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Default Who do you tell you've lost weight?

Hello there! So, I'm totally psyched this morning because I weighed in to find that I lost some more weight and am only 5 lbs. away from my goal!

I started to type up some emails to various people with my wonderful news and do you know what I did? I deleted them all....every single one of them for various reasons.

To my hubby (who is still asleep) I didn't send it because I know he'd be happy for me, but he's really struggling to lose weight and I didn't want to seem like I was gloating....which he wouldn't think at all, but I just felt wrong about it.

To my friends....some of them have seen me lose and gain the same 50-70 lbs. too many times so I just felt like I was setting myself up to look like a fool. I felt that I could send that email out when I can maintain the weight for maybe a year or something? That has NEVER ever happened.

To other friends....I wasn't sure if they'd be all that thrilled for me since they're overweight. I know they'd be happy for me on some level, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure that they'd either feel bad about themselves or they'd feel jealous.

So....it came down to my 3fatchicks community. This is the only place I can really come to share my struggles and my accomplishments and for that...I thank you!

Who do you tell? Who do you not tell?
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I don't tell anybody, let them notice it and if they say anything, I will say ,"Yes, I have lost weight, and I did it on purpose."
People will have mixed reactions if you tell them, some don't care, some will doubt you, some will think you are bragging. This is the best place to tell as we all understand the importance of what we are doing. Congratulations !
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When I started this process I e-mailed 3 friends and they have all been supportive. I agree it is best to keep the weight loss to yourself and a core group of people.

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I blog about it to a closed group of people who are used to navel gazing. I don't mention it to other people unless they ask.

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First, congratulations on being so close to goal. I can understand how excited you are and how you want to sing it from the rooftops

I tell my mom about my weight loss and my boyfriend knows since we weigh in together. If you even remotely doubt they'll be supportive, then don't tell anyone. Luckily this place is a wonderful source of support.

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Yeah, I am really excited! I don't tell my mom because she always says that I'm too skinny and starts to panic that I'm going to be underweight even if I assure her that the medical community would not share her concern.

Thanks for your replies!
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Congratulations, Luckymommy:

I didn't tell anyone about my journey. As it became noticeable that I had lost weight, people occasionally would ask, and then I would tell them that I was losing weight on purpose.

It's just something that I preferred to keep to myself.

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Yeah, this has been hard for me. Most of my family is overweight, and my friends fall into one of two groups: overweight and/or always "on a diet" OR have always been thin (and so they don't really get it).

I rejoice primarily with people here at 3FC, and one of my cousins, who also lost a substantial amount of weight as an adult.

In general, though, I just don't mention it. If I have something particular that I'm excited about, I post here.
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Congratulations on getting so close! That's amazing!

I brag to my husband, chat about it with my mother, and usually mention it to my younger brother. That's it for in-person. They're all supportive and give me a thumbs up at the very least when I'm doing well.

If I really want to celebrate full on, I just pop on 3FC and share the good word with all you guys! Because, frankly, you all understand, and are more than happy to celebrate with everyone!
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Congrats on being so close to goal! must feel great. I share in-person with my partner. He understands weight loss to the deepest level now lol I used to share with my mum until she told me to stop losing. Apart from that, this website is my support
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anyone who asks

i put a before and after picture on facebook for those i knew would be interested

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I think I can...
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I have a support system of 3 My husband, my friend I've had for 24 yrs and my sister. (and not everything with my sister). Other than that I keep it to myself or just post here.
If people ask I say oh yeah I've been dieting and exercising, but I found the hard way that alot of people are just negative.

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Losing 20! :)
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I tell my mom and dad. Not my sister because she is significantly over weight and I dont want to make her feel bad. My mother is 120lbs and very skinny. So she doesnt mind because I havent caught up to her yet. My dad is thin as well.

Gotta get that old thing back. Missing the energy i once had, so im changing the energy (or lack thereof) i have now. New baby, new weightloss goals.
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I don't think I would email anyone about it, but I do have an open blog and the people who want to follow, follow, and those who don't want to, don't. I link it to my FB account and all my friends know I'm on a getting my health back journey, but I don't post about my weight loss on my FB status, just links to the blog. And the blog is really my journal and more important to me than to anyone else.

Now, if people ask (and they do ask) about my weight loss I gladly share.

I almost want to wear on my body to the gym, "Yes, I know I'm the jiggliest person in class - but I used to be 78 pounds heavier!"

Restart 5/18/15 began at 263.9. All time high was 275 in 7/03. Low in Summer 2012 of 169.
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My journey to a healthier lifestyle blog http://melissaslife42.blogspot.com/
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I've only told a few people - my husband, my sister (who's also losing weight) and a couple of friends who I knew would be supportive. I haven't made it public because I'm doing this for me and not to please anyone else. From previous experience, some people can either be critical or become TOO interested (e.g. monitoring what I eat!) and I didn't want that kind of pressure.
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