there that has been POUNDED into us based on flawed information and sometimes just rumor (the whole "most Americans are dehydrated, you must drink 8 - 8 oz glasses of water" thing is a big one).

If you do decide to eat breakfast, can you keep boiled eggs on hand? Cheese? I love oatmeal, smoothies, etc but I have to plan a snack for about two hours later because if I have something carby, I'm going to be STARVING in about two hours.
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If you have a hard time eating breakfast, try just having a protein shake. I like the AdvantEdge carb control by EAS. Easy to just grab on the way out the door!
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Thanks for the ideas and feedback! I feel better knowing that it is OK to skip breakfast if I am not hungry (and it doesn't make me hungrier later. I think I will pick up protien shakes, because if I do get hungry before I get a chance to eat (my work is very scheduled) I *can* drink one of those!
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You might be interested in a concept called IF (intermittent fasting). I only eat a banana in the morning (with coffee), do my lifting, then eat around 11am (I'm up at 5-6am). I don't do IF but it's a similar approach. I have maintained for 7 years except my pregnancy doing this.

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Study after study has shown that breakfast eaters not only experience less hunger late in the day but lose better and keep it off. You don't have to eat carbs for breakfast. I like a yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, fruit, and nuts; eggs, leftovers from dinner. You should always have protein with every meal and snack for satiety.

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Originally Posted by QuilterInVA View Post
Study after study has shown that breakfast eaters not only experience less hunger late in the day but lose better and keep it off.
For the most part yes - studies do show that breakfast eaters do better. However, it would be better to call this survey data rather than study data. Of course, correlation is not causation.

If you actually delve ino the studies what you find is that the breakfast eaters tend to have better overall eating habits. So was it the breakfast that did it or better eating habits?
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I'm not on a "you must eat breakfast" campaign, but I will say that eating it becomes a habit like anything else. For a long time, I never ate breakfast, but once I started eating it regularly, I get hungry in the mornings for it. However, I have also recently adjusted my "habit" to eat a slightly later breakfast than I used to as I found it worked better for my schedule overall, and that too was just a factor of getting used to it. So if you decide that it is something you want to change your schedule to include, I would say to start with a small amount and just give your body a chance to get used to having that every day and chances are that you will end up being hungrier for it over time.

as for what to eat, I'd suggest a cheese stick or hardboiled egg as something quick and portable and not carby.
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Personally I do better health wise, energy wise, craving wise and lose weight more when I consistently eat breakfast.

I used to not eat breakfast and would also be one to not eat till lunch time or later. But Jan 2005 I made a commitment to myself to eat breakfast everyday and since then I pretty much have. There have been missed breakfast along the way but that is life. At first it was difficult and I had to make a concious effort to eat in the morning. I also am sensitive to high carbs and need a high protein breakfast.

My breakfast for the past 4 mons has been a whey protein shake (all natural stevia sweetened vanilla whey protein, 1/2 c Skim milk,1/2 c unsweetened almond milk and ice) A piece of fruit (currently into peaches) or bowl of berries and a half oz of raw nuts. I like my shake but also like to "east" and not just drink my meals.

I also usually have a coffee about half an hour after eating my breakfast

I pretty much have that everyday (I think I have only had eggs with bacon and toast 5 times in the last 4 mons)

I also make a protein shake for my DH every morning that contains (all natural stevia sweetened vanilla whey protein, 1/2 c Skim milk,1/2 c unsweetened almond milk, 1-1/2 c frozen fruit, TBSP chia seeds) DH doesn't mind drinking his breakfast, he used to never eat on weekday mornings.
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I do best if I eat when I am hungry. If I am not hungry I dont eat. That means sometimes I eat at 6:30 a.m., sometimes I dont eat until 11 or so.

I dont eat carbs with my breakfast usually. I have sauteed vegetables with whatever leftover meat I have handy. I used to have eggs but I have developed an egg intolerance. From time to time I will add a small amount of carbs (leftover sweet potato, a corn tortilla) but usually that is if I have had a big workout already.

The only time I eat even if I am not hungry is immediately following a workout. I have found that exercise suppresses my hunger but in that particular scenario I will get rebound hunger if I wait. But on a normal morning? Nope, if I am not hungry I dont eat. Forcing myself to eat triggers more hunger.

Food timing is an individual thing. I do not believe that one rule fits all. Like whey protein shakes. If I have a whey protein shake for breakfast I will be starving all day. Drinking calories in the morning makes me more hungry than not eating at all. But they work great for other people. Learn what works for you
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I love having high protein breakfasts-

omlette with leftover turkey taco meat, greek yogurt with honey and/or fresh berries, and "protein pancakes" made with cottage cheese and oats are some of my favs.
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I am bad about skipping breakfast, and I'm a stay at home mom so before I started in earnest to change how I eat would definitely be cabinet and fridge surfing, just looking for stuff to eat all day long. Now I try to eat breakfast within an hour or so and I don't snack as much. My favorite is to sautee a small amount of onions and tiny bit of garlic with some chopped up fresh spinach and sometimes some diced tomatoes and scramble 2 eggs in. Other days I eat oatmeal or a healthy cereal.
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