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S/C/G: 141.8/136.6/110?

Height: 5'4

Default I'm sure y'all have been asked before...

...but I want to ask anyway. My TOM is due this weekend, but I weighed this morning anyway. I was 133.6 this morning, and I was 133.8 on 5-18. My question is-do y'all think it's water retention is the reason for such a minimal loss? I have been on plan and exercising, and I really have felt like I have lost weight. My clothes fit better and I feel better.

The way I can usually tell if I am bloated is if my wedding right is tight. It's not really tight this morning, but my pants are a little bit. Can you bloat and not really feel it?
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We can lose differently for all sorts of reasons. Could be you're bloated, could be the moon isn't in the right position in the sky. *shrug*

You lost weight this week. You made progress. I don't think it's good to focus on how you "didn't lose more", but rather you've been on plan and you've been exercising. Those are the things that are important.

The weight will eventually follow, and in the meantime the scale is down.
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It is hard to say what caused the minimal loss, but I know I always retain water from 2-3 days before TOM to half way through it... It can be depressing but you still are down from where you were, and more loss is coming. Keep on track and you will get where you want, we all will!
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My question is-do y'all think it's water retention is the reason for such a minimal loss?
Yes, absolutely.
But then again, I consider going from 133.8 to 133.6 minimal, no matter what. I see the "points" on the digital scale, but unless it's one whole pound, I don't count it.

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looking at your stats, you're already in a healthy weight range for your height and it's going to be harder for you to loose as it is.
Keep working at it, it'll take some time but you'll see results
Live real, live hope.
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Feel the <3
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I typically gain 6 to 8 pounds when my period comes around My clothes get a little bit snug but still fit.

If I take a couple midols a day it helps alot!

It also helps me not to weight myself during that aweful week...because then im much less irritable. LOL

(((hugs))) you are still doing great!
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Height: 5' 8"


My TOM is pretty regular (like now, lol) and I weigh myself at the onset, cringe at the mild gain and then grin with anticipation that next weeks weigh-in will be Fabulous! Take this month for example. Last Wednesday (my 'for the record' weigh in day, though I weigh daily) I dropped 1 pound to 181. This Wednesday I am up to 182...but... I started today so I fully expect to be 180 or *gasp* 179 by next Wednesday. So, I stay on plan as much as my hormones let me and I sit back and wait for the whoosh.
BTW - I refuse to count TOM weigh-ins as 'for the record" and don't weigh-in on the WiiFit. This weight is not my 'real' weight KWIM? So the ticker will remain unchanged until next week and pray I don't have to eat crow

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Join Date: May 2011
Location: Calabash, NC
Posts: 43

S/C/G: 141.8/136.6/110?

Height: 5'4


Thank y'all so much for the help. I didn't think I was going crazy this morning but I needed to check with you ladies. Thanks so much
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I don't think 0.2 pounds is anything but noise, and I wouldn't worry about it.

0.2 pounds is roughly 3 ounces. That's the weight of less than half a cup of water. I can lose more than 0.2 pounds by taking off my glasses.

If your weight *didn't* fluctuate by 0.2 pounds or more (not just because of water retention, but for no reason at all) I'd be surprised - it's hard to even define the weight of a human being that precisely, when your waste products alone weigh more than that! 0.2 pounds could be water retention. Or, it could be a bite of apple that you ate and haven't pooped out yet! Think about how little 3 ounces really is, and then stop worrying about such small fluctuations.

This is one of the reasons I'm glad to have a scale without a decimal place.
High weight: 275 (August 2009) *** Low weight: 155 (October 2012)
Today, working off a partial regain. Current weight: 189.
* Make the best choice I can make, with every choice.
* Remember that the temptation in front of me is not the last of its kind that I will ever see; say "I'll pass today."
* Say "no!" to my whiny inner five-year-old.

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