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Unhappy Ready to give up.


"The best revenge is bettering yourself." ~Zacky V.

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I am in control.
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You don't sound like a whiny little brat, so don't worry (and congrats on graduating!)! Are you losing inches? You might be losing a ton of inches, but not weight. Do you track that?
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.

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You've lost 47lbs and that is amazing! I hit a plateau recently but just keep going and you will get through it... I stayed the same for about 2 months then lost 3lbs in one week! If you stick to what you're doing (you've proved it works) you will continue to succeed! Giving up now would be a waste of all your hard work! Good luck!
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Embracing the suck
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One of my favorite sayings is the following:

"Life is full of lessons. Lessons are repeated until learned."

What is the lesson here? Two in my opinion.

First - relying on the scale to judge progress is a bad idea.

Second - Not everyone can passively lose weight by eating healthy and exercising.
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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I am in control.
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Originally Posted by ScrappyJay View Post
Maybe I should try again (and this time, try harder)?
Yes, you might as well start now! I went through a month where I hardly lost anything, but when I measured myself I had lost almost 4 inches overall around my body. If you keep doing it you'll get used to where you are measuring.
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.
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Soul Cyster
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*hugs* Girl a different of almost 50 lbs MUST show- post a before and after picture!

Also a lot of times it takes our minds longer than our bodies to register the weight loss- doing something like getting a haircut and forces your body to take a second look IMO

I'm around the same position you are in- I was feeling fat yesterday too but a friend told me I looked amazing and each time she sees me I'm smaller! Go figure!

And girl you do look great- I mean look at your collarbones! What are you talking about fat? I see a thin and in shape person so *SMACK* do not give up- you have come so far and look awesome! 50 lbs is nothing to sneeze at!

Oh and btw at 50 lbs you MUST need smaller size clothes. I went from TIGHT size 18s to now my size 14s fit me just fine- are you buying smaller clothes or still wearing the same clothes? You need to get some form fitting clothes to really see a difference!

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Originally Posted by ScrappyJay View Post
When I got back to school, I got back on track with going to the gym every morning and cutting back on my calories a bit more (although not too much). I did this again in April when I came home for a four-day weekend - although I didn't eat too horribly and I at least went out for walks when I didn't work out, I made sure to get back on track once back at school.
How many calories did you start out eating? How many were you eating in April and how many now? How much did you cut back? If you weren't tracking and logging (and measuring) I suspect, there may be a difference for you between eating healthy and eating to lose weight. Try measuring and weighing everything, logging it and counting the calories and you will lose weight.

Long term goal

Every day do something to make a better tomorrow.
Discipline is remembering what you want.
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You (or I) can very much tell from the pictures that you've lost weight!

I never see these changes in myself. It's natural that we become blind to it -- for me, it was how I ended up gaining so much in the first place. I didn't see the gain, now I don't see the loss. But trust me, when I look at those photos, my reaction is "damn, girl! you did it!"

One for every five pounds lost............... Progress Pics
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I think I can...
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Scrappy seriously you look GREAT!!! You're a beautiful young woman in both pics but there is a definite difference between the 2 picture. Itoo have a love hate relationship with the scale. Some days it makes me happy & some days I want to throw it out of the window.
I just started measuring, I lost 1 pound since March & just like somebody posted before me I lost almost 4 pounds last week!
I also realized I didn't know how to measure and watched a few videos on Youtube for help.
There are other measures of fitness, I bet you run alot further than you used to!
But girl you look great & congrats on graduation!!!!

1/3/11 BMI 40.7
6/24/11 BMI 37.5
9/25/11 BMI 35
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Wastin' Away Again!
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Wow!!! that 50 pounds is gone, baby, gone!!! YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!! And I bet you FEEL SO MUCH BETTER, too, without that extra 50lbs to lug around! YOU GO GIRL!!!

I know you still have a goal to meet, & I just wanted to say DON'T QUIT UNTIL YOU'RE THERE! You may have lost "only one pound" since March, but that's better than losing NO lbs since March, or worse yet, gaining some weight back! - You are doing SO WELL!!! Don't give up! You're DOING it! And it's paying off in spades!!!!

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
~my mama!

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Are you kidding? There is a very easily noticeable difference between the two pictures. NOBODY looks thin in a graduation gown! LOL I can see why you would be disappointed with the one pound loss, but don't let it discount how far you have already came and keep working toward your goal.
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Please dont make the same mistake I made. I was doing so well and dropped 30 pounds! Then i got stuck in the 260s for 2 months! I got so frustrated that i gave up. Keep in mind when i gave up i was 263. About 3 weeks ago i decided to jump back on track and weighed myself and was shocked i had gotten back to 269. Doesn't seem like much gained but i felt like all that hard work went out the window. So i had to go back a re-lose the weight i had lost previously and im just now getting back to where I was. I get frustrated now and wonder how far along I would be now if i hadnt given up. I never want to do that again.

Quitting is NOT an option!!!

10 Pounds before Hawaii!!!!!

Mini Goals:

For every 10 pounds lost!
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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In my own experience as an overweight person, weight loss doesn't happen by accident. Unless you are following a program that makes all your choices for you, like a meal delivery program, OR alternatively, you are tracking what you eat in some way, it's too easy to think you're doing OK and then find out you haven't lost weight.

I'd suggest you need to buckle down and stay with a plan. It can be any reasonable plan, but you need to know what it is and stick with it.

Good luck!
"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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You look great! I agree with everyone so far, especially the fact you become immune to the changes that everyone else sees and no one looks skinny in a graduation gown! For the longest time I resisted tracking my food intake but once I started I lost. It is a pain but when you don't, at least in my case, you forget to add up all the little BLTs (bites, licks and tastes).
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Fat Chick on a Mission
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There is a BIG difference in your before and afters...you look great!!! You have to be building muscle and losing fat even if the scale isn't moving, because I'd never have guessed you were at 178-you look much thinner!

Pay no attention to some silly number, don't let it derail what you've accomplished! Even if you are only maintaining, you are lookin good doin it lol
Started the last leg of my weight loss journey 02/14/2011, stats are since then

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