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Default 5 good things that happend this week

Last week SUCKED. Work sucked and life sucked. So I decided to keep track of the good things (even small) that happened this week:

1) I stepped on the scale this morning and have lost 35 pounds! WHOO HOO so happy about that.
2) Since exercise was my weak area, I made a goal for myself to get up at 5:30a.m. to exercise. No excuses and guess what I did it all week, 5 days in a row, I was up and exercising. This makes a total of 9 days.
3) When I was talking to my mom this week she told me that she thought I was a good mom. I have a 19 year old who will soon start her 2nd year in college and a 15 year old who is a sophomore in High School. It felt good to hear she thought I had done a good job raising them.
4) I had lunch with a friend this week who I have not seen for three or four months and she could not get over how good I looked. It was so nice to hear her compliments. Sometimes myself and those we live with don't see the overall changes so it is nice when someone notices.
5) My son, who is 15 and a big boy (poor kid did not have a chance) told me last night that he talked to his football coach about not being happy with his weight and was ready to make changes. I know he is a kid but he really is a big kid and I am glad he is starting to think about his weight on his own and is seeking out help (even if it is not mom).
6) Its Friday and raining here and my second job will probably get rained out tonight soo I get a free evening. Might visit the local bar but after last weekend I will have to go in drag.

Have a great weekend all!!! I hope as you look back on your week you can find the positive too.
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Hey, that's 6 things!

Seriously, great accomplishments. I think it's great to keep track of positives. I think there's a "positive attitude" culture that can be pushed a little far. Sometimes things suck, and it's OK to acknowledge that. But wallowing in it doesn't do any good, and reminding yourself of the good things is a good step to preventing that. Hope this week is better.

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LOVE it when people are bringing the positivity! Those are 6 awesome things to reflect on. Serious congrats on all of that.

I'm going to add my 5 from this week:
1. Tried a new class at the gym and LOVED IT! Pushing myself out of my comfort zone is good for me and while I felt a little goofy and uncoordinated, that's never stopped me from doing things before!
2. Saw a friend I haven't seen in a year and we went on a gorgeous hike.
3. Jillian Michaels called me a rockstar.
4. Did not eat one single tortilla chip during dinner at a Mexican restaurant (ah, the little things!)
5. Finally broke into the 130's for the first time EVER!

"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures" -Lovelle Drachman
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AWESOME!!! Great way to look at the positives. Here are mine:
1. Was strong for my 5 year ols that had to have 4 teeth pulled (she was not able to be put under)
2. Stuck to my points for the last 4 days
3. updated my resume so that I can post it and maybe leave my current employer
4. Folded all of the laundry (not just part of it and live out of a hamper)
5. volunteered for a charity golf tournament on my birthday for this saturday!

for every 5 pounds
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Originally Posted by zoodoo613 View Post
I think it's great to keep track of positives. I think there's a "positive attitude" culture that can be pushed a little far. Sometimes things suck, and it's OK to acknowledge that.
I couldn't agree more. As a side note, zoodoo, I love reading your posts because you always keep it real and are so insightful! (Maybe because I agree with your sentiments--LOL!).

To the OP, those are some awesome accomplishments, and you should be proud of them!
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1. I got to have a brief visit with my two best ever girlfriends. One day is just not enough after all these years, but it sure beats no days.
2. My DH took me out on a date
3. I went to a knitting and yarn show on Sat and bought pretty yarn
4. I won $3. in the lotto (what?! it's still a win)
5. I get to top off this crazy week with a 4 day weekend!

It's funny because this week really sucked and I really beat myself up about a lot of stuff. Looking at this list all I can think is "That's a pretty great week"!
Thanks NEMom, I needed that!!!!!!!!

Bonus win, down 2 pounds this morning.
Mini goal July 2014 to October 2014

Long term
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1) the group on facebook "if you're from ....such and such a town...remember when..." so good to see alot of old familiar faces on there, makes me miss that place

2) nice new haircut and color

3) last day of work for the summer! and then back to my real job next week

4) bowling tonight with DH and son

5) weight was down enough for my weigh in day
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1) Got a cute haircut
2) Found some nice shirts
3) My 6 yo's went to camp (I was able to go shopping by myself)
4) Can fit into size 10 pants
5) Got some new shoes

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1. Met with an old friend for lunch and had a good gossip.
2. Bought a pair of size 8 jeans (US size 6)!
3. Had my hair cut into a short, funky style and learned how to style it with wax.
4. Did my kickboxing DVD and punched all my frustrations out.
5. Went out shopping on my day off and sang worship music in the car on the way there.
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Those are some GREAT things NEMom!
~Made of star stuff~
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