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Default Do you delay or dig in?

If you are between your usual planned meal/snack times and your tummy is absolutely tying in knots what do you do? Do you go ahead and have something else to try to stave off the raging hungries, or do you hold off because you only have so many calories/points/carbs in your day and you don't want to use any up now and be hungry again in an hour and end up leaving only 150cals for dinner! If it's one of those raging hunger days I know I will be back at the trough in an hour for sure. I feel like delaying is setting myself up for cravings but having the food is going to lead to an overbudget day. I get super hungry on the days I have my shots and there's no number of calories I can budget for that will stop me being hungry at soome point, so it's all about timing. What do you do?


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I absolutely delay.

I'm a major calorie hoarder...I like to eat as many of my calories as possible late in the day. I'd rather eat a lot all at once even if it means being somewhat hungry earlier (although I never feel hunger in the mornings). I never eat before noon, and even then, I prefer to have my first meal as late as possible.
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If I have a healthy snack I can eat and I am starving, I eat it and go over my calories for the day. Some days I just need to satisfy my hunger and be comfortable with it.


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I drink water and see if the hunger goes away. If not, I eat something total low-cal, but filling. Like an orange or some soup. I try to stick to the timing as much as possible. I'm okay with feeling a little hungry. But when I super starving, I tend to overeat when the time to eat comes...
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If it is only 30 minutes until a meal, I'll wait. Otherwise, I eat! Typically I'll go for something low calorie/highly filling - - and be sure to wait 30 minutes before you decide if it actually filled you up (you may not feel full right away).

Some idea:
An apple
1 reduced sodium string cheese
1/3c regular oatmeal
1c skim milk (I like it warm w/a touch of cinnamon & sweetner!)
1/2c egg whites
sugar free hot cocoa

Whatever you choose, pair it with a HUGE glass of plain, old water.

I hate being hungry, and I find that it inevitably leads to overeating in the long run.
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I'll eat as experience has taught me hunger pangs set me up for a major binge whenever I eat that meal.
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if I'm hungry, eating some snack will actually trigger my appetite and set me up for making worse food choices. I save up my calories for meals only and I'm usually fine the rest of the time. If I do get a bit hungry between meals, I try to do something distract me. Most of the time it isn't "real" hunger (like stomach rumbling") but emotional hunger that has been triggered by something.
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I avoid hunger by eating very filling, satiating and voluminous foods. So it's rarely an issue for me.

Every now and then I will be hungry and if that's the case, I'll have something teeny, tiny to hold off my planned meal and I'll drink some water or hot tea and that usually does the trick.

I have no idea what you are eating, but perhaps you'd like to experiment with some higher volume, more filling foods....
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I do not usually have actual hunger. Once in a while (usually TOM) there is nothing I can eat that will make me not hungry. So, I have a bottle of water or a cup of tea. I also have planned snack times, in between meals so that helps a lot. Some days, I just muscle through it, because like I said, nothing is going to make the hungries go away.

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If I'm hungry and I feel like eating, I will eat a snack. I choose turkey slices, greek yogurt, a hard boiled egg or veggies, or filling fruits like an apple or cantaloupe. I've found if I'm ravenously hungry, I am more likely to over eat, and choose bad foods!

I'm often hungry but don't feel like eating (in the mornings or early afternoons), and I will not eat until I feel like eating. I don't over eat in those situations.

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It depends. Sometimes I get so hungry my blood sugar goes down and I start feeling sick. If that happens, I eat. But like right now... I'm really hungry, but I could go another hour or so without eating. I'm trying to save my last few calories for dinner. CHICKEN SALAD! Yum

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I usually delay.
I keep 100 calories for an all milk (well, lactofree) coffee in the evening, it's my big treat. If I were absolutely desperate earlier in the day I'd have it, or another 100 calories-worth but I'd rather hold off and get my evening treat.

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Here We Go
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If I'm hungry, I have to eat. It's usually something healthy/low in calories, though. Sometimes celery or carrots, sometimes a small cup of cereal. If I wait too long to satisfy my hunger, I'll end up eating waaaay more than I should. That's usually when I want fast food, too. So, rather be a little over my calories than way over Guess it helps that I don't plan every little calorie out right now.
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When I get hungry I eat... I don't wait, that would only cause me to binge later. Just find something low cal and healthy.
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I don't get hungry anymore. Not true hunger, anyway. I mean, my stomach might have less food in it at a point but there isn't that urgency. I got fat by avoiding the sensation of my stomach NOT being packed to bursting! Now I've either just had or am approaching a meal or snack so I don't live in fear, lol.

I just distract myself and drink some water or a coffee and it passes. I'll bring a meal forward maybe an hour if I really want it.

Ever since I started having really filling breakfasts my blood sugar has been stable.

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