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Default Net calories.. "Deficit" for the week

Since Monday, August 8th.. Ive consumed 8,756 calories. Ive burned (through exercise) 5,022 calories. Leaving me with a 'net' of 3,734 for the week. Does that mean I didn't burn a pound of fat, or do I not understand?

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It works more like this...

You need to subtract 8,756 from your maintenance calories (what you would need to eat to maintain your weight). That number is the calorie deficit you created with your diet. Then you can add on the extra 5,022 calories burned through exercise to get your total calorie deficit for the week.

So if your maintenance calories are 1800 (totally made up number), that would mean 12,600 calories for the week to maintain. 12,600-8,756=3,844 calorie deficit. Then you add on the 5,022 you burned to get a grand total of 8,866 for the week. (Closer to 2.5 lbs of fat loss in theory- it's hard to get super exact here). But that really depends on your maintenance calorie level. You can google 'active metabolic rate' to help you figure that out.

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You don't understand.

Although a pound of fat contains something like 3500 calories, it doesn't work to calculate in reverse. The body burns more than just fat for energy.

Also, you aren't taking into account what your body burns at rest, which is called your resting metabolic rate. Most people burn an average of around 1500 or so calories a day just being alive--but it varies depending on your age and current weight, etc.

It's not so simple as you ate X and burned Y with exercise. Your calorie deficit is how much you ate, minus your resting metabolic rate, minus your calories burned with exercise.

But don't take those numbers too seriously. Calories burned is often just an estimate, rather than a precise or individual measurement.

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Holy crow.... these boards rock with getting so many responses so quickly.

You need to take into account the amount of calories it takes for you to live... not including exercise.

For instance.... for me to stay at current weight of 353 lbs. I burn 3500 calories a day just by being alive. So, say I burn 500 calories a day doing exercise I would need about 4000 calories a day to maintain my current weight.

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Wow - thatsos a huge calorie burn from exercise in six days! Well done. I am struggling getting to the gym more than three times a week and even then am burning around 400 - 500 calories a session (if you believe the machine counters!)

do you mind sharing your exercise secret?

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thanks for the quick responses. i think i am being too critical lol! i just need to relax, watch what i eat and continue exercising.. i just got so serious about it because i purchased a HRM. polar ft4, its great! i really think its accurate too, its pretty fun.

no exercise secrets here lol, i just do jillian dvds, leslie sansone walks, and spend 30mins a day at CURVES (womens gym)
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Wow looks like you're doing wonderful, keep up the good work! I had a 30 day free membership to curves I loved it so much! But it was so expensive as compared to other gyms I just had to give it up after the 30 days! Now they have the Zumba circuit!

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I see you have a HR monitor. Off the top of my head that would probably mean over 60 minutes a day (every day) of fairly intense (average HR 140+).

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