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Default Not liking your figure...

I'm not sure how to introduce this post, so I'll cut to the chase-I hate my figure.

I have dropped weight from my chest, and whereas I was a 34D, I'm now a 34C, but even that is feeling a little big in the cup size.

I have massive hips, which have a few stretch marks on either side.

My waist doesn't even look very small, since I have a big rib cage which helps make my torso look even bigger.

And my thighs... I don't mind my legs in terms of shape, but my thighs are covered in stretch marks, also from puberty. Sure they're all faded to white, but I can still see them. I feel completely repulsed by my thighs-and no amount of exercise is going to fix it

I just feel so disappointed, I look in the mirror and just feel like my body has been ruined, and I'm only 19! I can't look forward to wearing bikinis or shorts, dresses or skirts since I'm so intent on covering up stretch marks.
And whilst I have a few lbs left to lose, I can't stand the shape of my body, and I really dislike it, it's not feminine at all, and there's nothing I can do about it

I know I should be grateful for having a healthy body, I just wish I had a 'prettier' body at this age, I feel like a bit of a freak.

Not sure what I hope to achieve here, maybe other people have felt the same way? If so, what did you do about it!
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I can understand, I have the stretch marks on my thighs too. But I've learned to be ok with them. (granted, I'm 20yrs older than you, so people my age tend to have stretch marks...)

What do you do for working out/exercise? Are you weight lifting? When I lost my weight 10yrs ago, I wasn't happy with my body image. Then I got into weight lifting and my body changed, I liked my body. I actually was ok with it to the point that I didn't stress over gaining weight initially. Clothes just fit better.
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I know this is not what you are going to want to hear, but you really need to learn to love your body. It's the only one you have and nothing other than surgery is going to change that. Sure there are tons of exercises and strength training you could do (which I totally recommend, it WILL ABSOLUTLY transform your shape) but as far as stretch marks are concerned there is not a lot you can do. There are some lotions and creams you can try and I've heard good things about olive oil and just plain old time, but short of a laser there's not much that will eliminate them completely.

My mom was a yo-yo dieter her whole life and it's because she never accepted her body so everytime she lost weight it was never good enough because the real problem was never solved. I'm trying my very best not to repeat her mistakes, and I'll admit it is HARD. I have a lot of stretch marks, saggy skin and a lot of fat still left even after losing 115 lbs and incorporating strength training, but you know what, it's 100% better than the body I was living in before and with clothes on...I look HOT. I wish I had some better words of wisdom or some gem I could say to put it into perspective for you, but I really urge you to come to terms with body you were give and stop comparing yourself to what you see on TV and even on the street.
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Look at other real people. Notice that people you think of as attractive often, when you really look, have blackheads on their noses and stretchmarks and weird lumps and all those things. Basically, no one is looking at you half as closely as you are, and they can't even see these things that seem so glaring to you.

Do you play any sort of sport, or dance, or anything like that? It's easier to love your body when you are proud of what it can do. This is another reason why the weight lifting recommended by chnkymonkey is a good idea. Join a co-ed ultimate frisbee league or take ballroom dancing classes next fall in college. Take a yoga class. As your body becomes able to do things it couldn't before, you'll be more impressed with it.

Lastly, if you are worried about guys, don't. Guys look at girls completely differently than girls look at each other. If a girl has a great smile, average boobs, and big thighs, she will see her thighs first when she looks in the mirror: a guy will notice the smile and the boobs, and never see the thighs. They just keep looking at the good stuff, and their standards for "good" are really pretty low. This is why strippers can have kinda "meh" looks--as long as there is one good feature, it's enough to keep men interested.
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Want a chicken idea? Try marinades! My faves are mesquite, montreal steak, and Yoshida teriyaki. Marinate chicken or turkey breast then wrap in foil packet and bake at 350 for 40mins or till done. Always flavorful and juicy!

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You know, I've felt this way. I'm only 24 and I feel like I have the body of someone much older and much less healthy. It's my fault, which makes it worse. I've got the stretch markets, the saggy boobs, the weird loose skin, the fat in weird places that just won't go away...

But I've got a new mantra: My body is not BAD, it is not GOOD, it's not WRONG, it's not UGLY. My body is only ONE thing for sure: Mine. These perceptions of fat or flabby or too big or too small or gross...these are all things that would have probably never occured to you if you lived in a cave on a remote island. You are, whether you realize it or not, comparing yourselves to the "norm" or what is considered "attractive" or "good".

Decide for yourself. Start telling yourself positive things every day and see if it doesn't sink in for a while. Think independently from other people. Learn to appreciate the things about you that are without a doubt, factually awesome (and there are more than you realize).

Hope that made sense...chin up!
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