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Default Is this really me?

I might just ramble here so please forgive me if none of it makes sense.
I have always known I am fat. But how did I get this fat? I am 5'2 and 282 lbs. 2 months ago I was 267. At the beginning for the year I was 225. I know I got to lose weight and yet my big butt is still sitting here thinking about getting up and making a taco. :/

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Then make that taco! Just don't throw cheese and sour cream on it.

The hardest thing for me when I started was thinking that I couldn't eat the things I wanted, or to the other extreme, that I would have to convince myself that food was the enemy. But neither are true, you just have to learn to listen to yourself, but don't just look to lose weight to look better, lose weight to feel better. I went from 140-160 in about 3 months, so I know what you mean, but I just had to say enough was enough. Take time for yourself, if you aren't comfortable with you, only you can change that. Even reducing your calorie intake for a couple months can make a difference, and then add a 30 minute walk to that... don't scare yourself off my thinking you have to give up the things you want... like tacos... You'll soon start to realize you don't need as much as you think, and you'll look and feel better because of it.

I also know this is much easier said than done, but I was in a similar place and sometimes you just have to go for it.

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Hi, I think that most people on this site have been in your position, I know I have. Like EricAnn said, don't restrict yourself completely of your favourite foods just try and tweak them to make it healthier or have it rarely as a treat.

I think the best way to tackle trying to lose weight is to take things slowly at first. If you want to change your diet do it slowly, try and make a few changes. Honestly the smallest changes can help lose weight! Then if you feel upto add some exercise maybe a walk, fitness dvd at home or the gym maybe even a sport you like. It's all about tring to find what works for you!
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Originally Posted by wannabthickchickk View Post
I have always known I am fat. But how did I get this fat?
Focus on the day when you look in the mirror and the phrase 'is this really me?' refers to the fact that there's someone 1/2 the size staring back at you.
If you've always been 'fat', the sense of achievement is even greater when you look in a mirror and see someone that you've literally never been in your life. I'm currently at my lowest weight since I was about 13 years old. It's taking some getting used to, but if there's really anyone in the world who lacks will power, it's me. I had 2 fried egg sandwiches for dinner last night (followed by two slices of toast - I was really craving carbs)... but I still got up and went to the gym before work.

Take small steps, remember there are always people to help you, and like EricAnn said - make the taco but counteract it!
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I agree with everyone who has responded. About six years ago, I was 45 pounds lighter than I am today. I had lost about 45 lbs. and kept it off for two years, but due to some stresses in my life, I regained every lost pound. I thought I would NEVER be able to get back into the swing of things because I was so discouraged from regaining the weight yet again. It took about six years, but I FINALLY managed to get back on track (I've been back on track for about 6 weeks now---the longest period of being on track in six years). I've finally realized that it is consistency, not perfection, that will help me achieve success. It's such a simple, cliche message, but it's true. I refuse to give up when I screw up. If I pig out, I will not use that as an excuse to give up. Make small changes, and you'll see that you'll eventually get big results.
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I got "this fat" from overeating. From making poor decisions day after day after day for years at a time.

Sometimes I'd wonder why I didn't do something about it sooner. Looking back, I realized I was afraid of deprivation. I was afraid that "changing forever" meant I'd never be able to eat normal foods. Or that I'd have to start running a marathon every day just to stay in shape.

I was so wrong. I was so wrong about changes needing to be extreme. For me it was about little things adding up.

Little things like simply writing down what I'm eating no matter what it is. Little things like taking a ten minute walk. No pressure, just a stroll. Just a little movement.

I had to banish all those "not doing enough" thoughts from my head. Every movement towards healthier is good. If I wanted that taco, then I'd make it.. but I'd be sure to use low fat cheese, and sour cream, and add lettuce and salsa onto it so that it was completely satisfying.

What can you do TODAY that is a healthier decision than something you chose yesterday?
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I had that same story about myself. I was fat, I had always been fat, I would probably always be fat (I had a similar and related story about being shy). I totally accepted that was "who I was". I had some health issues (when I was freaking 19!) that forced me to start losing weight, but I still held on to the fat girl image. I really had to let go of that story before I could lose any serious amount of weight. I remember seeing something on TV and thinking I don't have to be like this forever.

Start making changes in the way you eat, add in some exercise, absolutely. But also start to imagine what is possible for you. Start to change the "story." Once I stopped seeing myself as 'the fat girl who sits on the couch and makes tacos' and started seeing myself as 'the girl who is taking control of her health' the more successful I became. This kind of thinking, believing in the possibilities, is something I still work on and it has made SUCH a difference in my life.

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This all happened to me. All it did was make me very depressed and eat even more. I gained all of my weight by over indulging in food. I used to treat every meal like it was thanksgiving meal and stuff myself until I was sick. I was telling myself that I deserve this just once, and felt like food meant relaxing.

You honestly just need to find your motivation. Sometimes it takes a LOT of trial and error. Would you rather sit back and be sad for months? Or make a few tiny adjustments and see the weight come off at least a little bit? A little bit of effort is always better than no effort. This is what finally got me off my ***. I could over indulge every day, or I could stop eating fast food, junk food, candy, and hope that a few pounds shed off. I lost 4 in a month, Now I'm adding exercise and I'm up to 6 in just 1 week into the second month.

I constantly think and keep a picture in my head of how good I will look at the end. How comfortable I will finally be walking out of my house or adventuring to new places. How I won't always feel like people will be judging my personality based on my weight as well.
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I feel you. I first lost weight about four years ago and got down to about a size 12/14. A year later, my 16s were getting too tight. I got back down to that weight when I went abroad and now here I am, almost 2 years later and 60 pounds heavier! I started emotional eating and by last summer, I was full on binging almost every day. I am amazed I only gained 30 pounds between this summer and last summer!

We're here for you ! Just know you can do it and that lots of feel your pain. And girl, you go make that taco! Tacos can be healthy. In fact, I'm going to have some for dinner tonight. Mmmmm.

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from my perspective, consciously acknowledging that your weight is increasing is a great beginning.

I use to delude myself into thinking "well, I know I'm overweight, but at least I do ok at maintaining my weight." Yeah, really well - maintaining it all the way up to almost 270 at one point. I lost over 40 lbs a couple of years ago, and then maintained myself all the way back up to 261 before I finally said ENOUGH and decided to turn things around once and for all.

Like others have said, you do not need to change your life 180 degrees in one day. Start with some small steps, including making sure you've got good, healthy food choices available to you all the time. Think about the way you like to eat - do you need to eat a lot of food to feel ok? That's fine, just make sure that most of it is vegetables, you can eat a lot and feel full. Or do you need to make sure you can have all your favorites, even if it's just a bite or two? Then work on that aspect. Maybe low carb works for you, then give it a try.

there is no one right way to do this, the ony wrong this is to NOT get started. Today. Right now. Before you go eat that taco.
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Most of us do have a "last straw" occurence, but sometimes magical motivation just doesn't come. Just do one thing at a time-the healthier version of that taco-a walk today just for a few blocks. Losing pounds is the best motivator i think! We have all been there before. After i had a miscarriage after IVF i was 258 pounds. Every one of us has come here with the goal to lose weight & get healthier, right? So you aren't alone! (hugs) ~fm/jen
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