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Default What Real Women look like at different heights, weights, and sizes

As a newbie, I'm not allowed to post links, so---does somebody with more posts want to google "My Body Gallery - What Real Women Look Like" and post the direct URL, please?

Because this site rocks my weight-loss world. You can search by height, weight, trousers or shirt size, and see photos that different women have taken at those parameters. It gives you a good idea of the range of body shapes (numbers, apparently, aren't everything; on a related note, I'm now committed to muscle work) and lets you get a sense of where your own eyes, as applied to your own body, might be off.

For myself, I consistently think that I look like women who weigh thirty pounds more than I do, which a scary little insight into my brain, and a good chance to look at women who match my measurements and try to correct part of my self-image. (And commit to muscle work...who knew toning made so much difference??? And get inspiration, because I like what the women who weigh ten pounds less than I do look like.)
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I have recently discovered this site as well! It is a real eye opener!!!

Here's a link everyone: http://www.mybodygallery.com/
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I have the opposite issue with that site - I look smaller than the other girls at my height and weight (even comparing picture to picture), which makes me wonder if I am seeing myself accurately. It's tough to say, I have a much larger bust than most women my size, which balances out my belly and hips.

Either way, it is a good site to see real women at real sizes, but body shape accounts for SO much!
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Thanks for posting! I have never seen this site before.
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Why is nearly everyone at my height & weight an hourglass?
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Originally Posted by saef View Post
Why is nearly everyone at my height & weight an hourglass?
- The Lonely Pear
I think a lot of people honestly have no clue what shape they are. Right NOW, I am a volleyball....what I will be when I am down 100lbs? I have no clue. I have no clue what shape I was when I was thin (20 years ago)....I think people feel that if they are not overweight, then they must have an hourglass figure?

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The site is neat, but I agree a lot of people don't have their body types classified well. Also, I stumbled across some photos that looked familiar. I think some of our forum members are also contributers to the photo collection.
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I love this one too, http://www.cockeyed.com/photos/bodies/heightweight.html
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I liked looking at this site. At the gym I often find myself looking at the other women and wondering what their weight is and what my body will look like if I get to my goal. and actually I think this site might help me see that I don't need to go as low as I thought. But I won't change my goal just yet!

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I also find it a good reality check. I've been lifting weights for 7 years now and my bodyshape is quite different than the majority of the girls on there for my height/weight. Reminds me of the non-health benefits - it looks good too!

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