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Default I can't seem to get my sugar intake under control.

I use a calorie counting website and it tells me to have 32g of sugar a day.

I am constantly at around 80g a day...if I have cereal in the morning and eat my usual fage yogurt as a mid-morning snack I am already done for the day. The yogurt itself has 17g of sugar. Then I always eat some fruit so there goes the rest of the sugar since there is so much in all fruits.

So my sugar comes from fruits and that yogurt for the most part, but I am still going way over. The thing is, I don't feel it's anything bad I am eating, just sugar in my healthy choices. So first I am wondering is how bad is the sugar coming from the fruits? Is it the same as sugar that would be in say ice cream or something considered bad for you?

Also, any suggestions on how I can get to this 32g goal, but still have my yogurt and fruit daily? I am just not seeing a way for this to work out without cutting down on my daily foods.
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I think if you want to eat low-sugar you should research the science behind the suggestion because you won't be able to commit to a plan you don't believe in - nor should you. From what I have read, no, the sugar in fruit is not the same as sugar in processed foods - there are different effects on your body but they are both detrimental. There are of course positive nutritional elements in fruit and so you have to judge if the positives outweigh the negatives.

If you're committed to eating full servings of yogurt and fruit every day (could you settle for a half-serving?), maybe a low-sugar plan is not right for you. You're not forced into any particular diet just because a website makes a suggestion.

I do eat low-sugar (< 15 g/day) and I don't eat yogurt, although I used to and I enjoyed it. Right now I'd just prefer to get sugar from fruits and vegetables. I eat berries and avocado and non-starchy vegetables, but not oranges or anything like that. So I will tell you that it's possible to eat well on a low-sugar diet - I really enjoy the food I eat and do not feel deprived or hungry - but it's up to you to decide if it's really something you want to do.

I lost 40 lbs between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011 doing low-sugar for my "50 Pounds in 50 Weeks" project. I bounced halfway back up so I'm back for more!

I blog about personal finance at Evolving PF

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