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Wastin' Away Again!
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Default TOM!!!! You're a meanie!!!

Yes, TOM. Time of Month. TOM, I'm here to say I OFFICIALLY HATE YOU, I REALLY REALLY DO!!!!

No matter what strides I've made in my weight loss, when it's TOM, I can count on gaining anywhere from 5-8 pounds just before my period. I'm FINALLY out of the 170's and bought a couple of MEDIUM size sundresses the other day... feeling good!... Doing it!!! Yay!!!!...and this morning, aprx 4-5 days before TOM shows up, I'm 171-172 on the scale. Now I KNOW I haven't "gained" that weight, it's JUST TOM being TOM! (Oh, how I loathe TOM!!!) It makes me feel like I'm "backsliding" somehow. It makes me feel like I'll NEVER get this damn weight off me! It makes me feel.... FAT. (and my boss just came by my desk & offered me a home-made cookie... GRRRRR!!! "I know you're trying to cut out junk food, but I made some home-made cookies if you want one." ACK!!!!! And further more, I'm PMSing so I want one of those damn cookies!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Don't do it, Beach Patrol, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it.)

It's not enough that we have to bleed and have cramps/headaches/backaches and mood swings, but nooooooo!!! - We have to have crazy cravings & weight gain too!!!

Sorry for the rant y'all. Just, you know... TOM!

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
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I definitely feel you on this one! I thought TOM was finally gone for good but then I weighed myself this morning and thought it was strange that I was still up some weight... so then it looks like TOM decided to make a comeback for just today, fun!

I hate TOM for basically all the reasons you said. You can't weigh yourself to see your progress, even measurements are off (especially around your mid-section), and you just feel like crap in general. Oh, and clothes just never seem to look right on you either!

Starting Measurements (B/W/H): about 51/40/46, 240 lbs Goal Reached Pre-Pregnancy: 39/29.5/38, 156lbs Current: about 43/34/42
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Moderating Mama
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I can totally feel you on this. I not only gain 8 lbs at TOM, but also gain 5 lbs OVERNIGHT every time I have to take my "breakthrough" pain meds for my shoulder, and they stick for easily 3 days. Which means that every time my pain is really bad, I have to weigh the benefits of taking the pills (sleeping, not wanting to rip my shoulder out of my body) vs the benefits of not taking the pills (scale will not be horrific in the morning). Since the pain meds aren't necessary to keep me ALIVE, it's a harder decision than it really should be. I know that I'm not defined by the scale, I know that the gain is temporary and due to the meds (I've had it happen So. Many. Times. that it is pretty much an indisputable effect). But it still makes me feel fat and panicky that I'm regaining.

The scale is more evil than TOM, in my opinion.
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I actually get really excited about TOM... *weird* It's just small things like the fact that even with those 6lbs I've never been thinner. And I get excited waiting for the weight to fall off.

But the 6lbs overnight is annoying. And it doesn't go away for a week and a half And the menstrual snacking kills meeee
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I am in control.
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You are not alone! My gain comes during ovulation (which I think is weird), but during TOM I don't usually gain. It frustrates me to no end!
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I have to say i don't do so bad on the water weight when i comes to tom but i drink about 6 16ox bottles of water a day so when tom its i gain about 4 pounds and in 2 days its back off. on the other hand i have the worlds worst cramps where i have to dope myself up on so much midol i can't see strait lol and a couple of days before he hits i crave chocolate as if its going to go out of existence if i dont get my hands on some lol
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I can not stand the TOM cravings and PMS crankiness. I do not always keep track really well as to when TOM is coming, since the crankiness usually gives it away. The funny thing is all of last week I was convinced TOM would show up the next day bc of my crankiness and it still has not shown up...and no I am not pregnant!!!

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