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Unhappy Been struggling...

About two weeks ago my roommates that live in one of the three bedrooms in the house we rent told me they would be moving out. Jess, the girl, knew for sure she would be flying home to Pennsylvania before the end of the month. In fact she ended up leaving at the end of that week that they told me. Aaron, her boyfriend, basically said he didn't know when he was moving but probably by the end of the month as well.

The house was in no shape to be looked over by potential renters as Jess and Aaron never cleaned, the guy living in the third room is never home so doesn't clean, and I refused to play maid so I kept my room clean and picked my stuff up and ignored the house. Well, the amount I paid in rent and the amount the third guy pays covers rent and a little extra so Jess and Arron were covering bills. Jess switched everything over to my email for bill delivery and gave me the user name and password, stating it would be easier to keep things in her name for now instead of trying to get things switched over. I agreed because I have credit issues and don't have money to be coming up with deposits for everything.

After discussing options my boyfriend and I decided against renting out the third room and instead turning it into a study since he is planning on moving in at the end of the semester so our budget would be stretched for the next two months but would become easily covered after that. This was before we had the logins for the bills btw.

So, Jess moved, Aaron started moving out, I decide to check on the bills to see what the due dates are so I can start planning where and when to pull money to cover them. Come to find out that Internet is past due and the next bill is set to run in a couple days... so two months behind. Electricity is due in 3 days, and water/gas/garbage is due shortly after that. So this means that I am covering their portion of rent for what amounts to a month and a half back, as well as having to figure out how to cover them for the two months or so I was already going to be struggling through.

Luckily I had my dog's daycare fee due in a few days so I pulled her out of daycare, so now i have a lonely, depressed, dog but i covered the past due bills. That was stresser 1.

I knew from the onset that once they were both out that the house needed some serious cleaning to make it acceptable to me. I tend to be very OCD once I start letting myself see my surroundings and start cleaning (to the point I used to trim my carpet when i was a kid because it wasn't even) So as soon as Aaron started moving his stuff out I started cleaning in the kitchen. 14 hrs of cleaning and I still am not done. My boyfriend has already scrubbed the bathroom til it's spotless but i still have carpet cleaning in their old room (their cats sprayed when annoyed) and moving my things into their bedroom (larger closet for when bf moves in) cleaning the carpet in the room im in now (couple of dog oopsies when i wasnt home on time) so other roomate can move from the tiny bedroom to this one, and cleaning the carpet in the living room (cats peed in the corner when litter box wasnt cleaned). While I knowI have accomplished alot, and the house looks so amazing compared to what it was only friday I can't help but focus on how much work left to go before I am done. and not only the work that it has been and will be, but the cost of supplies and replacing things that were trashed has already reached close to $400. Stresser 2

And on top of financial and home cleaning stress I have school stress, I have 3 projects due on the 6th, a psych test on the 6th, a set of 8 math homeworks due on the 7th, and a math test that will either be the 6th or the 11th. As well as my normal homework for my classes. all to be juggled around my full time job. if it was just the normal work and test i'd be fine, but is the projects on top of it that is making me feel the pressure more then usual, stresser 3.

With everything staying on plan has just fizzled out. I'm not stress eating like I know I could slip into if pushed much further, but its like stressing over calorie counts and getting to the gym has become the lowest of priorities. And as I spent all my grocery money on stresser 1 and 2 I have been left with the various canned food they left behind and that I bought last year before going onto plan. Definately not healthy stuff, things like beanless chilli, mac and cheese, spaghetti with white pasta. lots of prepackaged foods high in calories, high in sodium, and high in fats. Im out of fruits and veggies, I'm out of healthy snacks. Im up about 5lbs from my ticker weight and while I don't have the drive to focus on being OP knowing the weight is climbing (even if it is likely mostly water weight) is just becoming stresser 4.

I know that I should have no problem getting back into my routine once things settle down a little but right now I feel like everything is falling apart, even though really the house is coming together and feeling a lot more habitable, and I dont know if i want to scream or cry or even what to focus on first.

My boyfriend is trying to be as supportive as he can but his portfolio for the last class of his sound recording major is due on the 7th so I know he is going out of his mind stressing on that so I don't want to be distracting him while he finishes that up.

Im so torn between accepting that I will be backsliding for the next two weeks and try to consider it a short break and start refreshed when everything else calms down, or to try to kick my butt in gear and try to reverse what little damage I have done so far and risk breaking down and going on the stress binge i feel lucky to have avoided thus far.

Sorry so long, i think part of me just needed to get everything out.
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That's a lot of stress!

When I get overwhelmed with stress, I make a point to take care of myself with delicious, on plan food, and work out my tension via exercise. Even if I can't control anything around me, I CAN control my food and exercise, so I do.

At the very least, you can focus on making good choices (even if they're not the BEST choices under perfect circumstances, they can still be the best you can do with what you've got) and up the exercise, both for stress-relief purposes and to help with the weight loss. Sometimes I do mini exercise breaks while I clean...squats doing dishes, walking lunges while carrying things from one room to another, scrubbing the floor in a plank position with rags under each hand, etc.
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