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Default What size are you?

I'm curious. Only share if you want to of course, but a previous post made me think about sizes.

I'm 5'2". At my current weight, the sizes I'm wearing are about 20-22 or 2X. But within that range, I encounter many clothes that just don't fit. I have big boobs, big thighs, wide hips, waist on the smaller side, and it's all compressed into my short frame and means clothes just bang into me sooner than they should.

When I was 24 I weighed about 135 and wore a 12 if it was a relaxed fit, 14 if it wasn't. Six or seven years ago I was down to about 155 and I was barely in a 16.

I occasionally see someone mention clothes sizes and it always seems to me that I'm wearing bigger clothes than they are. A friend who I know for a fact outweighed me by 100 lbs said she was only one size bigger. What gives?
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I am 5'3 and I weight roughly 159. I am not sure what size jean I actually wear. Before I had my son I was 130ish and in a size 9. I bought a pair of 13s and they were REALLY tight. Like I couldnt even get them to my thighs. So I tried 15s... they are so big they fall off. So I sucked up my pride and mvoed to the ladies section. Some 12s fit fine. Others are way too tight. 14s are usually too big on me unless they're boot cut. I hate buying clothes. I still wear some of my materiny pants just to feel better. (my son just turned a year old friday) Shirts on the other hand are even worse. I try to buy a large and my boobs are either smashed and my stomach is gross you can see every roll in my back. Its terrible. I get an xl or a 2x and they're better but a little too big. I am thinking about just making my own clothes from now on.
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I used to be 3XL or 3XLT. Now I'm XL or XLT.

Oh - I suppose this was a question for the ladies.
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It is so weird how people are all over the map with sizes.

I am 139 currently 5'4", I wear a size 6 on the bottom and a medium on top (some shirts a small though). When I was 233, I was in a 18-20, and a 1X on top. But things didn't fit me well then, I had lots of gapping in the waist. I find now clothes fit me much better.
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Right now I'm wearing 1-2X tops and 20-22 pants...and some pants that are 24. Ugh..I remember years ago thinking I was huge at a size 16 lol if I could go back in time I'd slap that me and tell her it's not that bad...yet.
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It's probably because your short. Some who is taller can weigh more and still wear smaller clothing.

I'm 5'7.5". At my current weight of 188,I'm wearing size 12-14 pants and M-L shirts. my arms and calves are big which affects my sizes to a certain extend and I don't like things too clingy on my belly because i have some excess skin which i find humiliating. When I was 254 I wore a size 20-22 and i wore XL shirts.

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for every ten pounds lost

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S/C/G: 220/ticker/135

Height: 5'2"


I know my height affects it, but it doesn't explain it away entirely, especially when I look at other short people.

Here's what I don't get: I know where I'm big. What I can't figure out is where I'm small. If I'm a similar height and weight to someone, how can I be in a bigger size? Am I less dense? That seems unlikely.
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I usually wear a size 5 jeans (27 in designer jeans, that I really don't own a lot of -- I guess that's inches?) - I'm 5'3" and weigh 133.

I have a size 1 pair of capris that are super loose, and a size 9 that I can't get into unless I used a can of Crisco.

Bust - 37.5inches, waist - 27 inches, hips - 36 inches.

Shedding for the wedding!

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I believe you are mentioning my post!

Well, I too have always been intrigued AND disheartened about height vs. weight vs. sizes….especially pant sizes. I work with a woman whose butt is way smaller than mine if you look at us from behind and we wear the same size. But I also have a flatter tummy (pear shaped) and she has a rounder one (apple shaped). But if you measured us around the hip/butt/abdomen, we’d be exactly the same in inches. I still have the waist gap issue but not as bad as before I had lost weight. Thanks to spring and summer lines, I always go for the pull tie capris! And I have another friend that is in a size 12 (a size bigger than I) but to me she looks very thin because she is about 4 inches taller than I am. And those 4 inches really, really matter!

When I started losing weight it was all about the number of pounds on the scale. Now it’s about clothing size for me. I wish I could go back to pounds because this clothing size thing still makes me crazy!

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I weigh about 187 right now, and I am 5'5.5... My pants size seems to be 12-14 right now. I have a B belly, though, and so I have a belly roll that sticks out above the waist of my pants. Because of this, I tend to by tops that are a little bigger.
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I haven't been shopping in awhile so my pant size is 24... of course if I wear those pants all the time the are loose, but if I put on a pair I don't wear a lot, then it can be a wee bit tight. I can wear 22/24 tops, but like 26/28 for the bagginess. I have very large arms so it can be tough to find a top that fits well all over as well as bottoms, because I have very large calves as well... and large cankles, feet, hips... head, shoulders, knees and toes lol

oh I am 5'7.5" and heavy set all over, in case I didn't make that abundtly clear
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S/C/G: 220/ticker/135

Height: 5'2"


It was your post ShanIAm! I guess I'm more of pear than an apple too, although now that I'm as big as I am, I've got a belly where I didn't used to.
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I'm 5'5", at 273, and I'm wearing a size 20 pants and either 14/16 or 18/20 tops. More so the 18/20 since I hate when things cling.

When I was at my heaviest (340) I was a size 26. At my smallest (189) I was a size 14. There's no rhyme or reason to sizes. LOL.

My end goal is to not have to shop in a plus size store or even in the plus size department.
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I was just talking about this on our accountability thread. I'm 5'9 and in a 14 pants and a large/medium shirt. I bought my first size 12 bermuda shorts over the weekend and they fit, but they're snug.

When I was first married 10 years ago, I weighed 155 and was a size 8/10. I think sizes must have changed since then. That's just a few sizes away now. It's all .

Goal Reached: 7/26/2011

for every 5lbs lost!

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I don't even know anymore, because sizes vary so much. i swear sometimes i'll take a S, M, and L into the dressing room because i have no idea. but generally i'd say i'm an 8 or a medium at the moment. Usually i'd be more like a 6 (but i have really thick muscular arms, so if it's a tight fitting shirt, the arms will be super tight on me).
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