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Thumbs up Why YOU continue to exercise

I've had a mindset change when it comes to exercise. While I still don't like it I've come to realize the benefits. What keeps me going? The feeling of growing strength and endurance; the knowledge I'm doing good things for my body; the increased flexibility and stamina; the increased energy I feel during the day.

What keeps you going?

Never quit trying
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Oh yes...I agree. Plus I feel really guilty when I dont :-)
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For me, it definitely has to be the energy I gain after I do the workout! My energy is so much less when I don't get my workout in!
"The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." - Charles DuBois
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The fact that my boyfriend and everybody I love keeps telling me how everyday something is changing and they could tell.

And also the fact that when I jog, my legs don't jiggle anymore and how toned my thighs/butt look. I'm starting to get my old "cheerleading" body back and I'm loving it.

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Green Tomatoes
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I read about a study that perimenopausal and menopausal women who exercise 3 hours a week get 75% fewer hot flashes! Worked for me!

My other reasons:
-I like being able to get up and down off the floor.
-I love feeling more flexible when doing ordinary things like loading and unloading the dishwasher.
-I love that I rarely feel injured after yard work, and that on the rare occasion when I get a twinge of pain, I recover more quickly than I ever imagined was possible.
-I like feeling like I have actual muscles -- and that DH can feel them, too!
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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Being able to do things I couldn't do before feels like a huge achievement.
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Well for starters I think it helps me sleep better at night, actually. And that's a plus because I use to have a horrible sleep schedule. And I also like the benefits that it carries. That's always a plus.
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Girl Gone Strong
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Because the rewards of exercise are so concrete, over time, anyway, if not immediately. You can actually see your progress, as with weight loss, all summed up in a bunch of numbers: You can go longer, faster, add more resistance, handle higher weights. That is so satisfactory.

Because it finally sank in on me that gym-going wasn't the humiliation of high school gym class all over again (not unless I actually wanted to take a class, which in the beginning, I didn't -- I lacked the self-confidence). It was just me, alone with the machine, working at my own pace on doing my best, and I saw my best gradually getting better.

Because it puts me solidly back in my body. Me & my body, we have not been the best of friends over the years. (Sometimes not on speaking terms or trying to ignore each other.) I liked to pretend it wasn't there sometimes. I could barely recognize it in mirrors. I was sorry I had to drag its sorry butt around after me. I felt like I'd been given the wrong one, that there was a mixup somewhere, and someone else had gotten the body I deserved & would have appreciated. I did not take good care of it. When I started taking care of it, it responded by showing me the things it would now be able to do. And it keeps showing me more & more, every few days. This is very exciting to see. I don't want to miss a day of it.

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I definitely echo what everyone else said as well.

Another thing that really got to me the other day was when I very first started my journey in March I tried starting the C25K, and could not jog half a block. I have since incorporated some other exercises over the last several months and could notice a change. Well, Saturday I thought I have lost some weight I am going to try to jog again. Low and behold I was able to do 5 blocks at a time! So apparently my endurance is one thing I truly did not realize had improved until that happened. It was truly an aha moment.

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Just Me
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Actually although sometimes it takes me a bit to get motivated to start, I love the various exercises I do. I love hiking, biking and kayaking as they all allow me to be outdoors and see various things. I also really like running outside BUT I've been having difficulty motivating myself to start running again. I also do karate which is very fun and I like learning new things. I also started a fitness program that is group based and very challenging, it is exciting to see what techniques I'll learn as well as see the improvements in endurance and strength my body makes.

So I like being active and I think there are lots of benefits to being active such as improved cardiovascular health, increased bone mass and such.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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It has so many benefits, I love every moment. I want to be 90yrs old and in the best shape of my life, exercising now is what will benefit us when we are 70-80-90 and will help prevent many diseases.
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Flexibility, endurance, energy, health and general well-being are among the many pluses to exercise. I don't particularly like it, but I am glad I continue to do it.

Breast Cancer Survivor
86 years old
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Default I love the feeling . . .

I started at 240 lbs and exercise was so difficult. Now at 192 lbs, I love the feeling of have finished what I started. The rush of knowing that I am no longer held captive in a body that felt worn out most of the time. The feeling that comes from knowing that my only limits are those which I impose on myself.
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Loving life!!
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It makes feel so much better!

"The most exciting, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself."

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Even if it had nothing to do with losing weight, I'd still exercise - mainly because I ENJOY movement. And my mom. You see, my mom had a 100% physical labor job ALL HER LIFE. 8 hour days of walking, lifting, bending, etc - per the job requirements. She never exercised. NEVER. Didn't really need to with all that job stuff!

When she retired about 10 years ago, she STOPPED moving. She just got lazy & didn't DO anything. Now she can hardly move AT ALL. I mean it takes SERIOUS EFFORT just to walk outside to the mailbox & back! - and her life expectancy is not very long (she does have other health issues).

So you see... I don't want to end up like my mom. I want to be able to move well into my 70's 80's and goddess willing... 90's.

You CAN have ANYTHING you want,
but you CAN'T have EVERYTHING you want!
~my mama!
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