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Default Metabolic Weirdness, anyone else?

Ok, so this is not actually all THAT weird for me, I am accustomed to periods of gaining or losing 15 lbs of water weight in a day if I'm having a rough day.

Lately, I've been pretty steady, eating around 1500 calories a day and losing a lb a day. Now that is a nice steady stream for me, right where I like it. The only "problem" is I know it isn't normal. I had been averaging a pound a week on average. or sometimes maintenance.

This morning I was down 2 lbs after a mini-binge last night of 2800 cals. Not exercising atm.

Is this "normal" and does anyone else have this kind of surge experience? I know it won't last and it will correct itself, but I am enjoying it at the moment. Once I lost 15 lbs in 3 days after binging, but I was also walking like a total of 8 miles during that time. Blood sugars are normal.

Also received some good news yesterday, so I know psychology is playing a role and physiologically my body probably just feels it's ok to let go of fat.

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Ummm I have never not even at my height lost a pound a day for weeks on end and definitely not 15 lbs in three days with light exercise like walking. **** I use to ride my bike 11+ miles a day when I wasn't watching what I was eating and never lost a pound. While I watch what I'm eating (i keep my calories around 1200-1400) and exercise 6-8 hours a week doing 3-4 hours of strength training and 3-4 hours of cardio I still only lose about 2 pounds a weak unless I get a whoosh. I think you need to talk to a doctor.

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Guy on a Diet
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Well I didn't mean to describe it as "weeks on end". But for the past week, yeah.

For the 15 lbs thing, yeah highly unusual, but not regular either, but yeah it did happen. I've had troubles with blood sugar in the past, both low and high, but when the 15 lb anomaly happened - normal. I also have a problem with water retention.

I know exercise itself, is actually a small part of the actual loss, it's more for toning. As there have been times I've gained after heavy exercise and walking.

It corrected itself, alas. When I've had my thyroid checked out, I've gotten "low end of normal" results. As for now, no coverage, so I'm really stuck. My metabolism has always been a mystery to me.

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I know this much: men and women lose weight differently. I'd see a doctor if it kept up, but my guess is you're right and it will correct itself. A 7 lbs. loss in a week is a lot, but it's not unheard of. I've lost a lb/day for maybe 3 days in a row before.

I'm sure we've all heard the formula that it takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. Most of us probably know that it doesn't always work that linearly. I dropped 5 lbs in a week, gained 2 of them back, lost them again and held steady, all while eating the same approx. calories daily.
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That doesn't sound at all strange to me. I retain water like no other so I know a lot of what I lose is water weight when the number keeps going down.

Right now, I know I'm still working on the water weight I gained back in August. I put on 20 pounds in less than 2 weeks, no joke. Since, scientifically, that is impossible, considering my diet at the time, I know it was water weight because that would make it consistent with my history of water retention.

I know this may not be a very reliable test but are you "squishy" when you gain the weight? More like soft water ballon than firm (fat) pilsbury doughboy? (Very bad analogy i know)
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This isn't metabolic weirdness at all.

In 99.9% of people the BMR is quite steady and even under severe restriction of calories doesn't change that much. Starvation mode is a myth.

What you're experiencing is what everyone experiences. Weight loss is not linear because of water balance. You eat some extra calories, your body relaxes, and releases water.
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How do you know if its water weight? I wouldn't be opposed to seeing a 7 pound drop in a week
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Maybe 1500 calories isn't enough for you now? I know I get the same way where I eat around 1500 a day and then I have a day where I don't and BAM I lose a couple pounds. I also gain a lot of water weight - especially if I eat some super salty foods in a day.

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Just something to consider - I can gain 4# of water in a matter of hours (takes a couple of days to get it back off), IF ... I tangle with an artificial color. After I lost some weight, I discovered, quite by accident, that I am allergic to several of the common artificial colors. I can literally watch my hands swell up within hours of consumption. Food journals are a magnificent tool for discovering things like this - I thought maybe it was dairy that was causing it, but after some sleuthing, found out that it was my beloved peppermint stick ice cream ... and that was the "aha" I needed.
~ Becky ~
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