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Default Measurements: Yep, Still Fat! (long n' ranty)

After reading a thread elsewhere about body types and fruit shapes and such, I decided to take my measurements. I've been on my plan for six weeks now, so I have no idea what my numbers were when I began.

The good news: My figure is officially an hourglass, which is just what I hope to be. Hooray for overlaps between aspiration and reality!

The not-so-good news: My "hourglass" still has too much sand in it. I don't like the fact that my numbers look (to me) more like the circumference of a mighty sequoia than of my own butt. (I'm 51-39-50.)

Those numbers totally shocked me. They felt almost unfair--how could they still be so large when I feel so much like a thin chick these days? My life has changed overwhelmingly for the better; I'm healthier, more energetic, and have a vastly improved self-image.

After seeing those numbers, though, I'm wondering if that self-image isn't improved a little TOO much. Am I kidding myself that the differences are obvious? Just because I no longer see "cankles" when I look at my legs, that doesn't mean the world no longer sees them; maybe I should stop wearing heels to run my errands. I'm Isadora Duncan trapped in a Dunkin' Donuts physique.

I shouldn't complain that I feel too good for the way I still look on the outside, but I suspect that this is the beginning of the train of thought that made me go back to eating crappy foods during most previous weight-loss attempts. I'd feel great because of the healthier lifestyle, then suddenly realize that while I'd been feeling great for a month or two, I wasn't really looking vastly different. Why wasn't it coming off faster? How could I do something drastic to cut back more and speed things up? If it's going to be this slow, I might as well just eat what I want!

It's not going to happen this time, though. This time, I'm focusing not on results, but on behavior. I DO feel good, so regardless of outcome, I should keep doing what I'm doing for myself. And I'm not going to let those numbers bother me. They aren't a reminder that yes, I really am still fat; they're just a high water mark from which my body is currently moving.

Those numbers don't own me any more than the ones on the scale do. I conquered its tyranny, I can do the same with the tape measure!

(Whew, it felt better writing all this out. If you read this far, you totally deserve pats on the back. )
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You are a work in progress and as long as you keep progressing, it's all good.

11 pounds off is a great start and it's wonderful that you can feel a difference, but this is just the beginning. You ain't seen nothing yet. You've got to hold on tight, till those rewards REALLY start surfacing.

Your body is going to change in ways you can't possibly even imagine. You can not imagine what great stuff is lurking in there. Enjoy the process! Enjoy each and every pound lost; enjoy each and every new discovery.

It took me many, many, many more pounds lost to really see a difference. But it didn't matter. Because no matter what, I had decided that I wasn't stopping. It was no longer an option to stop. You can't become complacent. Sure healthier is great, but health-iest was my goal. I was done settling for second best, I wanted FIRST best. First. And that meant me getting to a normal weight.

Without a doubt I didn't have to wait anywhere near goal to start reaping the wonderful over the top benefits, but I kept my eyes on the prize - a normal weight and like you said, the behaviors. I was looking to make permanent life time changes and get this healthy lifestyle ingrained in me.

You will be glad you've got the measurements down the road. I sure wish I had taken mine from the beginning, but I did not. I took them close to half way through. It will be that much more rewarding when you see the *final* numbers and see just how very far you've come.

Keep at it, keep at it, keep at it. There's GREAT stuff in store for you. Beyond belief great stuff.
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I hear and sympathize. The sad truth is that at our height and weight, the numbers are big and will stay big for a very long time.
Sorry, don't mean to be mean, just realistic; because for me if I'm not realistic I get despondent and abandon the plan too quickly.

All you can do is keep on going. That's why I call myself a happy plodder, dogged does it, just keep repeating the 11 poundses - and congratulations on them, by the way.

Also, please accept my total jealousy for your shape! I'm down to 166 from 242, and my waist is the same size as yours. Sure my bust and hips are smaller but there's only about 3" difference between waist and the other two, so I'm a small, squat barrel with legs. You, my dear, are a voluptuous hourglass!

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Originally Posted by Nola Celeste View Post
Those numbers totally shocked me. They felt almost unfair--how could they still be so large when I feel so much like a thin chick these days? My life has changed overwhelmingly for the better; I'm healthier, more energetic, and have a vastly improved self-image.
I understand this feeling very well. I've lost more than 60 pounds myself and I feel great - trim, strong, energetic - relative to how I felt before. Then I catch a glimpse of my reflection, or bump my rear end into some piece of furniture, or take my measurements and discover I've a long way to go before I'm out of the fat-lady clothes, and it's just this deflating feeling.

I just try to remember that the two feelings are not contradictory. Yes, I'm still fat. I still have a long way to go. But - those pounds gone are not an illusion, and I really am more limber and more energetic without them. Both of those things are true.
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You will get there! I know it's frustrating when you feel like you have been working at it for a while already and your progress seems to be less than you thought. My measurements were not that far off from yours when I started taking them, after I was already down to around where you are now. Each of those three measurements on me has dropped by about 10 inches and I'm sure yours will too! Keep trying. *Hugs*
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One step at a time
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First of all, this line "Hooray for overlaps between aspiration and reality!" cracked me up and I intend to use it in daily conversation today...somehow. And pretend I came up with it, haha.

But seriously. I think you'd have a different perspective if you had taken measurements before you lost those first 11lbs. You probably would have seen a couple inches knocked off and been much more content with the numbers from today. Also, I think you WILL have a different perspective of the numbers as you continue to measure and see your progress. I wish I had taken "before" measurements to compare my "after" measurements to.

You're doing an awesome job...people always say that the last few pounds are the hardest, but I disagree. For me, it was the first few. I had to really twist my ear to stick with it long enough when I didn't feel like I was making progress. When the new behaviors weren't habits yet. The last few pounds were frustrating because they came off slower, but by that time, my healthier lifestyle was habitual. The first pounds were the most challenging.

So understand that you're a work in progress. Use everything as motivation to keep going, not give up. You're not happy with your measurement numbers right now, but...obviously. I'd imagine you're not content with the number on the scale either, that's why you're still working on changing it.

Continue to weigh and measure, and you'll be happy you recorded the "before" numbers. Comparing the progress numbers and seeing them drop gets almost addicting. Wanting to see new low numbers is good motivation to keep going and staying on plan. But at the same time, remember, that numbers do not define you. Not your weight or measurements. They're numeric records of your progress as you improve your health, but having a 26in waist does not make you a better person than having a 39in waist.
Megan Jewel
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I went to measure myself yesterday after my initial measurement a month ago and it really depressed me. I'm 4 pounds away from the halfway point and I feel thinner on the inside but actually having my updated measurements I felt like I was back at my starting weight. Especially when I see other people at my weight and height who seeemingly don't have tummies at all while mine is deflating so slowly I doubt if it will ever truly go down.

But I try to remember if I give up now, things can't get better.
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S/C/G: 232/see ticker/150ish

Height: 5'2" and change


Thanks, folks; I'm feeling much more sanguine about my "mighty oak" numbers today than I did last night.

I remember what it was like to be a lot lighter; I once weighed 125 pounds after dropping a little over 70 pounds via Jenny Craig. Kept it off for years...then I got a desk job and packed on 60 pounds of it in a year. I just wish I'd remained more appreciative of all the good things about being lighter and recognized what was happening before I looked down and just felt like giving up. You're so right, Robin--there's a LOT of good stuff about being a healthier weight, and thinking back on it motivates me to get there. It's fun to be able to run and play like the other kids even when you're 41.

Rosinante, I don't think that was mean at all, just forthright, which I appreciate. If I could be stretched to nine feet tall, i would look awesome. Failing that, guess I'll just have to keep at the weight loss.

I'll think a lot more about the fact that the two feelings aren't mutually exclusive. It's possible to still be fat, yet still look in the mirror and think, "Rawr, lookin' gooood, keep it up!" Yes, my current "hour"glass could actually measure the better part of an afternoon, but it's changing. From here, everything only gets better.

Megan, you are welcome to any of my lines, totally free of royalties. I'd be honored, in fact. I love the way you write--your post about the infamous teriyaki-soaked roast cracked me up completely!

Thanks again, ladies. I don't think I'd have stuck with it this time either if I hadn't found 3FC. Best place on the internet!
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Yeah, I understand. Most of the time I'm all smiles, and measurements don't really bother me since I'm always comparing to where I started, but sometimes I look in the mirror and go 'oh, yeah, still fat :'(

If I'm at home, I might put on my old jeans, which helps me keep perspective. So far I've gone from a Lane Bryant 5 to a 1, so if I feel like I don't look nice in them now, I make me self see how big those old jeans are on me, and it helps. But even when I had just gone down one size, it still worked since I can see and feel why I wasn't wearing them anymore.
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