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Happy as a clam..........
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Default "You're not going to lose too much more, are you?"

That's the comment I am starting to get. Instead of saying "Heck yea, I have
50 more pounds to go", I just smile and say "No". I figure it's better than the
lecture I see coming...lol.
How do you handle comments like that?
It's never too late....
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Love me.
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I always get this comment. I know my body better than anyone else so it usually goes in one ear and out the other and the topic gets changed.
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I expect to get these comments very soon by people who seem to be rather ignorant on weight loss and being healthy.
I plan on saying. "I am just being healthy. I am not overeating anymore and I like to work out. If I happen to lose weight in the process, then so be it. It's healthy!"
I think people just get used to seeing someone as overweight, and the change may be weird for them. Or maybe it reminds them how they are being unhealthy and unwilling to make the change for themselves.

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I will never give up.
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I get this as well. I think a lot of it is that because being overweight is so prevalent in our society now, people have skewed ideas on what's "normal". I got these comments starting when I was at 140, which is still "overweight" for me. In some people's minds, my goal weight is very, very thin, but in reality it's well within the healthy range for someone of my height and frame size.

Just keep on going! You know your body and you know where you need to be.
Making a change for life.

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Back in Action
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Around the 120 to 160 pounds lost point people would ask me CONSTANTLY..."SO, how much more do you plan to lose???" When I would tell them the number they would say..."OH NO, you don't need to lose anymore!" LOL I would always laugh and say something like..."oh, but my doctor thinks I should." (lie, he was happy with me after the first 100 lost).

It would always kind of tick me off because I would think...you must think I need to lose more or you wouldn't assume I planned on losing more. If you thought I looked like I was at goal, you wouldn't ask me how much more I planned on losing. . People sometimes drive me nuts.

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Running for my life
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I think the nail was hit on the head by the poster who said that people are so used to seeing overweight people that they think anyone within a normal range is too thin.

I had surgery last week and the night before, the anesthesiologist called me to review my stats. He asked how tall I was and then how much I weigh. When I told him 139, he said, "oh wow, you're really skinny". No, not really. In fact, I would love to weigh 130 and that would be supposedly optimal for my height. But, I was thinking that even the medical community has the same view that everyone else does. When you are normal weight, you are considered skinny or too thin. When did this happen??
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I get this sometimes and I respond by saying that I'm going to keep losing until my BMI is in the center of the normal range. I don't necessarily think that BMI is all that indicative of good health, but for some reason, the people around me give it a lot of value, so it has worked thus far.
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This is why I'm kind of glad I live away from family right now. They are the only people I'd probably get those types of comments from. I'm going to see most of them this weekend and I'm sure they'll be able to tell I've lost weight. I wont see them again until Thanksgiving and if I stay on track I bet by that point I'll start getting those types of comments. Good thing I wont see them again for a while after that. =)
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Embracing the suck
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The closer you get to your goal weight the more you'll hear it.

Initially I suspect people are trying to pay you a compliment by saying these kinds of things. But wait - it gets better!

Pretty soon they'll start asking you what your secret is - only to be dissapointed to find there isn't one.

Solution: don't talk about your diet. Someone offers you some food you don't want to eat just say "No thank you I'm not hungry". No need to mention your diet.

Congrats on your loss thus far!
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post

Pretty soon they'll start asking you what your secret is - only to be dissapointed to find there isn't one.
I especially love it when I answer "diet and exercise" and they crinkle their noses with displeasure.

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I Will do this....
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People have a really hard time extrapolating the fat you from the new thin you. They will comment, but stay strong and keep to what you believe is your ideal weight. That way they will not derail you like others have me so many times in the past.

Restart 7.1.15- Am going to re-do this

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Up and at 'em...again!
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I've been getting those types of comments for a couple of months now -- actually, they started after I'd lost only about 15 pounds. o_O All I can figure is that it must look like I've lost more. I'm short, so 15 pounds off a five-foot person might look like more? I don't know.

In any case, when I get those kinds of remarks, like other people have said, I tend to just say something like, "Well, I'll see as I go along; right now I still have some more to lose."

I just try to keep in mind that the people who say these things are only being concerned that I don't go too far (they've all been family members), but at the end of the day, the only person whose advice I'm going to take in terms of how much I need to lose is my doctor.

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Girl Gone Strong
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One of my theories is that some people are happy for you when you lose weight, but only up to a certain point.

Once you edge into the threatening area of "she's almost hotter than me now, and if she loses any more, she'll be, like, WAY hotter than me," they want to bring you back within Community Standards. And face it, these days, most communities are overweight.

Once you deviate markedly from the Community Standard, even if it's toward the "better than" (rather than the "unhealthier than"), they get really uneasy.

I think because they are afraid you're going to overthrow the standard & set a new one.

Think of what it's like if you're in a classroom or a workplace where a certain performance standard is the norm. And suddenly a new kid comes in, or a new hire, and that person is an overachiever. They make everyone else look like slugs. Even you. How do feel about that person?

Same thing with weight & body image.
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I think I can...
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Oh I can't wait to get that question lol. I do get snide comments about my boobs being smaller or my head looking big (big sisters never get nicer do they?) I don't care I feel better and Shoot, 'I'm wearing my new capris today!!!!
Keep up your good work and good strategy to just say no, smile and keep it moving.

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Less is more.
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I haven't had any of those comments yet, but I'm looking forward to them.
I think I would just tell people that "I need to lose more to get into the healthy weight range." I think the solidness of a BMI chart which most people know a little about would help them understand i'm not going for a random crazy weight.
Right now I'm just reaching the point where people can tell I'm losing weight. One comming to mind is my co-worker. A lovely older lady, thin as a rail but the other day went "Your butt is dissapearing!" (I love this woman like a crazy aunt lol)
I have to admit though that I'm a little guilty of this when my best friend was put on certain diet because of health issues. she was maybe 190 pounds,, then dropped to 160 in five weeks. and I only saw her once a week. so once she hit 170 I had to ask if she was okay then when she hit 160 I felt scared for her only because I've never seen her that weight before (I've known her for 16 years) and it was getting to the point where she didn't seem a healthy weight anymore. And at how fast she was dropping it. of course I know she could of lost 20 more pounds and still be perfectly healthy.
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