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Default What I Gained from a Week-Long Break (No, Not Weight)

So today was the day I returned to careful counting and weighing after a week-long hiatus during which I recorded and weighed nothing, simply ate when I was hungry and upped my exercise level. I did this to get past a month-long stall that was beginning to make me despondent.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who suggested that I try this, because I learned a ton.

While I don't think a diet hiatus is a panacea--and I was on "hiatus" only in that I didn't count/measure/record, not in eating everything in sight --it really did help in a lot of unexpected ways:

I really noticed the fat loss. When I no longer had a scale by which to judge, I became more aware of other things about my weight loss--my rings sliding off my finger, seeing my collarbones, wrapping a standard towel around myself with ease. I'll still weigh to keep an eye on myself, but I will no longer let that number influence me as strongly. Instead I'll look in the mirror--really look--and see forty pounds gone.

Habits are good; ruts, maybe not so much as I'd thought. While I didn't go nuts with food this past week, I did move a little beyond my staple foods. Stuff that I'd previously left alone because although I could have it, its caloric cost seemed so high that I chose not to, I now ate. I felt more inspired to cook creatively; although I wound up making healthy and low-calorie stuff, it was NEW healthy and low-calorie stuff.

I enjoyed my exercise more. Yeah, I know I've said before that I like to keep exercise and weight loss separate, but in the back of my head, I did think, "Hmm, all this swimming is bound to pay off with some weight loss." This week, I just thought, "Wow, it is awesome to be in a pool for the first time in over a decade!" I really felt and appreciated how much stronger, more limber, and more physically capable I am now than I was just forty pounds ago.

I missed keeping track. Keeping track of my calories and writing stuff down gives me a sense of security. I thought that I'd feel freed of an obligation, but instead I sort of missed that little bit of structure. If I ever believed that "I don't want to count every little calorie for the rest of my life," I no longer believe that counting is an onerous chore.

I'm less difficult to keep in line than I'd thought. I feared eating too much of this or that because I considered certain foods triggers to eat more-more-MORE. I was surprised to find that I can now get half a dozen Triscuits and a couple of spoons of eggplant caviar because that's all I want, not because I must keep my inner eat-beast on a short leash. I didn't test myself with serious junk food, but that's because I didn't really want the junk food. I genuinely preferred a few whole-wheat crackers and some vegetable dip to cheez-its. Total shock!

I lost a pound and broke a month-long stall. Actually, I might find I lost more than that; I ate a pretty salty dinner last night and had cheese as a snack, so all that sodium might have left me all watery. I'm now officially at forty pounds gone. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
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GOOD FOR YOU NOLA! Time for my happy dance!!!

Seems we both started our journey's around the same time and have experienced the same blah with redundancy at the same time. Change is GOOD!
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great post!!

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Next time I hit a stall, I'm going to have to remember this post and come back to it. Thank you!

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