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Diana3271 07-17-2011 11:54 PM

Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome! 7/18 - 7/24
Hello Everyone! :wave: Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great week!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

:cheer2: Here's to the start of a great week! :cheer2:

LGW 07-18-2011 12:55 AM

I'm in again! This particular thread seems to offer a lot of support that kept me motivated so I look forward to another fantastic week!

I had been craving ice cream and I just needed to get it over with...I NEVER crave ice cream At any rate, instead of going to BR as I did about a month ago I went to a yogurt shop and found a non-fat, no sugar added praline ice cream & topped it with non-fat granola -- OK -- and a tsp of heath bar crunch (didn't even make a difference). I only had about a cup...it only cost $2.18 and they weigh it and charge by the oz with the toppings...just to show how little I had.

Just wanted to share because I was able to make somewhat of a healthy decision where I could have been completely irresponsible and I did not feel bad about having ice cream last night :-)

Ended last week at 222.4...let's see what the new week brings :-)
7/24...GW...should be somewhere between 220.4-221.4 based on my goal of 1-2# wt loss a week...

I choose the pain of discipline....

alaskanlaughter 07-18-2011 02:22 AM

checking in at the end of the day...came in at 1763 calories and 114 carbs...(omg!) but it was entirely from lots of cherries and a big serving of fresh salmon caught yesterday...mmm...i dont feel like i normally would feel after this many carbs (ie. headachy, irritable)...i feel just fine...but i had my once a year cherries and will be back on track better tomorrow

cut up a bunch of rhubarb tonight and had to stop because it was hurting my hands...will do the rest tomorrow...went to the store late tonight and ran into the teenager who calls me "mommy"..he was off work early at the store and killing time...i gave him a ride to our house and he ate dinner and visited for awhile and then went to hang out with his other friends...his own mom is just all messed up, dramatic, upset at his dad constantly, fighting with his dad, (granted dad's not much better, cheating on her etc)...so it's a big mess and they dont pay much attention to the kids so i kind of fill in for a nice, stable "mommy" for him...can't believe he'll be 18 tomorrow...ive been his "second mommy" since he was probably 11 or 12 *sigh* i'm getting OLD!

Diana3271 07-18-2011 07:08 AM

Good Morning, Everyone! :wave: Let's make it a great Monday and fantastic week! :carrot:

Weigh In: 146.2
Down: .2

LGW Great decisions/choices!

alaskanlaughter The fresh cherries and salmon sound delish!

K9Owner 07-18-2011 08:02 AM

GM All :wave:
Quick ck-in before I tackle my day of more canning and freezing!! (When will the madness cease??)

I'll bbl for personals, but real fast:: Stacey--I am not a CVICU RN. I have several friends in that department and my manager is from there, and they try to get me to go practice there, but as of yet, I have declined the generous offer. I love to go there and do ResQ nursing. Actually, that's my fave job of all is ResQ in CVICU. I work Heart Failure, but our unit used to be combined with the Acute MI/Arrythmia floor. So, yea--I LOVE hearts!!

How about this for GREAT NEWS!! I eat lousy for 2 days, found some :dust: under the couch and took my K9s for an hour walk last nite (or did River walk me?) :lol: and got up this morning to a NEW LOW.

ok, for all the ones who know I only report on Friday's, I'm making an exception--uhm, again-- :lol:

148.8 :woohoo:

Did I mention TOM is due this week???

IDK how this happened, but today, I will
:balloons: CELEBRATE :balloons:

Diana3271 07-18-2011 08:04 AM

K9 Congrats on the new low! :carrot:

mamakat 07-18-2011 08:47 AM

alaskan do you ever sit still? My goodness you are a busy mom/wife/woman :) You have so many "adopted" children I love seeing that. I had a "mom" Jean that my own mother hated because Mom Jean took me to the store, bought food and fed me. My own mom didn't have the time (she liked bars and men too much). I love mom Jean so much and we still keep in touch even after years of separation. All your "children" will remember you and appreciate you and love you forever for your kindness. And as one of those children I thank you for your caring heart. :)

Krystal congrats on pounds down. You're another one that hardly ever sits still. Maybe you're working out more than you think you are because it seems so routine for you...IDK. It seems like everyone's calories are so much lower than mine (granted a lot of you are way smaller than me) and I'm practically stuck in sit position (unless working out or hiking) and I'm still losing so it doesn't strike me odd that you guys are too with your busy lives. Gee anyway, :rolleyes: what I guess I'm trying to say it, great job on pounds down !

Diana isn't it weird, I don't feel 40 either. I remember my mom being 40 and thought she must feel old. Yesterday I was doing something (can't remember-yep I'm 40) and all of a sudden I felt this wave of "I'm a mom of a 15 year old. Is that possible? I don't feel that old? I still feel young (in my mind)." It's like my body is getting old but my brain remains in childlike mode. Even my family says that. LOL it's my free spirit and not letting THE MAN cage me.

stacygee 07-18-2011 09:15 AM

LGW: Did that yogurt satisfy the craving? Sometimes the no sugar, no fat stuff just leaves me wanting more.

Alaskanlaughter: I read somewhere that cherries are a really good choice. Fresh of course. I think on the glycemic index chart it was one of the best fruit choices. What do you do with rhubarb? Good for you for helping a teen! What a compliment for another kid to call you mommy.

Diana: That cake is leaving you little by little!

K9: Congrats on the new low. Such a nice treat! What are you canning? Thanks for clarifying you aren't in ICU! I was worried!

Mamakat: I love your picture. You look so pretty, fresh and friendly. But personally with my weightloss I feel as though my body is getting younger but I still have an old feeble brain that really doesn't want to work much any longer.

I was up on the scale this morning to 172.6. But, I am okay with it. I really didn't eat poorly or too much so I am not going to belly ache about the gain. It is still a loss from 5 days ago. I made taco meat for dinner and I am thinking the Ortega Taco Seasoning might have had a lot of salt. My husband even said that he likes tacos better when I season the meat myself so I think I'll cut out the unknown by doing it myself again. I just like that robust taco seasoning flavor every now and then. OH Well.

Going to the gym this afternoon for a bit of cardio and 30 minute training session with my trainer and then will return to the gym this PM for spin class.

shishkeberry 07-18-2011 09:16 AM

Morning, all. I tried to undo some of Saturday's damage yesterday and I finished the day at 1100 cal. A usual day for me is 1600. I got some cleaning done in my kitchen yesterday . I really need to clean the upstairs but I can't seem to find the time. The upstairs isn't babyproofed and DD screams when I put her in the crib or playpen. :( ugh I feel like I'm always cleaning but I never get anywhere. Everyone likes to leave their clothes in the living room and dishes in the sink.
Today is a gym day for me and I'm going to try and get groceries. I don't think I'll be able to fit that in. My DF works 1st shift today and he has the car. Down a tiny bit to 265.4. Well, have a good day, everyone :)

LGW 07-18-2011 09:57 AM

Have a great day everyone!

Ended last week at 222.4...let's see what the new week brings :-)
7/18 222.4 (-0.0) ... and started this week at 222.4 ... :-)
7/24...GW...should be somewhere between 220.4-221.4 based on my goal of 1-2# wt loss a week...

Stacygee: it was really very satisfying :-) I'm not a big fan of ice cream, just having a weird craving last few days?

I choose to suffer the pain of discipline...

JuhiR 07-18-2011 10:06 AM

Just joining this thread today. Yesterday got off to a good start, I did my exercise, and had a salad for lunch. The afternoon was a little iffy - we went to a friend's house, and I ended up drinking one beer, and having some cheese (don't think I had too much, but it left me feeling too full and bloated), and watermelon. I did skip the bread/crackers. We had home made pizza at night, and I had 3-1/2 pieces. I was worried about the amount of cheese I had eaten - but I weighed myself and hadn't gained any weight. I only joined 3FC on Friday.

roadbikerchick 07-18-2011 10:15 AM

Hi everyone! :coffee:

I've been gone for a long time, and I've learned the hard way that I have to work on maintenance. I've gained nearly 10 pounds in the last three months...I feel horrible. So I'm going back to what works, and I'm checking in here. I'm sooo discouraged now, but I'm determined, too. I'm going to make this work.

C U all later! ;)

SMess 07-18-2011 10:52 AM

Good morning, all! :wave:

LGW: Good to see you again - isn't this thread awesome? I was very impressed with your frozen yogurt choice, I think that's an awesome way to crush the craving while reducing the damage. They don't have many frozen yogurt places where I live now, but I'm moving to Davis in September and I saw a whole bunch of places when I visited. Can't wait to try some!

alaskan: THANK YOU for being such a good person and helping a teenager find a good role model in his life. :hug: My parents and I have always had a bad relationship, but whenever I found myself really in a pinch my best friends mother was always there for me. Mama C (C was for Curcio). She died of breast cancer last year (the same as my mom has now), and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her. I can only hope to do the same for some other child one day!

Diana: Congrats on the .2!

K9: That's great to hear about your new low Krystal! And I had to laugh about you making an exception to your weigh-in day. I do the same thing! My weigh in day is Tuesdays, but I find myself doing it.... every day. Yeah. Scale addict.

Stacygee: Any kind of pre-packaged taco seasoning tends to have a lot of salt in it. I used to use Old El Paso seasoning a lot, but I'm trying to cut down on the salt so I switched to regular scratch seasoning. I'll indulge every once in a while, though, because like you said it does give a very full flavor...

shish: Sounds like you had a much better day yesterday! :cp: I must say that I do empathize with that feeling you get when cleaning... I find myself doing some of the same things every day and it drives me NUTS! Strangely enough, though, it only bothers me when I have to clean my own house. I work as a housekeeper for about 7 clients in my area, and it never bothers me when I'm cleaning for them! (Maybe it has something to do with that whole 'getting paid' thing ;))

JuhiR: :wel3fc: and to this thread! It sounds like you've made a good start for yourself - I think having pizza is always better to do when you've made it yourself, versus going to Pizza Hut or some other chain. At leas you know EXACTLY what's in it, no surprises!

roadbikerchick: :welcome2: to the thread! Sorry to hear that you've been discouraged lately, but if you're looking for encouragement you've definitely come to the right place! Just shake it all off, and start today as a new day.

Weighed in at 230.6 today, a loss of .8 from yesterday. I've been so frustrated lately - I had that one two weeks ago where I hit 228, but after that it rocked back up and I've been stuck in the low 230s ever since. I REALLY WANT TO GET OUT OF THE 230s!!! :tantrum: I think the new calorie plan I'm on is good for now, hopefully it will jump start me OUT of this rut and and back on the downward slope. My goal had been to get to 219 by the end of July but at this rate I think that's unlikely. :( I think as long as I can get off this plateau I will be happy no matter how much I lose.

I'm forgoing the morning walk today in favor of saving my energy for housecleaning. Some friends of mine had to go out of town unexpectedly for a funeral, and they had to take their 4-month-old with them. I'm watching their cat (Willow) until they get back tomorrow, but I think it would be nice if I dusted and vacuumed while they were gone. It's so crazy having a newborn, and I always hated coming home to a messy house.

So, off to clean today, and then I start WEEK 2 of ripped in 30. I'm excited and terrified at the same time, which I think sums up my feelings about this weight-loss journey in general :lol:

mamakat 07-18-2011 11:18 AM

Good Morning Everyone,

LGW glad you are staying with us, it's a great place.

Road glad to see you back (not about the weight but I'm sure you'll get it off again. :) ) we missed you.

Stacey I've been called refreshing before, but never ever friendly (not even by my DH). Most people find me standoffish or unapproachable which is so not me. Thanks for your comment it really made my day.

JuhiR :welcome:

shish great job on getting back into it. :)

Well it is Monday which means it's ticker time. Last Monday I weighed 253.2 and today I am at 246.6 which is up one pound from yesterday, but I'm ok with that because I'm still down 6lbs...is that right? I stink at math. Anyway I'm doing good.

DH is off to AZ for the week leaving me to the kids all alone. I'm ok with that. I may have jury duty (we'll see when I call Thursday night) I hope not, but am prepared at least hair-wise (back to boring brown :p) I'll have to figure out how to take lunch any suggestions just in case?

I hope you all have a wonderful day and a great and healthy week.

Vixsin 07-18-2011 11:52 AM

Hi Everyone!!!!!!! :grouphug:

I feel like I have been gone forever! I am still in my battle with 188 - 189. :sumo: My challenges have been sleep and getting enough calories. I have had several lower than usual calorie days and my body DOES NOT LIKE IT!

Had a night of drinking on Friday and got rid of the water weight for a night. LOL This week my self-challenge is to get enough calories every single day and getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep every night.

I'm coming back to basics and making time to do my check ins for more than just a second. I miss you guys and I feel stronger in my weight loss when I am more present here.

With all of my plateau battles, I am very proud to say that I have been on plan as far as my eating. I am not over-doing it with any junk. That makes me very proud!! I am confident that when I get the proper number of calories and sleep, this plateau will be history.

Here's the breakdown for the weekend:

15 188.2 -.2
16 185.6 -2.6
17 186.6 +1.0
18 188.0 +1.4

I have also rethought about my goal weight. 164 means that I have reached the healthy range so my goal is to see that number and then switch my focus from "weight loss" to "toning". I feel that my weight will naturally drop after I reach 164, but I want to change my focus from loss to toning.

The plan for tonight is kielbasa and mac n cheese with carrot circles for my boy for supper. I will be experimenting with some Panko bread crumbs and making some baked tilapia. I think I'm going to stir fry up some sugar snap peas to go with too. :drool: I have my gym clothes here at work and I am going to change before I leave and go home and hop right on my treadmill. I need to run to help remember WHY I am here!!!!

Let's rock the end of July!!! ( I can't believe it's almost the end of July! Maxwell starts school next month! Speaking of....SO DO I!!!!!!!)


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