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Default Funny reaction from Dr.

I had a physical today with my new doctor and I mentioned that I had recently lost 113 lbs and she said "WOW! How?" I laughed and said "Diet and exercise, isn't that what you tell everyone to do?". I thought it was kind of funny. What was really nice is this was the first Dr. visit in a long time that I wasn't told I needed to lose weight. Although I still want to lose a little more she said my BMI was basically normal and all was well. So that was nice.
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Originally Posted by ncuneo View Post
I had a physical today with my new doctor and I mentioned that I had recently lost 113 lbs and she said "WOW! How?" I laughed and said "Diet and exercise, isn't that what you tell everyone to do?". .

Lol I like your response Congrats on losing 113lbs!! wooo!

Just doing it as of 1/18/13!

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Congrats on the weight loss, 113 lbs is awesome!

My doc congratulated me for losing just 16 lbs, lol :P
Well, it actually was a little more than that since after my previous check up, I gained more weight o.-
But now I'm down 30 lbs, and feel great ^^
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Isn't it nice when our doctor approves of our weight-loss efforts? It makes me feel mighty good when that happens.

Congratulations on the 113 lbs. gone forever. That is wonderful.

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That is great! And didnt it give ya a little bounce in your step as you were leaving? I had my 6 month check up last month (I am type 2 diabetic) and the doc just couldnt believe it. She told me I keep shrinking before her eyes. I replied well isn't that a good thing. She just kept going on and on. And I left that appointment on cloud 9! Having a great doctor and knowing they are there for support is one of the greatest thing in the world!


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LOL! That is awesome
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Great Job!
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Excellent! My doc always looks amazed to see that I have lost 20 pounds. I decided he must see so many patients that simply are not interested in losing excess pounds. He is also very strict about his own weight. He lost a lot of weight a long time ago (I think it was nearly 100 pounds). His nurse told me that he goes for runs on his lunch, even in the rain. I plan on impressing him further on my next check-up!
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I could picture this whole scene in my head and it made me LOL for real. Congratulations!

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Congrats! Awesome for you. What a fantastic feeling, right? "You couldn't possibly have ever weighed that much, look at how good you look now!"

As for saying your BMI is fine....I've noticed with my doctors that they seem to think the BMI scale is largely way off too, or at least is more strict than they would be. I remember as a teenager, the BMI had me at a good (bad?) "overweight". But when I said something to the doctor in a joking tone about my flabby arms, he scowled and said my arms were fine. There's other things too, but I get the impression that real doctors like to see a *LITTLE* bit of flab on your bones. Or at least, they'd rather see that than the other side.

Anyway, congrats again on the weight loss, and being able to stun your doc. That's awesome. (And should show you just how rare it is to achieve what you've achieved!)
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Congratulations ! You are dooing great !
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I think cglasscock1 is probably correct; doctors see so many patients who ignore them when they tell them to lose weight, that when they DO have one who does (especially a lot of weight, like you did), they're doubly pleased.

I really feel for doctors sometimes. There are a lot of people out there who have health issues that they can impact with lifestyle changes, but who don't make the changes they need to to control their health issues. Being dx pre-diabetis has really opened my eyes to this, because my husband is a medical assistant, and his doctor's practice has a LOT of diabetics... only a small portion of whom are following their doc's advice on medicine, food, and exercise.

Congratulations on surprising and pleasing your doc! That's quite a feat!
~~ Synger ~~

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