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Rate of Weight Loss

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Default Rate of Weight Loss

I was thinking about this. From July 1 to July 25th I lost 4.5 pounds. Not a huge number, but then I realized that SEVEN out of those 25 days I binged big time. (As in, at least an extra 1000+ calories a day binge. At the VERY least.) It made me wonder what I could actually lose if I stayed on plan for a full month! I just can't seem to do it.

Anyway, I was curious about everyone's rate of weight loss, and how many 'off plan' days or meals you usually average, if any, and if planned for or not. What is your rate of weight loss when you consistently stay on plan vs. when you have off days? I've honestly NEVER been able to go more than 2 weeks on plan.

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On the slow track.
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Originally Posted by RJ 1980 View Post
I've honestly NEVER been able to go more than 2 weeks on plan.
Hi there, what kind of plan are you on? Your statement makes me wonder if your plan isn't too restrictive. It might be better to make a more moderate plan that you are able to stick with over the long haul.
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Wow, the fact that you lost weight with all that binge eating is really great! I have a huge issue with binge eating and so the more I've done it, the less I've lost....or gained. A month where I don't binge, I lose anywhere from 6-10 lbs. but when I do binge, I lose less. I don't really know how much less because I don't really keep track of how often I binge. In July I lost a few oz. shy of 10 lbs. (tons of working out and vigilant calorie counting) and I only binged once I think....and that binge was 1,000 calories, as far as I can tell.

Why not commit to one week of no binging? Take it one day at a time. There's a binge-free challenge on Chicks In Control...maybe that would help?

Honestly, I feel like binge eating right now. I'm doing everything and anything I can not to. It's soooo hard. I try to save up extra calories for the evening. I chew gum. I eat sugar free low cal popsicles (15 calories each), I chew some more gum. I try to look at cute clothes online. I even go on the Victoria's Secret website. Right now, I'm taking it one minute at a time. I tell myself that if I don't give in to my urges, I'll wake up feeling so proud of myself and if I do give in, my satisfaction will be very temporary and then I'll be overcome with guilt and disgust.

I hope you find a way to stay on plan. It's SO worth it!

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Well I've tried numerous types of plans but what I feel works best for me (even with the binging!) is eating about 1500 cals a day, with two 1700-1800 calorie days a week. I just started getting some exercise in there too.

My problem is binge eating, and usually I'm not even hungry when I do it, so I don't necessarily think my plan is too restrictive... I'm just lacking enough willpower to stay on track and conquer my cravings consistently.
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Luckymommy- Stay strong! Yes, I often remind myself of that crappy, disappointed feeling I wake up with after a binge. Vs the proud, happy feeling you wake up with when you decided to stay on track. You've lost so much, how inspiring!!

10 pounds a month would be awesome, I REALLLY want to go a month (or even a week) without binging to see what I could lose, b/c I suspect I have a good metabolism- I'm just challenging it way too much! lol

Do you mind me asking what your calorie limit is?
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I could probably lose 10-15 pounds in a month if I stayed completely on plan - we'll see how that goes! The last time I dieted like this was about two years ago, so I don't remember for sure. And it also depends on where I am. If I weigh like 135, it's coming off much slower.

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The one and only time that I sayed completely "on plan" I lost a stupid amount of weight very fast. I'm talking 15kg (33lbs) in about 31 days. At the time I was eating only between 1000 and 1200 calories a day. I was eating 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats. And I was exercising at hight intensity (heart rate of between 155bpm to 185bpm) for 90minutes a day. I was also stupidly stressed and not sleeping properly.

I know now that I need about 1400 cals a day and moderate intensity exercise will get me about 1kg (2.2lbs) a week. If I stay on track. I tend to have a problem with binging, so I will have 2 days a week where I have up to 1800cals, just so I don't feel deprived. This tends to slow my weight loss down on the scale, but my measurements all continue to go down.

Hope this helps.
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i've lost an average of 7.3lbs each month (in a year)

i had about 2-3 months where i ate a lot of chinese food and likely ingested more calories than i liked to have think that i had, and my weight loss journey was very, very slow.

those months, i'd probably lose 5 lbs. i think the least i've lost a month is 4? sticking on plan 100%, i tend to see close to a 10 lb loss.

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Well, I don't weigh myself, but I wish I was losing as fast as you guys are-----and I don't binge. I overeat occasionally by a couple hundred calories, but since I started on 6/1, I've had only one week where my calorie range wasn't about 1400 per day (it ended up being 1500 per day averaged). I'm estimating by my pants size that I've lost about 10 - 12 lbs---or 6 lbs a month (although in actuality probably not that constant since a big chunk came off in the beginning). Maybe it's my age (43)?? I'm 5 ft 3 and [estimating] 170 lbs.

To OP, why not make it a goal to try to cut your binges in half (i.e., instead of 5 times a month, 2 times a month). I understand that you do not want to binge at all, but perhaps if you give yourself permission to do so but only once every two weeks, you can stick to that for now and see how much you lose.
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I honestly really don't have a plan. I cut my calories but I don't count them exactly (i.e. measuring, etc.) I just try to eat healthy (and less of it) and exercise more.

Doing this, the first 20 pounds came off ridiculously fast. One month I lost 13 pounds! After that it slowed and I had a month of only a 5 pounds weight loss and another with 8. This month looks poised to be another slow one, but I'm not really in a rush to lose this. It would be nice if it came off fast, but either way it's coming off.
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I only lose about 4 lbs. a month. I do strength training and cardio with a trainer 3x a week and eat on plan, 1,450 low carb calories a day about 5 days a week and closer to 2,000 2 days a week. I also eat back some of the calories I burn when I exercise. I think my slowness may be in part due to age (I'm 41). But the good thing is, I don't care. As long as the scale is going in the right direction I am thrilled to be losing successfully without appetite suppressants.

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I can lose 10 - 15 pounds a month if I stay on plan, (this might even be with a couple of binges thrown in there), but in reality I will gain and lose the same 10 pounds for months because of binging and I struggle for a week on plan also! With my binges, probably about 4 pounds in a month if that!

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I'm averaging about 8-10 lbs per month staying on plan.
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Thanks for the replies! Wow binging really is a huge issue for us, isn't it?! Uggg.

Lin43- I have been considering doing just that. I figure, I seem to binge pretty consistently, AT LEAST once a week. And it's been almost impossible for me to resist binging on special occasions or dinners out etc. So I think this month I may plan for my binges, maybe knowing they are coming will help me not have any unexpected binges. For example, this month I two events where yummy food and drinks will be served. One is at night so I will plan to be good all day but let myself eat what I want at the event (plus I'll be around people so I won't go TOO crazy). One event is during the day, so that whole day will probably be shot. But that's ok, I'll just plan my meals for the next day and get right back on track. Also I'm going out for dinner with my sister on Sat, I'm going to try to do 'halfway' good, not stuffing my face but not counting every calorie either.

This goes agaisnt everything that seems 'right' with dieting, but I have to try something different since trying to be good 100% of the time is obviously not working for me. If it works, I'll have 3 binges in the next 26 days instead of the 6 or 7 that I've been averaging lately. Giving myself permission to binge feels strange though!
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Oh man, just to break the statistics here... I lose about 2lbs/month. For the most part I'm happy with that because I'm always going in the right direction. I am trying to speed it up a bit because we have a wedding to go to soon and we'd like to TTC in a few months.

I sort of have my own plan (little to no sugar, whole grains, smaller portion sizes etc). I haven't been nearly as good about the no sugar thing lately so that's what I'm working on. If I get that under control I can normally lose about 4-5lbs/month, which is what I want to be doing now.

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