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Default I want a midnight snack

I get energy at night but I have to be up at 8:30 every morning. I hate waking up but that is another story. So when I get home from school I am always doing homework and getting ready for the next day I try to be in bed by 11 but on a night like tonight I am still up at 12. I get hungry and can't sleep on an empty stomach. I think I am going to start making mysellf eat at around 9. So tonight I want a Slim fast shake but I have already reached 1613 calories for today.
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For me, some water fills me up more than any food can. Then I'm always uncomfortable when I lay down for sleep.

At this time of the night, I'd say have a cup of milk or maybe a few almonds. But then again, I try not to eat past 9 pm - and I sleep at 11-midnite.
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An ounce of cheese will stifle my hunger craving late at night. Eat it slowly.
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trying drinking some warm tea. avoid eating anything heavy.

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Are you sure you can't sleep on an empty stomach? Maybe you should try it a few times, see if you can change that. When I find myself feeling hungry late in the evening even though I have no calories left, going to sleep is one of the best strategies I have for dealing with it. Drink a glass of water and go to sleep - do whatever you normally do to empty and relax your mind for sleeping, and see if sleep comes.
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I do agree with above. Somenights I find something in my stomach does help me fall asleep, cold water doesn't help me but sipping a cup of hot sugar free apple cider does. SF hot chocolate or tea would work too, but I'm not a fan.
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try some sugar free jello..its only 10 cals and its a nice sweet treat before bed
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I would suggest a slow-digesting protein before bed (ie cottage cheese).

If you are eating enough calories for the day (and 1600 is fairly reasonable) then part of it might just be psychological - it is normal to feel some hunger at the end of the day when trying to lose weight.

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i have a bag of hershey's special dark chocolate mini's at home for just this reason! always seems to do the trick.

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I try and plan my day around my life....so when I know I'm going to be up late, I always try and leave some Points (or calories in your case) to have a small snack. When I don't manage to make that happen, I take the calories away from the next days total. If its midnight, technically its the next day anyways

My midnight snack is normally low-fat yogurt, as it helps me not feel hungry but it also doesn't upset my stomach. An apple or some carrots does the trick too.
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You're planning on having something to eat around 9 and then go to bed around 11 or 12? That sounds fine to me - I save calories everyday for a snack around 9 pm. I save around 200-250 calories, and have a variety of snacks that I love to have around then. I try to have something fairly healthy with it but part of it usually ends up kinda nutritionally worthless, like a couple of baby cookies or something, but it's something I look forward to.
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It's important to pay attention to how many hours pass between meals. We drive a truck and when we have night driving, once about 6 hours passes, I begin to get hungry. I cannot go from dinner to breakfast without eating! So, even thought it jacks my calories up by about 200-300 for that day, I need a meal at midpoint.

Just staying up late, I find that I prefer not having any food in my stomach when sleeping. I sleep deeper and more refreshed. If I know I am going to be up late, a pot of hot tea and a few slices of cheese about 2 hours before I go to bed really does help.
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My favorite evening snack is plain yogurt with one or all of the following mixed in (depending on calories used already): cut up fruit, oatmeal/cereal, nuts, honey, wheat germ.

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