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Default Don't want to admit it

Ugh... I don't want to admit it at all, but I have fallen off my diet really badly for about a week now.

Today, it feels like I have eaten myself sick (emotional eater, binge eater). I am stressed out about school but I really need to do something about my unhealthy weight... I need to get control on the long-term so I can have a chance to shed these pounds consistently. I have a good amount of weight I have to lose (about 100 lbs) and I'm tired of shooting myself in the foot.

Just looking for a little encouragement or support because I really feel bad about this

...but feeling bad will make it even harder to get back on course
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Knocking down walls.
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Sorry you're having a bad week.

You can pick up your good habits again!

Some suggestions (if I may):

1. Prioritize. What schoolwork really has to get done now, and what can be done later? Can you use your time more efficiently?
2. Don't worry about being perfect. Unless you've got scholarships or something riding on your grades, do what you need to do to get a safe pass and learn what you need to learn. Don't knock yourself out for every last point unless it's important. (learned this the hard way)
3. Make one good decision. Even if you're still engaging in unhealthy eating behaviors, just do one little thing differently - drink water, get the low-fat option, get the smaller-sized bag of junk food. You'll be taking back control of your eating, and you'll have something to feel good about. Life's a process and a journey. You don't (you can't!) go back every time you screw up. You just have to keep going forward.
4. Write down your good decision, and then write some ways that you can do better in the future. And be realistic, don't just beat yourself up for slipping. Make this a habit.
5. Plan. Try to give yourself a variety of healthy, tasty food options that you can rely on without expending a lot of time or energy when you have other things to do.
5. Keep trying!

You can do it!

1 banana/5 lbs. lost:

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Embracing the suck
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Do you have an exercise/workout program in place? I find it much easier to eat the way I'm supposed to when I am exercising. I don't want to feel like my efforts in the gym are wasted.
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If it helps you any, I also have 100 lbs to lose and I've had a rough week. I have a cold and I've been just doing the sick person food -- cereal, sandwiches, whatever. It's def not on plan food!

Just take a deep breath and look at your plan. You do not fail a plan. A plan fails YOU.

So why is the plan failing you? If you are sick like me, maybe there's nothing wrong with the plan at all -- just being sick!

If the plan involves too much prep/cooking -- maybe you need to simplify recipes.

If the plan involves too deep a calorie cut and you binge... consider stair stepping it down instead of LEAPING down so it is more sustainable.

Write it out here -- maybe other can help you pinpoint where the tweaks could be at. You at least know one area -- the stress/emotional eating bit. What's your plan doing about addressing that?

Started Jan 2016:

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We'll all have days when it feels like we don't have control over what we eat. Don't dwell on the fact that you fell off your diet plan. It will only make you feel worse. Instead, pick up where you left off on your diet and just move forward.
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Happy Plodder
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Don't apologize for admitting it! I know it sounds a bit of a cliche but admitting when something's going/gone wrong is essential to being able to put it right.
Take a deep breath. Remember - write down? - your methods that have worked for you. Draw a line in the sand and move on.

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I am in control.
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You can do this ~ just start refreshed ~ that's one of the good things about every single day...we wake up and can decide how we want the day to go...I am a firm believer in that. Sure, there are mornings I wake up starving and I just want to go out to eat with my hubby, but I have to reign it in and make a healthy breakfast at home (sometimes, it's too tempting for me to eat bad food when I'm at a restaurant, so I like to remove myself from the situation altogether!!). Just brush yourself off and start fresh ~ every day is a new day!
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.
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yes! EVERY day is a NEW day. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, take the bull by the horns and make good decisions today, one at a time.

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Right now i suggest that you really focus on whats important to you right now, which is your health. I know the food tastes really good but it wont make you feel nearly as good as losing 100 pounds will! Thats what i tell myself when im about to fall off! You really can do it!

Quitting is NOT an option!!!

10 Pounds before Hawaii!!!!!

Mini Goals:

For every 10 pounds lost!
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You have to figure out why you are over-eating. Is it a habit to just around at night and eat for example? Then you need to shake up the routine.

I used to over-eat at night just cuz I was bored. So I started crocheting to take up my time. You need both hands to crochet and you don't want to get food on your project SOOO it was perfect for me THAT and I now have all these beautifully crocheted items and gifts to give to people

Obviously that's not for everyone but you get the idea

Also if you are eating too little it can make you binge, as well as not eating enough of the right foods, too many carbs make me go overboard, protein is what helps keep me going for longer lengths of time
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