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Default Need help.. want to lose 40-50 lbs... 2 kids

Hi.. This is my first time posting on here..

Heres a little background on myself..

I had my first child on December 9, 2008. During that pregnancy I gained over 60lbs.. My pre-pregnancy weight was 150lbs and I am 5'6''.

5 months after the birth of my daughter, my weight was 176lbs. I then got pregnant with my son. My son is now almost 10 months old.. and I weight 170lbs.

I would LOVE to lose 40-50 lbs. However.. that is easier said than done. I am still breastfeeding, and with 2 babies under 2, I do not have time to fix myself healthy meals.. I forget to eat.. and then by the evening I binge on food.

I am really starting to get down on myself. Because I am not happy with myself.. my marriage is suffering. I hardly look in the mirror anymore because my stomach is so flabby.. my arms are huge.. my thighs are huge..

Seeing as I am a stay at home Mom, by the end of the day when my husband gets home from work, I am so tired and worn out from the kids that I don't want to go to the gym and I just want to sit down and relax.

I also try to eat right.. but it feels like when I do.. I'm not full.. when I'm hungry I get migraines and the shakes (have since I was little).

Can ANYBODY help me...

*QUICK easy meals or snacks that will keep me full?
*How to get the motivation to go work out?
*Would it be a good idea to pre-cook a lunch for myself the night before that way I can just heat it up and eat?
*What do you eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks?

Heres another issue, my husband eats like crap. He is always buying chips, 80/20 ground beef, soda, ALL processed foods.. Its so hard to eat right when he eats like that (hes 6'4'' and is 200lbs.. tall and skinny.. lucky duck!)

Thanks for your help
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First of all stop getting down on yourself. You are going to win this battle but it starts with your mind. Find a plan that works for you. I love calorie counting because I can eat what I want but I manage it based on my calorie budget for the day and what's in the food I consume....it's free too.

I have a two year old that keeps me busy and what helped me in the beginning I prepared ahead of time. I had a set menu for the first two months which made it much easier for me and not too different that I couldn't sit with the family at dinner.

Breakfast - While you are preparing breakfast for the kids make a smoothie for yourself. It takes all of 30 seconds so even if they are having cold cereal you are good. If you feed the kids Cheerios they make a great morning or afternoon snack. You can also make an omelet for yourself. I use eggbeaters, turkey bacon and broccoli and I put it on a 70 calorie multigrain wrap. Both of those are quick, filling and 200 calories.

Lunch - If your kids take a nap after lunch then you can your lunch at the same time and a salad is GREAT!! Filling and low calories.

Dinner - When I first started I had a turkey wrap and it was 200 calories. Do things that are easy. If you are tempted to eat what your husband is eating then manage your portion. You will be hungry at first because you are eating less than you would normally eat.

The key to this thing is PREPARATION!! Everything you can do short of pouring the salad dressing on your salad get it done. Bag up your salad fixings so you can pull it together quickly. I know what it is to be exhausted at the day. My husband is like yours and will eat whatever. I was so determined this go around that I sucked it up and 11 months later I'm glad I started when I did. I was wearing a size 24 and am now in a size 14. It is so worth it if you can pull it together. I eventually migrated my husband and daughter over to my eating habits. We only eat brown rice, whole wheat pasta and fresh or frozen veggies. My husband thought he would never eat veggie burgers but he does. We only eat turkey, chicken and fish. My husband will go off the grid every now and then but I let him and I keep it moving. You will have good days and not so good days. You mess up at a meal and you get RIGHT BACK ON PLAN!!! It was only one meal or snack or binge. Don't fall and just lay off the plan. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! We all started somewhere so you have to start and make your mind up that you will finish the race. Come here as OFTEN as needed. I was on here all day everyday until I could manage my day without deciding on eating because my body was adjusting to the lower calorie plan. I still come on EVERYDAY at least three times a day. There is a WEALTH of information on here, plenty of encouragement, ideas, fun and lots of LOVE!!! Stick around and someone will say that thing to you that will make you feel like this is not so impossible.

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My advice as another stay at home mom... you MUST take the time to prepare yourself some healthy meals. Chicken breasts in the oven, broccoli in the steamer, and instant brown rice in the microwave. Chop it and throw it into containers.

Do you have any gym nearby with daycare? I take mine to daycare at the gym 3x a week.

I flip flopped for a while saying "I don't have time", "I'm too busy", "I'm too tired" - and yes, it's true, you are sleep deprived and super busy. But you MUST make the time to do so. If you must leave the kids for 5-10 minutes to hang out in the kitchen (I put mine in a jumperoo), to prepare yourself healthy meals, then I do so.

We think sometimes that our kids need 100% attention/interaction to play with toys etc, but we MUST find 20 minutes to ourselves to prepare a quick healthy meal for several days.

Why? Because you are unhappy, you are upset, you say your marriage is suffering.

Don't avoid being healthy because you have the kids - but do it FOR them.

For me to work out:
I do a 3 day a week full body strength program at the gym. I tell myself it's only 3 days and tomorrow I can rest.
I put the baby in a sling and I walk the dog 3x a day, because I tell myself, it must be done.

For meals, I have a quick eggs and toast in the morning, I have a quick stir fry or the chicken/broccoli/rice precooked meal (use a lean cuisine if you are really short on time)

Snacks - orange, apple, cottage cheese, nuts, cheese, tomatoes, crackers with deli meat

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My 2 cents: Simplify where ever you can.

- Use paper plates every once in a while to cut back on dishes.
- Contessa and Birds Eye make some yummy frozen dinners (some you just jam right in the microwave from the freezer). I make extra veggies to toss in.
- When I do cook, I always try to do at least a double recipe, so I can take the left overs, portion into containers and freeze.
- Buy pre-cut/washed veggies
- Use peapod.com to deliver groceries or amazon.com to deliver non perishables (If you sign up on amazon.com as a mom and add diapers to your 'subscribe and save' - you get 30% off - I paid $24.50 for a case of luv the other day - free shipping - that is cheaper than BJ's Wholesale) My friend also uses amazon for formula.
- Get a double stroller and just walk 20 mins a day - you don't have to train for a marathon to see benefits from a wee bit of activity.
- Organize with your hubby to have an evening where you can go off and get a pedi, have coffee with a girlfriend, etc. You need some time to yourself to recharge.
- This may be TMI or I may be stepping over the line... but I think it is important to get a healthy dose of sex, too. Your hubby loves you - no matter what the number on the scale says. I think as a mom (ESPECIALLY since you have 2 under 2) it is easy to let sex go. As moms, we are tired every day. But sex is important. All those endorphins and such. And it helps to feel more connected to your hubby.

Those two pairs of eyes are watching everything you do. You have to take the time to make yourself healthy (physically, emotionally, mentally) in order to be able to give the most of yourself. You need to make YOURSELF PRIORITY so that you can be strong and healthy for your children.

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I have a three year old, a two year old, and a newborn... My husband works until 8pm nightly. I feel your pain

I agree that prepreparation is key. Make up some chicken breasts each week, cut up salad fixings for five days of lunch. Keep easy, healthy snacks like beans and fruit on hand. I don't know about you, but I cannot function with so many small children without a daily schedule. Our meals are at fixed times, and thus that makes it easier for me to eat regularly. I make sure to breastfeed before I must start food prep for the older kids, so I can then eat with them or at least around the same time.

Everyone is different, but I find logging my food and calories keeps me from bingeing, and it is a minute amour of time to do it each meal.

My day tends to look like this:

Breakfast: hot rye cereal or granola with plain nonfat yogurt
Snack: apple

Lunch: big salad with cucumber, pepper, carrot, and about four cups of lettuce. Top with feta cheese and lite Italian dressing. A chicken breast, some broccoli, and half a piece of fruit (pear or apple, often... I split it with the kids).

Snack: nuts or other protein/ft combo.

Dinner: something like lentil soup, baked salmon, spaghetti, pork roast, etc etc. Usuall served with a huge helping of vegetables.

Dessert: tea or coffee.

This can work out to anywhere from 1400-2000 calories, depending on the caloric content of dinner and the snacks I choose. This works well for me because when I am nursing I need closer to 2000 calories, so I eat more fats and protein to get there. When I am not, however, I can modify my plan only slightly with my condiment choices and snack choices to get a number that will result in weekly losses without hunger. The lessi have to change up my basic structure the better I do. I've been doing this since my second daughter was nursing, in 2008, all the way up and through this last pregnancy and through to today.

A schedule is key for me. It not only helps me run my household and teach my children more smoothly (we have homeschooling time worked in, as well as a daily chore time so the house gets cleaned each week, in increments) but it gives me a day for baking and food prep (two hours on Monday) and a half our scheduled in each day for any additional prep time. This gives me a good window for baking the weekly bread and breakfast food for my husband, washing lettuce and chopping veggies, cooking rice and five or six chicken breasts for the week, writing out my daily menus, etc etc.

I also simplify things by having a weekly breakfast and lunch schedule for my kids. This gives us variety each day, but predictability week to week and makes shopping more simple as well. The more predictability and consistency from day to day in our food and routine, the less likely I am to get swept up, forget to eat, eat on the go, or binge. Planning everything I possibly can is key!
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I think you have gotten a lot of good advice here, I'm just gonna add my two cents on the exercise bit.
When I started my journey, I made two requests of my husband--
1. Stop parking the car in the garage
2. Buy me a used Elliptical machine from a second-hand fitness equipment outlet and put it into the now empty garage ($350.00 well spent)
I knew with me being a stay at home mom and my baby at 15 months old that I'd never make it out of the house to a gym. We have a three bedroom with no space for equipment inside so parking the car in the driveway to free up our garage for a home gym seemed to be my only option.
Now I have three options for working out. Either early morning, before my DD wakes up. After lunch, when she is napping, or in the evening, after my hubby gets home. Usually I opt for the morning because it makes me feel better throughout the day. (Although now that it is colder I go at naptime) I started at about 10 minutes, now I go for 40. I love it in my garage because I can be by myself, and I can think. To me, this time has become my indulgence, like getting a pedi, or having a cup of coffee. You will be amazed how much better you will feel if you get the exercise (and I second the sex advice you already got).
I know you feel *huge* and I don't know how tall you are, but I am working my behind off to get to the weight where you are RIGHT NOW. Just to put things in perspective for ya!!

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