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Default Taking a Break

Hi, I'm somewhat of a lurker but I need some advice. I've lost 50 pounds (just passed the wonderland mark!) since starting my diet in February. I did this through a combination of calorie counting and exercise. However, in a month I will be participating in a research study (for a decent portion of cash) in which I was asked to not lose weight in preparation for. Of course, I didn't stop loosing weight (I was on a roll!). Now however, as the study gets closer I realize I should probably take a break from weight loss.

So I have to ask, is there anyway to make sure I'll have my motivation in a month. I'm really proud of my weight loss and want to continue because I'm starting to get to the fun part (different clothes sizes and people noticing). I'm ok with taking the month off because I've been so busy lately and I'm starting to get to a point with my diet where maybe a break is a good. I'm just worried I won't be able to start up again. I'll continue running (I'm doing c25k) and weight training, but I'll stop calorie counting. Has anyone taken a break, and how was it?
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It can be hard to get back into the groove after a break, but it can be done.
I did it after a 3 month break for surgery. Since this is only a one month break, I think you can do it successfully. Just go into the research study with the attitude that you will soon be back on plan. I hope the study will not involve eating a lot of high-calorie food or any activity that will be detrimental to your previous 50 pound loss. If so, I would seriously have to reconsider doing it. Hopefully, all will go well.

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Interesting...my mind went from "No amount of money could make me quit right now" to "gosh, after a short round of maintenance I bet my body would let go even better."

So there you have it! LOL! On the one hand I couldn't imagine giving up what I have accomplished. But on the other hand, maintaining a 50 pound loss is not a bad thing.

I think perhaps I'd just caution you on how you go about maintaining. I wouldn't fall back on any bad habits, but maybe just increase the calories of good, healthy foods.
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Originally Posted by LSRfan View Post
I'll continue running (I'm doing c25k) and weight training, but I'll stop calorie counting. Has anyone taken a break, and how was it?
Oh NO. I wouldn't give up calorie counting...Unless you think you can maintain your 50 pound weight loss for an entire month by "winging it" and excercise. Exercise is what?...like only 20% of the equation.

I haven't lost any weight in months and I count my calories every single day to maintain my loss. If I don't I'll be up 50...oh heck, 150 pounds in no time. But then again my shut off button is broken. I'd rethink the counting.

Congrats on the 50 pounds gone! Very cool.
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does the research study just say that you can't lose weight, but that it is ok to maintain your weight? if so, then you could still count calories, but instead of counting calories to create a deficit in order to lose weight, you could count calories in order to maintain your weight (which would likely just mean upping your calories during the research study). and that way you won't gain. good luck!
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I'm with Lori, I'd keep counting those calories, even if the research study requires you to eat more or different than what you have been doing I'd keep that counting habit going. Maybe allow yourself more, like maintenence level, so you aren't actively trying to lose weight (you need to abide by whatever rules the study requires of course) but I'd keep counting.

The other thing I'd recommend is to start a topic here where you commit to coming back the day after the study ends. A bunch of us would be happy to be waiting there for you to welcome you back on plan and offer whatever encouragement you need to get back on track. I find accountability really helps stay on plan and 3FC is great for providing accountability.

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They say it takes a month to fully cement a good habit, but I'll bet good money it takes a matter of hours or days to undo one. I've seen plenty of people on the boards lamenting their recent bout with off-plan eating or not participating in their current mindful eating and exercise plan (like tracking calories, using the pedometer, weighing in, etc.). I would be adverse to stopping the mental procedures you do during weight loss, because continuing the habit of these actions will help you to stay motivated (plus, you'll feel more in control of your diet and exercise plans during the month you take off). Maintaining after a 50 lb. loss isn't a bad thing, but I am with the other commenters that you ought to continue calorie counting.

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How are you counting calories now? Are you doing written or computerized logs? Have you learned enough to switch to doing it in your head for awhile? I'm just wondering if you could still count calories but in some less rigid method.
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Don't do it! How much does it pay? How much have you spent over the years trying to lose weight? I couldn't tell you how many times I have thought I would "PAY" 1K or 5K just to have the weight gone and not come back! Haven't you ever thought that? Don't let someone else pay you to stop!!! It's not what you really want!
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I'm definitely gunna check in when all this is over. I've been counting calories for about six months now, and for the most part can do it in my head if I want. I realize not doing it online is kinda risky, but its what I've decided. I've been too busy this summer to effectively count online every day, and I'm also on the poor college kid diet (very repetitive).

Other than that I'm going to focus on physical fitness and improving my running.

I guess other than that I just need to say that I also think I need sometime to adjust to where I am in my weight now. And anyone who loves knows they have to kick me when its over so I can get started again.
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