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Unhappy ....at least 1 good choice is alot

now let me start with this morning. i went on my run like always and came home to cook me breakfest i made eggs with a bagel no big deal. i was attemting to take out the yoke of the egg becuz i know that is fatting.

My mother asked me y did i do that. i told her its fattening. She completely shut me down and sayed WHY MAKE ONE GOOD THING IF LATER YOU WILL STUFF YOUR FACE ANYWAY!!!

now i love my mom but that hurt my feelings. even if i decided to stuff my face later (which i dont) i think she should have been proud that at least i tryed NOW I JUST WANT ICE CREAM
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Oh I am sorry to hear about your mother's reaction. I agree with you, she should have been proud that you made a healthy decision. And you should be proud of yourself, too, each healthy decision, no matter how small or how big, adds up! Hang in there.

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good job on having a healthy breakfast that's on your plan! try not to let your mom get you down too much. and remember that yes, you're right, even one thing that you do can help. just because some choices go off plan doesn't mean that it would make sense to abandon good choices all together, which you already know. if you're cutting calories and eating healthier then all of the choices you make in that direction can help to contribute to your overall goal. so keep doing what you're doing and maybe try to explain this to your mom if she brings it up again. let her know what you are doing and why how she can help, or at least stop from saying things that might be hurtful. good luck.
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On the other hand, egg yolks are jam packed with nutrients - they are SO good for you!

Personally I would carry on eating the whole egg but cut nutritionally devoid fatty foods else where, such as junk food. Aim to be truly healthy and the weight will mostly fall in to place.

Sympathies for the insensitive remark though, no one needs that.

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papayamule---- i know that they are good

the thing is i was making scramble eggs for me and my son and i put 3 eggs rather small so it can be enough i took out 2 yokes and left one for flavor
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Well, I do caution you not to demonize egg yolks too much, they are also considered the healthiest part of the egg, not just the most caloric, and still very low in calories for the nutritional punch they pack

Consider this, when you feel like stuffing your face with icecream because you are upset - food is NOT a bandaid, or Prozac, nor is it a friend. These things help emotional and physical hurts, food helps hunger. Letting food help more than that is ASKING for a regain. Dealing with emotional eating is one of the hardest struggles many of us (me included!) often face, but it CAN be dealt with if you put food in its' proper place as nutrition to fuel you, not as balm to your soul.

If your plan has you not eating egg yolks, don't eat them! Tell your mom that this is your diet and if she cannot say something constructive, kind, or supportive, you would prefer she not say anything at all because it is hurtful to you. And then tell YOURSELF that the best revenge for those hurt feelings is a healthy, on plan day WITHOUT proving her right. Because it's true!

You can do this, but you need to get a solid handle on your emotions first. Saying no to food when you are not hungry is going to be your biggest leap forward, just as important as choosing a fruit parfait in place of that icecream when you ARE hungry!
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That's a very mean thing to say. I'm sorry she can't find it in herself to be more supportive of you.
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