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Old 06-28-2011, 10:59 PM   #1
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Default These Kissing Thighs

I appreciate my thigh loving each other and wanting to show their love by always being together and kissing ...But this "incest" has to stop. I Wore a skirt the other day and had to turn back around and change into some pants because I thought my inner thighs were gonna fall off.

I hope you guys got alil giggle out of this and i hope I'm not the only one with kissing thighs.
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You are definitely not the only person with chub rub. Whenever I'm forced to wear skirts (I say forced, because I'm a very jeans and flannel type girl), I use massive sums of baby powder to stop the chaffing.
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For the past three or four years I've almost exclusivly worn skirts because I hated the way my thighs look in pants. However I've had some seriously painful chub rub experiences ):

I recently bought the monistat anti-chafing powder gel and let me tell you it is a lifesaver! I live in a super hot/humid place and I have to walk to and from work. The one day I forgot it I thought that my inner thighs were going to burst into flame!

Can't wait until we all have thinner things
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Old 06-28-2011, 11:40 PM   #4
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Whoa... there is anti-chafing powder gel??? Where have those and those little gel inserts for your high heels been all my life?


As you can tell... I'm absolutely genious here...

I've had so many rashes from wearing skirts... anti-chafing powder... wow.... DUH.

Anyways... I'm with ya. My thighs are quite attached to each other...

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i agreeeeee

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OH yah!!!..I get my honey to sprinkle me down with baby powder ..and im talking.. like..turn me white sprinkling..Ive got it down my chubby tummy chubby boobs chubby squishy on my back...down my pants..around my thighs..everywhere!!!... i smell like a freaking rose..but hey..it saves the sweat spots and saves the chubb rub..
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Old 06-29-2011, 07:09 AM   #7
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I have the chub rub bad too, when I wear skirts! I've been told it gets better with time though, and with weight loss.

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When I was 115 pounds, I still had problems with chafing thighs after I wore a skirt all day when it was hot out and I was walking a lot. I think I've been genetically blessed with big thighs.

Anyway, I've started buying skorts (not the old school kind that look like shorts from the back. They look like skirts all the way around). Kohl's sells tons of these, and they're so cute!

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I'm listening...
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I used to use solid deodorant on my thighs. I think it's on the same lines as the Monistat stuff. It did the trick.

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Old 06-29-2011, 07:59 AM   #10
is chubby
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Why don't you wear tight leggings beneath skirts?
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I know EXACTLY what you girls mean.
The worst part being I don't wear skirts solely on the reasoning that when I wear my pants or jeans I hear the squish squish sound they make when they kiss. hehehe

Im gonna try the deodorant trick though, the days are getting way too hot for pants now.

Even at my skinniest (I had an eating disorder and went down to 98lb) my legs would still rub, its not really a question of big thighs its more of a body shape, my legs go inwards and i dont have that separation some girls have. Oh well.

Baby powder has always been my trick, but i guess I can try all of the above as well and see which one works better
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I'm in this club! The best news I can share is that a few weeks ago my husband and I went on a date for our anniversary. I wanted to look super nice so I wore a dress and we were in Florida so there was no way I was wearing tights or hoes. Usually in a dress or skirt I start having the rub probably within no time. Even with the heat and being in the dress for about 4 hours my thighs were in pretty darn good shape by the time we got home! My feet were another matter, but boy were those heels hot. =) So yeah, it's already gone away a lot! My thights not kissing anymore is on my list of things I'm looking forward too when I lose all the weight.
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I'm going to try the stuff you're talking about. I never wear skirts for this reason. Even when I was young and thin I had this problem, so I agree that body shape must have a lot to do with. All this fat doesn't help either though!

Huh, me wearing skirts. What a thought!

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I can't imagine life without Bodyglide. That stuff is miraculous.

Even at 120 lbs my thighs rubbed together. I just have really close-set legs (which is part of the reason I have no hips). I doubt I'll ever be able to wear a skirt without bodyglide, or tight shorts underneath.
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I totally understand! I am not a skirt wearer except on rare occassions, but now that it is bathing suit weather I have this problem constantly. I HATE the rubbing sensation so I probably look silly, but I walk with my feet straddled so I can move! LOL, I might look like I'd been riding horses all day but I don't have the weird sensation. And I don't walk around any more than I have to and put on my shorts if I do
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