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Default Weight Loss Struggles

Hey everyone! I was wondering what kind of struggles everyone has when attempting to lose weight, I know I struggle with losing the weight and keeping it off, please share if you may, thanks!
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Mine is making healthier choices and sticking to it. I do well as long as I'm not around the bad foods lol.
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Mine is more of a mental struggle. It's trying to let go of the way I used to think and feel about my body and accepting/embracing the way I look now. I still have negative thoughts about my body image.

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I have a really hard time staying away from snacks in the evenings. And I seem to be either ON plan or way off it. I can't seem to manage the food aspect as well as I would like when other parts of my life get busy. I feel like I'm too easily distracted and then all of a sudden, I'm ravenous and I don't make the very best choices I could make.

That having been said, if I can do this, anyone can do this. It will be one year on Feb. 20 since I started and even though it hasn't been as fast as I might have liked, and even thoiugh there have def. been some speed bumps along the way, when I look back at where I was and see where I am now...it's been nothing short of amazing.

Continued success to us all and even if it is just a small bit at a time, progress in the right direction still counts as a triumph!


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I let plateaus get to me. Every time in the past that I've had significant regains, it was due to a plateau. I didn't have 3FC to straighten my brain out, so I always let them make me feel like a failure and allowed myself to fall off plan in a serious way.

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There are those days where everything goes just right and things seem fairly doable. However, many times I struggle with a nagging eating disorder. I am a food addict and I crave foods in an insane way. I hate that desperate feeling and that intense desire I get for food. Right now, I'm doing low carb and that's helping (not with the cravings) because I mostly want to binge on carbs.

I have no problem doing the workouts and all day long I can handle myself. At night, it's like I turn into a binge monster. I've been able to hold off because I do calorie count as well and I am so close to my goal. I just worry that I won't be able to keep it off with this kind of a problem.
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We'll go with that!
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My biggest struggle with weight loss... aside from yummy temptations.. is there is always a little nagging voice in the back of my head that says "You are going to have alot of ugly, sagging, excess skin! What's the point in losing the weight then!"

And then when I counteract it and say "Doesn't matter, I can get it removed!" It says "Oh yea? How are you going to pay for it?! And I heard it takes a while to recover from it.. how are you going to take care of your daughter?!"

Stupid self sabotage. But I just remind myself that I'll deal with it when I get there!


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My struggle has always been with food. I put myself in a tough situation and kept it safe with having the same meals everyday so now its hard to reach out and eat new things. I'm slowly getting out of that funk, a little scary at times, but exciting too. Don't limit yourself...you can have anything you want in a healthier way!

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My biggest struggle with losing weight is staying within my calorie range. I really like to eat, and at night it gets a lot worse, but I try not to give in!
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My struggles are staying within my calorie limit and reminding myself why I'm trying to stay under that limit in the first place. It's very difficult for me to see/imagine/think long-term.
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My struggle with trying to lose weight is having the discipline to stay away from unhealthy food and also the discipline to stick to an exercise regiment. So far, I try to go to the gym 3 times a week, I haven't been able to increase that. I'm not sure whether it's a question of motivation or commitment. I am also scared of pushing myself way too hard because I am afraid I'll just give up and quit. I guess I'm the kind that needs to make changes slowly.
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I can say no to food all day everyday!
But I can't for the life of me ever WANT to exercise, I'd rather just not eat. Then I get this horrible all or nothing mentality and think why did I just sit on the treadmill for an hour to burn 450 calories, to just eat them?
Its SO unhealthy.
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Mine is definitely the late night sugar craving... If my husband has sweets laying around I really have to fight myself not to eat them.
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One step at a time
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One of mine, as a maintainer at goal weight, is the motivation to keep going. Maintaining is the EXACT same as losing, just at a slightly higher daily calorie count. I still plan, still measure, still count calories, still exercise, etc. It was fun when I was losing and seeing the number on the scale go down, that was exciting. But now it just stays the same. Even though that's exactly what I want it to do, it lacks the thrill of the weight loss phase. And it's kind of frustrating to think that I'll never just be able to "eat normal" if I want to maintain.

My other big challenge is an all or nothing mentality. I can have perfect on-plan days without even thinking about it. 90% of the time, I don't need a lot of willpower to stay on plan. But as soon as something throws me off and I eat a handful of unplanned chips, or an unplanned cookie, or anything like that, instead of saying "oops, won't let that ruin my day," I say "well, the day is completely ruined, I'm off plan for the day." And it often snownalls into a full blown binge. What starts as a small mistake, maybe 100-300 calories of an unplanned mistake turns into a whole day that is several thousand calories over my daily limit. Logically, that's the stupidest thing ever, I realize this.
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Looking at my 80+ pounds left to lose as Everest

Patience-getting upset when the scale doesn't move, getting almost depressed if it hasn't moved in a few days, getting suicidal when it moves up lol I kid but only slightly

Not wanting to be social because i'm waiting to be thin before I can really live my life.

As I list them I realise how I have far to go with changing my mentality and lifestyle
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