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Default Post-it Awakening!

During the school year I am rather busy. 5 clubs president of 2 all honors blah blah social life blah blah blah family blah blah and hopefully some form of sleep squeezed in there. To keep myself organized I use POST-ITS! But not in the same boring way other people do. I have a post-it wall above my desk that orders me to write my paper remind me to show up at my friends place at 7 this Saturday and so on. It's my wall of to-do's that usually has some cute cards and such up there. It also has some of the things I dream of. And that got me thinking.....

What if I put up a post-it for every lb I want to lose?

Needless to say I did that and there is quite the army up there on my wall. On some of the post-its I wrote like a mini-treat. Like buy a new book, visit that cute cafe with a friend, get some nail polish, etc. I mixed up the post-its so now I don't know what ones have things like that written on them. Every time I lose a lb I get to rip off a post-it note. Besides having the satisfaction of having the post-it army disappear... I get to get all excited about what I COULD pull off. The anticipation motivates me.

Anyway I think I'm done my little rant and raving about my idea. It just got me excited so I felt the urge to share. :-)

What do you use to motivate yourself?

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Very cool idea. I may have to steal this

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That's a really fun idea! I might put something like that together foy my husband. He's got a lot of weight to lose, and he's doing great, but this might be a fun thing for him to look forward to!

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Oh god my dorky teacher side is in LOVE with this idea! I use post-its for everything (and have discovered you can pretty much get 4th graders to do anything if they get to use sticky notes ). Thanks for sharing!

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that is a great idea!! i wonder what DH would think of a wall of sticky notes around here LOL!
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I love this idea!!!! I might have to steal this one too
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I love this idea and also want to steal it!

That said, for me seeing how many calories I am burning (via my Bodybugg) is also extremely motivating and keeps me on track.
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Awww, that's such a cute idea!

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I love your idea! It will be fun for my DS to pull them off for me

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I have a HUGE love affair with post-its. I couldn't go a day without them! I think having the visual representation of your weight loss is a great idea, and super motivating!
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That's freaking GENIUS! Totally ripping that one from you! I think I'll set it up on my fridge that way when I go to binge it will be a reminder!
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Love this idea!!!
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Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!
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Love this! The only area I have to do this is work (don't have a desk at home - just use my lap!), so I probably won't be stealing it anytime soon.

However, I use Post-its to help motivate me too. I keep a Post-it on the top of my computer monitor (so I'm staring at it all day at work) that has my current weight and how much I lost (or gained - luckily, haven't experienced that one yet) in the last week. It keeps me from making bad choices, especially on Fridays when the office orders horrible food.
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I wanted to use this idea right away!

I decided to focus on my 10% goal because it's my starting place, and I can always change it to my total goal later after I've reached my first goal. There are lots of ideas to use this and keep it exciting in the future, especially for visual people....

I like the idea of rewards on them, and maybe later I'll put actual numbers, but I was so excited to start that I just counted them out and put smiley faces on them! I put them in the corner of my studio that I'm going to make room for a treadmill, which will have this visual in front of it!

I put a basket on the wall also to put the successfully-yanked post its, so I can always look at those to physically see the progress. There are 8 of them in there after my first week!

I reserved smaller post-its on the wall in case I switch to using those next with my total goal. Yay!

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