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Long Journey
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Angry I have been screwing up lately!

I am so distressed. I have had one craving after another and I feel like I am going to snap. I was good this last week and I lost nothing. WHY???? I don't want to fall off....
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~~transforming Diva~
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Don't Give Up!! Cravings are the hardest to kick.
Have you been exercising? Did you give in to the cravings? What are you eating?
Don't stress just examine what you are doing, you may just need to tweak something.

I keep baby carrots and chopped up celery in the fridge always, they both need to be chewed a lot and makes your mouth tired.

You can do it!! *hugs*
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Back in Action
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I was just looking back on a few of your past posts to get an idea of your plan. In doing so I see that 2 weekends ago you had a bit of a struggle and then this past weekend you went out for Mexican food. You had stated that you were going to have chips and salsa because you love them so. How did that go for you? Were you able to portion control that meal? Chips and salsa have a huge sodium level...not to mention the chips are fried in oil. Could that be the reason for no loss this week?
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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NONONONO!! Don't give up!

Weightloss is one of the hardest things a person can do!

Take a deep breath and say past is past and today is a new day! Tell yourself that you deserve this! And tell yourself that you have guts to do it!

I slipped last night; old me would have said oh well, it is all over...new me is taking it as a challenge. I got mad at myself for messing up, and I kinda wanna prove to myself that I can keep my word to myself. I promised this weight loss to myself. I will be damned if I lie to myself!

We are all here for you!! ((HUG))
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Soul Cyster
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Sodium can screw me up for a week too- even if it's one meal the effects last a while.

Keep chugging that water and moving along- do NOT stop!
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Long Journey
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Height: 5'10"


I was good when we had mexican. I did eat chips and salsa but not a lot. I was pretty proud of myself for that. My cravings are just catching up to me. Thanks for all the support! I can do this!
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Keepin' on...
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You can for SURE do this, but those cravings are really hard to fight. They sneak up on you, and wear you down until you just have to give in at some point - that's my experience anyway.

I'm sure regular readers are tired of hearing this from me, but I want to talk about sleep. Before I started getting my sleep apnea treated, I was one big walking craving. I KNOW it is the reason I got to your exact starting weight. I have no idea if you have a sleep problem or not, but millions of people do and don't know it, and if you do, it can make weight-loss and fighting cravings near impossible. My PSA for the day.

I have also come to realize that WHAT I eat has a huge effect on my cravings or lack thereof. If I go out to a mexican meal and have the chips, even a smallish amount, I'm pretty much guaranteed to have cravings for a couple days. I still eat carbs, but I do try to choose whole grains/complex carbs and always pair them with a protein. If I can eat more of a whole foods type diet for a week straight, I really don't even experience cravings. Not everyone experiences this, but I have really come to learn what foods make me MORE hungry than even eating nothing (and that hunger lasts for days at a time).

This really is a journey of trial and error, and I sure am glad I've done some work to figure out what pushes my buttons -- because there is no way I could continue with this for the long haul if I had to constantly white-knuckle through cravings.

Best wishes to you! And yes, you can do it!
START: May 25, 2010
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Get out of the "good v. bad" mindset. You have changed your way of eating for the rest of your life. Some weeks you'll lose weight, some you won't. Sometimes it will make sense, sometimes it won't. Track your food and exercise so you can spot patterns between your actions, your body's actions (sick, etc), and your weight loss.
It's about commitment, not motivation.
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Listen to me Missy, you will not give up. You will eat well, and then treat yourself later on! You've totally got this! You've lost so much already. Please don't give it up or you'll make me cry
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Playing to Lose
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Yeah! What they said! :-) This is a new journey for me so I don't have much to contribute right now but I found that the longer I do without my certain favorite food in the world, I miss it less. I have a cup of tea with splenda everytime I get the sweet urge at night. And I never eat anything with it because nothing really tastes good with hot sweet tea in my opinion. I find that I am on the internet A LOT because it keeps my mind off food and my hands occupied. I'm become quite the little poker player!

And I 100% agree with the other Shannon above..... sleep really does matter. I have found that when I am tired but need to stay awake, I head straight toward something carby or sweet.

DO NOT GIVE UP. You are stronger than those cravings! Even if you don't know it yet. ;-) *hugs*

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