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Default Which healthy food makes you lose control?

Hi there,

I just wanted to see what triggers others here to eat too much or binge on that is actually not considered all that sinful.

For me, it's rotisserie chicken. I really don't know what it is but I find myself wanting to devour it like a crazed animal! What's that about? I hope I don't make any vegetarians out there squirm with this confession!

There are other healthy foods that I like a lot and have a tough time eating small portions of (e.g. guacamole, hummus, nuts, etc.)....but put a rotisserie chicken in front of me while it's still hot and I'm an out of control !

Anyone else have such a problem?
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Ilene the Bean
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Bananas make me crave more sweets or more bananas, I can never eat only one banana it has to be two :banana: ... I love rotisserie chicken also and can eat a lot of it, I actually think it's the salt in it because I get very bloated when I eat it... Macadamia nuts are another of my foods... Actually there are a lot of healthy foods I have to keep away from
I l e n e
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Just keep breathing!
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I prefer them when they're still very pale green inside with a hint of "crunch", sliced up, with a shake of salt! YUM. I can eat the entire thing and a half in one sitting with a big ole glass of water. Holy caloric intake, batman.
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one choice at a time
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For me it's almonds.

I always cringe when someone mentions them as a perfect snack. I know they are wonderfully healthy but - oh boy! I cannot stop at a nice measured handful - they are gone in an instant and that wonderful tasty crunch just keeps me coming back again ... and again ... and again ...

I do keep them in the house because my partner likes them and can eat them in moderation - but I had to ask her to hide them where I can't find them! Otherwise they tend to sing my name, especially late at night when I'm cleaning up the kitchen right before going to bed.
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Staying the Same
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Nuts and nut products. I could plow through 2 pounds of mixed nuts and still want more. I've eaten whole jars of peanut butter before.

For many they are a healthy source of fat and protein. For me, they're crack.
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Running for my life
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Kashi cereal!

No kidding. I can't leave it alone when it's in the house.

I used to think I binged on stuff because of the texture or consistency, or sugar, or whatever. Now I realize it's my personality. I have no junk food in my house, but I still binge from time to time.

I've had to ban Kashi for a while so I can pull my act together.
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Got to agree with Krampus and Carter, nuts are a BIG problem for me. When I have them, I have to separate them into individual portions. But my scoop of peanut butter with apple gets bigger and bigger too. I just love nuts!

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Why can't you?
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Here's an odd one...raw onions. I'm okay with them if they're sauteed or cooked in something. Give them to me raw in a salad and I want to binge the rest of the day.
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wheat thins....I'll eat a whole freaking box!! Great snack in moderation. Moderation being the key word there, I know the word just not the means of execution lol
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hummus. i go nuts for that stuff.

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Cherry tomatoes, I can honestly go through a punnet in less than 2 mins same for strawberries.
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Lani Loves Lettuce!
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I'm with gagalu - hummus! For this reason I never buy it.
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Keepin' on...
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Nuts for me, too.
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Almonds, cashews, roasted sunflower seeds, the new Dole pineapple/yogurt bits, WW ice cream bars all do me in.
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Clementines. I used to bring a bag of them to work with me so I'd have something to snack on.. but it's really impossible to eat just one of them
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