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Default I really don't care.

At least not today. Maybe 2morrow I will, but I doubt it.

This time around, I really don't care what my body will look like at goal. I really don't care if I have saggy boobs, or saggy neck.

I really don't care if my tummy skin never tightens up. BECAUSE this time, I'm not losing weight to see what I will look like thin. Or to turn heads, or be a hot mama lol......

This time i am doing it for one reason only. TO FEEL BETTER. I am doing it so i can bend over and tie my shoes or shave my legs. I am doing this so (sorry but true) I can easily wipe my own ***. I am doing this because being this heavy really isn't working for me.

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Good luck!
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Amen Sister!

If you can't bite, don't growl.
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I am worth it
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That's the right attitude! Hopefully in the end you will surprise yourself and think, I feel better AND I look pretty damn hot too

Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?

My progress pictures (older thread)


After two major surgeries, I am back to give and gain support. We can do this!
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You can do it!!
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Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian, nutritionist, any kind of health professional or fitness expert...I'm just a woman who's lost 161.5 pounds so far with a lot of hard work.
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Awesome post!
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Good for you, that attitude is important. I'm finally coming to terms with my new body. Sure my boods a deflated and my tummy's not what I had hoped it sure beats the alternative. I can rock most outfits and I feel AMAZING about everything. Do I wish the finaly result was a little different, of course, but what does it really matter? I mean in the big picture it just doesn't matter.
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138 lbs - 10 lbs under goal (December 29, 2010)
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Awesome! Best post of the day! Keep that perspective and you will go far!! And all those potential problems of what you "might" look like at goal are so small compared to the amazing benefits you will gain from being smaller. And all those things can be accomplished in much less time than you'd think, well before reaching goal. I still have 20ish pounds to go before getting to my very realistic goal and I feel like I am THERE. There isn't anything I can't do that I wish I could. All those "fat" problems are gone, gone, gone and have been for about, oh, 30 pounds or so.

What a great attitude!

Just for incentive, my BP was 155/105 when I started. This, and my blood sugar, were the two biggest reason I knew this had to be it. This morning when I checked, my resting HR was 46!!! And my BP was 102/60.
Long term goal: To still be calorie counting 11/9/2010
mini goals: ~211-10% lost;12/24/09 ~203 class I obesity 1/28/10; ~199 Onederland/15% 2/19/10; ~188-20%; ~185 half way 5/14/10; 179-bye 180's 6/12/10; ~174 overweight 7/3/2010;169-bye 170's 8/13/10;~164-30% 10/23/2010159-bye 160's~11/1/10; 153-35%~12/23/10; 149-bye 150's~2/11/11; 145 normal~2/14/2011; ~141-40%; 139-bye 140's ~135 GOAL! (129-45%; 117.5-50%)

My "goal" story: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...goal-post.html

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I'm so glad to hear so many agree with this statement. I find myself thinking this very same thing all the time!

And, while there is nothing to hide the 'wattle' left behind when I lost my chins, clothing hides a multitude of flaws Having said that, I still have weight to lose, so who knows what it will all end up looking like. But, I don't care either! My blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are all finally NORMAL!
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and you will feel better!

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