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Unhappy General worries...

So my weight loss is slow...dead slow. I don't seem to gain any weight, which is good but I lose only week to week. I feel as though I'm working very hard exercise wise, but am finding controlling my eating and portion sizes quite easy - 3 meals a day of good food, no snacking (this is my down fall and I havn't snacked for 8 weeks). I do eat good fats and I do eat what I like, but it turns out I like lean meat, veggies, rice and fish. My plan allows for the occasional meal out with my amazing partner, who has been and continues to be so incredibly supportive with my weight loss goals. SO this is all fine, I try to go to the gym 4-5 times a week (as of three weeks ago as I didnt want to try and tackle exercise until my eating was sorted) and burn 500-700 cals each session. My asthma doesnt bother me anymore and my resting heartrate is 60-70 which is good. I'm eating between 1200 and 1500 cals a day of decent food.

Is this enough?
Have I missed the point?
Will I tone or just be a thinner person in a flabby, saggy, horrible body that I don't like anyway?

I just feel very negative today and it is so tempting to go back to just starving the weight off. I know it doesnt work, I have been down to thin a couple of times, but I can't maintain a starvation diet when I'm writing my thesis. I also want a lifestyle, not a diet. I can see myself eating like this forever now, that doesn't bore/scare me. It just doent feel like its enough.

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What do you consider "dead slow?" You said you're losing week to week... which is why you should be aiming for. Your body will not lose consistently each day. It will fluctuate depending on water, the volume of what you've eaten, etc. Realistically you should aim for 1% of your body weight per week. No more than that, and if it's less at least you're doing something you can maintain. A downward trend is a good trend and you'll get there!
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What is not enough exactly???

It seems to me that you're losing nicely, you're down 12 lbs according to your ticker, and you are losing week to week - though I'm not exactly certain what that means - is there another way to lose? It also sounds as if you're happy with your plan and that it's sustainable.

It also sounds as if your body isn't where you want it to be - yet. Which is to be expected. It takes time. You can't lose all your weight in a week or a month. You're off to a great start - but you're not quite there yet. You will be amazed at how your body will change as you get closer and closer to goal.

You're a work in progress and as long as you keep progressing, well than I would think that that's *enough*.
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Free spirit - Thanks I guess I would be much more upset if it was jumping around all over the place. I've stopped weighing myself everyday, as I find it just depresses me. I know it makes sense and I appreciate your support.

Rockinrobin - Again, thanks for the support. I think I'm just having one of those days where I feel I should be further along, but I think it stems back to when I did things quickly...and badly. I'm going to try to cut myself a bit of slack, and reward myself by going to the gym

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At least you're still moving down and not bouncing all around.

I do want to add though that I've noticed that people who really focus on exercise while they're still 20+ pounds from their goal, often lose weight slower. I think it because you're toning and building muscle, which is a good thing but it does slow you down in terms of NUMBERS. You might want to find a different way to track weight loss. Measure the little digits on the tape measure, use a belt, or maybe buy some pants that are just a little too tight.
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