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Default I think I'm on a diet break (Diet Fatigue)

I have been doing fairly well losing about 44 pounds since January, but the month of June was hard. I worked at my kids day camp the first week so I didn't exercise and had some fast food dinners because of time. Then I was on a 9 day road trip with theme park food and family treasured recipies and limited exercise. Then July 4th weekend with BBQ and burgers for the weekend. I have not gained back any weight (the scale did go up, but it has gone back down - I have only lost 2 pounds since June 3rd) and have worked out 2x in the last 3 days. I enjoy the exercise but not the diet right now. I want to eat and not healthy all the time. Having the kids home all day, everyday isn't helping. Cooking meals for them and then for me - sorry my special needs son isn't eating grilled chicken and salads! I am thinking of maintaining over the summer or at least taking the pressure off the scale numbers (provided they don't go up!). My fitness goals still remain and I don't want to the lose the ground I have made in running - hope to finish the C25K next week!
I guess I want permission to take a break... or do I need a butt kick to get back in gear before I slide into regaining all my weight.
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Well, I certainly understand that feeling of hitting a wall when it comes to losing weight. Ask yourself....what is going to make you feel better right now? Maintaining for the summer or seeing the numbers on the scale go down week after week? If it is maintaining then do exactly that but always, ALWAYS, be aware of your food intake and get on that scale! The minute you see that scale go up 2 or 3 pounds, then get back on the wagon. Perhaps you can just switch it up -- a week of "dieting" and a week off plan? Maybe calorie cycling would be great for you?

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There is no race or no diet for me, I know Eating healthy and making wise choices will be a way of life for I count my calories, so I figure my indulgences into them so I don't gorge. it may take me 2 years to lose 44 lbs. but as long as I know Im the road for my health Im ok. I think I would maintain through the summer, but you sure do have your hands full, Relax have fun and when the kids go back to school so do you...awesome weightloss!!

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This is life and in life there are times that it is easier to drop weight and times it is not. I think focusing on maintaining what you have lost is a great middle ground. You aren't throwing in the towel, you are just eating and moving to keep things status quo until you get to a time and place where you can devote more energy to it.

So, give yourself permission to do what you need to do to stay sane and to make this a life time commitment - not a temporary fix.

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