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Default Losing weight in unexpected places?

I've always had an hourglass figure (& a fairly flat stomach) but I started noticing a few extra rolls around my waist after I got up to the 230's. Anyway, I'm down to the 180's now and I've lost a lot of weight off my hips, thighs, butt & even a bit off my chest but I still have that spare tyre round my stomach! So frustrating!

& I've also noticed all my rings, watches & bracelets are too big! My rings especially (which I never expected)

Has anyone else noticed weight loss in their fingers and wrists? & Can anyone suggest some exercises to help me get rid of my stomach fat? Thank you
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Yup, the stomach seems to be one of the last to go. It's very stubborn! Keep doing ab exercises, so that as the fat does melt away, there's toned muscles under it to come through. It will happen, it just takes longer!
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I'm in the same boat--I'm down to a size 8 and I still don't like my stomach. I know it looked much better when I was this size before!
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I'm also about an 8, but more of a 10 and I'm very unhappy with my middle. I have bracelets I had to get taken in, my wedding ring had to be sized down and is now getting big again and just about every other ring I own has to be worn on my middle finger now. My collar bone and ribs are protruding and yet I still have a spare tire, it's respectable, but it needs to go away. I keep hearing it's the last to go. I will say that most of my weight lately has been coming from that area
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I completely understand the having to have your rings sized! My commitment ring is so big that if I wear it while I'm exercising, it's actually been known to slide off. I keep saying that I'm going to take it in to get it downsized, but I hesitate because what happens when I get it sized to fit and then have to do it again in a few months? Maybe I'll just ask for a new ring!!
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Losing the baby weight
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I'm having a similar issue with my engagement ring! It spins around all the time because of how loose it is.

Though I'm not having the stomach problem, my problem is my upper arms aren't losing the weight, haha.

Lost weight in 2010, had a baby and lost it again, had another baby and now I'm back! My mini goal photos from when I first lost weight here:
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I have definitely lost in my fingers. My ring size has gone down a full size - 7 1/2 to 6 1/2. My wedding rings are too big, but the jeweler said that since I am still losing it is better to wait and size them when I'm done. She says the more often rings get sized (whether up or down) the weaker they become and will be more susceptible to bending and such. For now I just use one of those little rubber ring sizers from wal-mart on it and I take it off when I workout or sleep. I had no idea my fingers could get so small. I wore a size 7 ring when I was 10 for goodness sake. My wrists have also done some serious shrinking - luckily I didn't have any large bracelets I was incredibly fond of and for me it means I can now wear the one that was given to me by my brothers years ago that I haven't been able to wear since I was about 20. My shoe size has gone from a 6 1/2 - 7 to a 4 1/2 - 5. I am going to have to get a new chain for the necklace that I always wear because it now falls too low due to my neck shrinking so much. My hats are mostly needing to be replaced - apparently I had fat on my scalp. I knew I would have to replace my regular clothing, but I was not expecting to have to replace all my shoes, hats, gloves, etc. At this rate I think all I get to not replace is my scarf collection.

As for loss in the tummy area, I still have a ways to go, but yes my tummy seems to have more to go than the rest of me does. I have heard that pilates helps to flatten the tummy, so I am going to start that.

I quit smoking on Oct. 20, 2008 Now I right and more.

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