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Gotta Lose to Win
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Default No motivation >.<

*sigh* idk whats going on with me..... i just dont give a crap about exercising atm. my husband tries to get me up and going but i dont care. my 2 1/2 yr old seems to be **** bent on making sure when i exercise i wont enjoy it. from jumping on my stomach when doing pilates, to running circles (literally) around me while doing DDR. <---- need this soooooooo bad!!! ive pretty much stayed at 202-201 for the last week and a half and its driving me nuts!!! i dont know how to stay motivated when its usually just my son and i during the day and when my hubby comes home hes so pooped i dont want to make him watch logan anyone have ANY advice at all on how you stay motivated? again my hubby just tells me im beautiful anyway i look so no motivation there. im pretty much motivating myself

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Can you put your son down for a nap? Or find a gym that has a daycare attached to it (I know there are some like that in my area)?

On the other hand, you could just take walks with your son, or push him in the stroller, giving your arms a workout on some hills.

You may also need to decide that working out isn't entirely in the cards right now and just focus on diet, which may be easier to control?

Good luck!

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I think I can...
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I know the feeling! And isn't it so hard to exercise with toddlers? I have a 2 yr old and a 4 yr old. I have started getting up about an hr earlier in order to get the exercising in before they are all over the place. I have also done it after they are in bed. I know you're probably pooped by the end of the day, but maybe you can take a nap with the baby, or better yet get your workout in while the baby naps.
I think most ppl have had these episodes of just being unmotivated, but once you get going again, you'll start to look forward to it again. Hang in there, it'll pass. Just make yourself do something. Can you even go for a brisk walk with the baby in the stroller?

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OK, I'm gonna be the bad guy here. I have a 2 year old as well. I am a SAHM. I know you say your DH is tired. Okay. Aren't you tired as well? I am sure that your workday is harder than his. My DH works outside the home, and yes, he gets adult interaction, lunch breaks, time where he commutes and is alone with his thoughts, and yes, I get jealous.

I would never feel bad about having him spend quality time with his child when he has been gone at work all day. Sometimes I don't sit down for 8 hours on days. I'm lucky in that my DD naps still, so I usually squeeze exercise in. But Daddy watched her last night while I used the Elliptical machine in my garage because she didn't nap yesterday. I'm pretty sure your DH wants a thinner, hotter wife. If the shoe was on the other foot, wouldn't you babysit for a half-hour while DH gets his workout on?

My two cents. And Ferumbras has good suggestions, too.

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Gotta Lose to Win
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i tried to take a walk around the apts but its so dang hot in texas atm that it makes me not want to do anything outside. also i have really fair skin and even sun screen doesnt help sometimes. my son doesnt nap anymore lol he hasnt for about 6 months. hes a light sleeper too so if mommy or daddy are up he knows it even if the door is shut lol. idk what else to do to my diet. i dont drink soda or sugary drinks. i only drink green tea, water, and milk. usually milk with cereal for breakfast, water throughout the day, and green tea with dinner. i dont eat fried or fatty foods. i dont eat alot of salt. i snack on veggies and fruit (about a handful for snack time) maybe my body is being stubborn atm >.< i just feel guilty that im a SAHM and he works to provide for us. even tho he helped make our son i cant shake the whole i just take care of logan and i dont think its much to do thing =/ i know its sad but thats how i feel. he works at walmart and i KNOW how stressful customers can be (worked there for 4 yrs myself) so when he comes home he relaxes a bit and does homework (hes in school) it does drive me nuts that i hardly go ANYWHERE at all. im stuck at home all day. i cant drive (fear of driving) and the gym at the apt office only stays open the hours of the apt office (about 10am-6pm) my husband works all day. its seeming like the universe is trying to stop me from losing weight haha

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It's time to ask your husband for help.

He can keep an eye on a child for half an hour a couple of times a week so that you can exercise.

You don't have to hand him the kid as you walk out the door but give him a little relax time from work, and then take time for yourself, woman!

Alternately, start teaching the kid to sleep earlier while you're still awake. Adults get to be awake longer than children do. I'm sure he'll think life's not fair for a while, but he'll eventually fall asleep and you'll have time to yourself to exercise, even if it's just for a little while at night.

You don't have to feel guilty about wanting 30 minutes to exercise! You're an adult. Enjoy some of the perks of being able to set boundaries =)
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Regarding the diet, you can eat the healthiest things in the world and not lose weight... because you're still eating too much of them ^_^. If you're not losing it means you're eating exactly the calories your body uses every day. Cut back the calories (aka eat less, smaller portions, etc) and you'll see a loss.

Regarding the exercise, I agree with everyone else that you should ask your husband to watch your kid. I am working from home right now on and off and my boyfriend goes to work everyday, but he STILL participates 50% in the household cleaning. The reason I'm not working is we agreed as a team that I would quit my job to follow him for his job. That doesn't mean I have to do all the housework because I am at home most of the day. I am at home because we agreed it makes the most sense for us together. Similarly, the reason you are at home is because you agreed as a TEAM with your husband that he would work and you would stay home. It's not because you're lazy or you're getting the easy end of the stick or anything. It's a decision you both made, a compromise. You gave up working to stay at home with your child. But that doesn't mean you have to give up EVERYTHING. I am sure your husband understands!

good luck!
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I don't know where you live, but could you go cycling or swimming with your child? Cycling with the child on the back (one of those child seats) would be great exercise and you'd get the head wind so it wouldn't be that hot. I love cycling for exercise in the summer for that reason.

In the evening I'd definitely ask your husband to watch the child, it is half his after all. I can't imagine he'd be so unreasonable to deny you a few hours me time to get healthier. If he does object, I'd remind him how much childcare would cost him.
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Wow. It sounds to me like your son and mine are pretty close, personality wise. lol! Idk what you do at your gym, but I've found doing things at home are much easier than trying to go anywhere to workout.

I have a 4yo daughter and a 20 mo old son. I also happen to live in tx and understand the heat issue. We wake up at the butt crack of dawn (5:30) and will sometimes go for a walk.

the kids' room is right off the living room so I put the baby gate up and stick in a workout dvd (right now it's zumba) and get busy. I'm still available for poops, and fights and I'm able to exercise. The only reason I put the gate up is because my children have the tendency to stay under my feet and I don't want to accidentally hurt one of them when I'm exercising.
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Lol! I have a 2 1/2 yr old named Logan, too!

I put him in his jogging stroller Monday evening and went for a jog. I passed by a couple and the woman exclaimed to me "WOW! You are really motivated!" I did a half chuckle/half groan thing and smiled. It was that moment that I realized - right now - I am not motivated at all. I am COMMITED. I have made a commitment and I am darn well going to see it through. And it involves me needing to get my workouts in. Motivation is fleeting. Basing exercise/weight loss on motivation would be like basing a marraige on lust. It comes and goes!

I couldn't get my swim in on Tuesday - so my sister is coming over to watch Logan tomorrow evening so I can go get my swim in.

You CAN lose weight without exercise. Exercise is great and it is healthy for you and it gives me the energy I need to keep up with my Logan. But you CAN lose weight without it.

If you want to exercise - you have to MAKE the time. He might not nap anymore - but you can institute a "quiet time". My sister's neice is 4 and her mom puts her in her room for a little "quiet time" each day.

My Logan likes coloring and arts and crafts - you could set your son up with some crayons and stickers and paper. Try to get him distracted while you do a video.

I used to work at Wal-Mart, too. And it was tiring - but your hubby is your son's father. He should still be spending time with his son. He can have some quality time with him while you do a video. He can do bath time. Or sit with your son and read books.

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Wastin' Away Again!
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I used to work at Wal-Mart, too. And it was tiring - but your hubby is your son's father. He should still be spending time with his son. He can have some quality time with him while you do a video. He can do bath time. Or sit with your son and read books.
I so agree with this. Hubby may be the sole provider, but it's also his job to be a father, which means even when he's tired. And kids really need to have separate time with EACH parent. Besides, what's 30 minutes a day? 3 1/2 hours a week, that's what. I think if your son could express his emotions about it, he'd be oh-so-happy to have that much "alone time" with his dad! And of course, there's the exercise benefit for you as well.


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