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Default What's with the scale?

The scale did not move this week. I'm feeling a little down about it because I walked at least 8 miles this past week, I ate perfectly (usually 200-300 calories under my goal), my food intake was great (lots of fruits and veggies and "good" carbs), and I hiked for 2 hours on Saturday morning...what the heck is going on???

Okay- this is a little embarassing...but I haven't been going to the "bathroom" regularly- like maybe once every 2 days. Is this normal? Is my body just adjusting to my new way of eating? I know it's impossible to get a correct weight reading unless I go. GAH!

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Your body could just be holding onto water especially since you haven't gone #2 in a while. I know I get bloated when I haven't gone. Plus the stuff itself weighs a good bit. Just rest assured that the scale owes you a few pounds and be excited when it gives them to you
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I feel your pain. I only seem to lose weight every second week. First week big drop 3.8 pounds. Second week nothing. Third week another 3.8 pounds. Fourth week a GAIN .4 pounds. This is week five so hopefully my theory will hold true.

Your body could be in a bit of shock - I know when I have pumped up the fibre my insides need some time to adjust. Just make sure you are drinking LOTS of water and walking - that usually gets things moving.

Is it gross if I wish you luck?
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I hated my scale this morning too. It showed a two pound gain and I cannot figure out why it went up so far either. Hopefully, I too am just hanging onto some water weight.
Keep at it. That is what I plan on doing.
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If I have a bad weigh in day, I weigh the next day. Often times the water weight or whatever it is has gone away (and I spend fewer days second guessing my hard work and feeling bad!)

First goal: 203 (where I was last year when I started the ol' regain...)
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Try to eat some fiber

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for every 5lbs lost!

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Do your scale measure fat/muscle percentage ? If not, it's a good thing to have one so you'll know if you lose fat/gain muscle.

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I just recently asked the same bathroom question in another thread. For some people, going only every other day, or once every three days was normal.

I know my body went haywire when I very first started and has leveled out to a "pattern" now.

Also, my scale hasn't moved in a week and a half...just don't give up. It's normal to not see a loss every week. Some people have mentioned how their scales will stall for two weeks and then they have a big "whoosh" the next week.
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When the scale fluctuates so much so rapidly, it means that it is just water weight and not fat - fat takes much longer to burn off! The increase in veggies and fruits might have messed up your 'regularity' - and cause you to maintain water. I did a detox for raw fruits and veggies for a whole week - and I had to add in lean protein (chicken or turkey breast) because I was so lethargic and a bit bloated. You could try adding some good protein (if you aren't eating any), and/or take some fiber supplements.
In any case, a better indication of your progress is HOW DO YOU FEEL? The scale isn't the only measure! Stick with it - you're probably gaining muscle in your legs from all the walking and hiking you're doing too! Well done!
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Totally normal. You have shocked yourself with, what sounds like, extra activity than you are used to doing. Have a cup of cranberry juice and in 1-2 days you will be "flowing" normal (just to give it some umphh).... and you should see the accurate weight when that all... ummm... lets go? Either way, don't think your efforts are in vain....they sure aren't
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It happens sometimes. This morning, my scale showed a 0.6 gain, and I was so angry, because I did everything right yesterday (I weigh daily). I think my muscle relaxer and pain killer yesterday slowed my metabolism. -___-

Anyway, it happens. The most important thing is just to keep truckin'.

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I really question if we should use what we weight naked the first thing in the morning as what we weigh because it's only for that instant. Breakfast will add a pound and so we really weigh more on average. Some people do not go every day so every 2 days is not bad. There is only that short time between our BM and when we eat that we don't have it in us so, again I question.

You should put the scale at the bottom of the list of how well you are doing. Its the permanent lifestyle changes that we make that determine our success, not a number on the scale.

HW 356 pounds - CW 135 - GW 137

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
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