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Oh my goodness grocery stores are so hard!

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Old 02-25-2011, 01:47 PM   #1
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Default Oh my goodness grocery stores are so hard!

I can be fine at home, at restaurants, but that darn grocery store is such a HUGE temptation! Walking by all the cookies, cupcakes, breads, rolls, premade, easy foods for lunches. ACK!!!

I didn't think I was hungry when going to the grocery store, but I guess I was. It was pure torture. Thankfully I had a low carb snack bar in my purse to tide me over, but if I could stay away from a grocery store forever, it would help a lot with avoiding temptation!

And I don't quite get that as my kids have snack foods in the house all the time and I don't grab them, but then, they aren't sitting out in an inviting display either.

Came home and ate some hummus with veggies and now I'm feeling better, but I came SO CLOSE to caving to carb temptations! And if I didn't have blood sugar issues I'm trying to fix, I probably would have caved!
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I am Anti-Fat
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Here is a great solution to your problem. Do not go up and down the isles. Instead, walk along the outside of the isled instead, here will come across fruits, veggies, meats, and maybe even cheese. Do kids really need those high carb/salty/surgery snacks; nope. Give them a handful of unsalted almonds, they are very good for you. Do more internet research there is tons of stuff out there to help you and your family.

Good luck.
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Should clarify that my kids aren't junk food eaters either, but they have whole wheat pretzels, ginger snaps, whole grain crackers and protein bars (that have more carbs). I can't have any of that with blood sugar issues.

And no, there is no getting away from going up and down some aisles. I don't go down them all, but the puddings are next to the eggs, etc and the end caps are the WORST for displays. The interior of the aisles are less damaging usually.

The worse for me was going to the deli to get meat and cheese - surrounded by bakery items!
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ive started doing my grocery shopping online, i write my list, stick to it, and dont have to see the chocolate bars
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Suck it up, buttercup!
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Yep, I stick to the outer walls. Produce, Dairy, Meats, Bread... And I stick to my list. We usually go for breakfast and then grocery shopping. That helps too.

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Yes I second eating first! I like to have some sort of snack on my way, or preferably having just eaten dinner or something. So not hungry at all. I have a list, and I do my very best to stick to it. But I hear you! They definitely know what they're doing when they try to get us to buy!
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Calorie counter
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You know what I do? I've started picking up those undesirable items and I can put it in my cart if I read the nutrition label first. Guess how often that item ends up in my cart.
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Oh man groccery stores are terrible. I ADORE orange cupcakes and now that I'm eating healthy they are everywhere. I only go down aisles that have what I need but there they are sitting right at the end of multiple isles and at the check out counter along with a lot of other tasty treats. Sometimes getting in and out is easier but other times I find myself hovering near them. I guess it's a normal reactions groccery stores are designed to tempt people.

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I CAN do this!
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what about joining a csa? (community supported ...um forgot) buying the food from the farmer, or going to a farmer's market in a few weeks they should be opening. they also do eggs, cheeses, even meat, depending on what farms are available near you. some will even mail meat, eggs, and other things. that would cut down on the grocery shopping, and you'll have fruit/veggies each week. fresh and often organic! i'm thinking about doing this too.
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I dont know..for me ... i run to grocery stores..they are like my life..because i know thats where all the things i need, hide.. For instance..i go through eggs like crazy.. i want lots of eggs..and jello..lots of jello and yogurt and sugar free chocolate and ingredients to make my sugar free flourless chocolate cake..and beef!! cause the thing is.. if i dont have what i need at home..i will surely eat something out of the coupbard..so its where i run to find something i can eat..i dont bother thinking about any of the other stuff..i know it doesnt taste as good as success... i would rather lose another pound then put it in my mouth..and the calories..its true..look at the calorie count and you dont want it anymore..
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We are going to join a CSA and do hit the farmer's markets every season, but you can't avoid the grocery store altogether and yes, everywhere is temptation - at the deli, at the front door, at every end cap, and especially at the check-outs. I just need to go when FULL and I guess I wasn't full.
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I torture myself in them. I spend twice as long as I need to, half the time is spent picking things up I know I can't afford to eat, looking at numbers, working out some sums then putting it back down. All junk food is always half price too lol
I hope some day I can just walk past with no thought at all.
Shopping online helps for me, not sure if this is remotely an option for you
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I make it my mission to just get in and out as fast as I can. Seriously, I'm so focused on getting everything i need I don't think I even notice the other things on the shelves.

I also try and bring people with me
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It's funny, I find it quite easy to resist the tempting treats at the grocery store - in fact, it's a cheap-and-easy way to get a boost of confidence in my plan and what I'm doing. I see the goodies, but then I just walk on by with my cart full of vegetables and fruit and fish and lentils. It's a real "go, me!" moment.

I don't intend to minimize the experience of those of you who find the grocery store a minefield - I'm genuinely surprised at how different your experience is from mine though. For me, walking by the off-plan goodies at the grocery store is a thoroughly empowering moment!
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Soul Cyster
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I used to be like that but over time saying no has gotten easier *shrug* don't ask me how either cuz honestly I don't know! lol.

THOUGH when I shop I go to Henry's market first and that's where I get all my meat and produce from. Then at the other store hubby grabs most of his stuff while I have my list and stick to it and it makes it easier to just go down the list- thinking back I realize most of the stuff I grab is from the perimeter of the store lol.

ETA Carter I'm the same way! I LOVE walking up to the register with a cart full of protein and veggies

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